Have you ever thought about building a swimming pool at home for children, but you don’t have enough space? Removable pools are an excellent option for families who do not have a lot of space at home or do not want to do construction work. Having a lightweight design they are easy to assemble and since they are removable, they can be easily stored when the children get tired of using it or at the end of the summer. In Stage Children we have made a compilation of some of the best removable pools that you can find on the market at a really competitive price.

10 removable pools perfect to put at home

1. Intex Small Frame Pool

If you are looking for a pool to enjoy a dip with the family during the summer, this Intex model is perfect. It is a rectangular removable pool made up of a tubular metal structure and a canvas with three-layer Super-Tough technology that gives it great stability and resistance. It has a drain plug that can be connected to a garden hose to facilitate drainage and, although it does not include a purifier, it has the connections to adapt it. Another advantage? It is very easy to use and its steel parts are enriched with anti-rust epoxy, which gives it greater durability.

2. Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool

Practical and resistant, this circular pool from the Bestway Steel Pro Max series is an excellent alternative to cool off at home during the summer without the need for a lot of space or construction work. This is because it is a removable pool that is very simple to install, which you can also easily store when you are not going to use it anymore. In addition, it is very stable and robust! This is due to the fact that it has been made with a metal structure resistant to rust, since duraplus has been used for the walls, a material reinforced with three layers that withstands punctures very well. Unlike other removable pools, it has a filterequipped with Bestway’s patented “Flowclear Antimicrobial and bacterial” system that helps you keep the water always clean and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.

3. Intex Metal Frame Pool

Ideal for patios, gardens or terraces, this circular and removable pool from Intex supports between 4 and 7 people over 6 years of age. Being made with three-layer canvas with Super-Tough technology and a steel structure reinforced with anti-rust epoxy , it is not only very resistant and safe, but also durable, so that it will accompany you for many summers. As it is very easy to install, you can store it every summer in any corner of the house and recover that space for other family activities. It is worth noting that it includes a drain plug that allows you to connect to a hose and that it has a connection to adapt a treatment plant.

4. Bestway Steel ProPool Pool

If you are looking for a removable pool that will last several summers, this model from the Bestway Steel ProPool series is perfect. Made of ultra-robust Tritech material, it has three-layer PVC and polyester sidewalls, as well as a corrosion-resistant metal frame. In addition, it includes an underwater adhesive repair patch so you can fix it if it suffers a puncture. And it is very easy to assemble! To install the pool you do not need tools and, as it includes an integrated drain valve, you can quickly empty the pool to disassemble it without complications.

5. Bestway children’s removable pool

Are you looking for a safe pool for the little one at home? This Bestway model is a good alternative. Recommended for children over 2 years old, it is made of polyester and PVC , making it a stable and resistant pool that will accompany the little one during their growth. In addition, it includes a self-adhesive repair patch so that you can repair it if it gets punctured at any time. However, one of its biggest claims is its ease of installation since it is not only easy to assemble but also includes a quick emptying system through its drainage valve so that you can remove it comfortably and quickly.

6. Intex Mini Small Pool

Economical and easy to install, this removable pool from the Intex label has all the winning cards to become the favorite attraction for children this summer. And it will be ready in just 10 minutes ! Thanks to its lightweight design and easy mounting system, it can be installed practically anywhere in the house. In addition, it is very resistant since it is made with three-layer vinyl canvas and SuperTough technology and a tubular steel structure with anti-rust epoxy that gives it greater stability and durability. Recommended for up to two children over 2 years old, it has a capacity of 337 liters of water.

7. Kopecks Pool

Ideal for homes with limited space, this Kopeks pool will give the little one at home many hours of fun. Specially designed for small children, it is a removable and portable model that you can take with you even during excursions away from home because it does not take up much space and is very light to transport. In addition, you do not need to inflate it since the material takes shape on its own as the pool fills. And it is also very easy to empty! This thanks to its lower drainage system that allows you to remove the water in a matter of minutes. It is worth noting that it is made of extra resistant PVC, so it is very durable.

8. Bestway Steel Pro Max Deluxe Pool

This removable pool from the Bestway Steel Pro Max Deluxe series will not only become the favorite attraction of children but will also add an elegant touch to your garden, terrace or patio. Its rattan-style design is very cool but also more resistant since it is made with three layers of polyester reinforced with PVC sheets that give it greater robustness and durability against water pressure, sunlight and chemical products. In addition, it has a steel structure that gives it greater stability. It also includes an advanced sealing and locking system so that not a single drop of water escapes, as well as a scrubber with an antimicrobial filter. And it is very easy to assemble!In just 20 minutes you will have the pool ready to use without the need for tools. It is worth noting that to facilitate access, it includes a ladder.

9. Intex Prism Frame Pool

Whether you want to place a pool in the garden at home or on the terrace, this Intex Prisma Frame model is ideal. It is a removable pool in a very wide and resistant round format . In fact, it is made with a three-layer canvas made of high quality PVC and polyester and a structure of 10 tubular supports coated with epoxy paint to keep rust and corrosion at bay. And in addition, it is very practical since it includes a drain plug with connection to a garden hose so that you can easily remove it. It is worth noting that although it does not include a purifier, it does have a built-in connection for its installation.

10. Bestway Power Steel Pool

Thanks to its great strength and durability, this Bestway pool will accompany you for many summers. Being made of ultra-resistant Tritech material and having three-layer PVC and polyester sidewalls, it is very robust while, as it has a steel-framed structure, it is very stable. Another point in your favor? The Bestway Power Steel is coated with an anti- corrosion layer to prevent wear and tear, while it includes an underwater adhesive repair patch so you can repair it in the event of a puncture. In addition, it includes a ladder to facilitate access to the pool, which will come in handy so that the little ones can get in and out without difficulty.