In Spain more and more parents organize a baby shower to welcome their baby. The idea, which comes from the American tradition, is to gather the closest family and friends to enjoy a delicious snack in a setting decorated exclusively for the occasion.

According to custom, one of the climax moments of the celebration is the opening of the gifts that the guests give to the future parents, but it does not have to be the only fun moment. In fact, you can also organize some games to liven up the party and have a more pleasant time in good company.

10 entertainments to succeed at a baby shower

1. Lollipop Fishing

To prepare this game you will need some chopsticks and at least 10 pacifiers, although the more you have, the more fun everything will be. To organize the competition, use a table, preferably a high one, place the lollipops on it and give each participant a toothpick. The idea is that the competitors “catch” the lollipops with the chopsticks, but without using their hands, that is, with their mouths. Whoever has caught the most lollipops in the allotted time wins.

2. Time to change diapers

More than a game, this activity is perfect training for expectant parents to learn how to change diapers. To organize it you will need at least two dolls and some diapers. The goal is for the competitors to change the doll’s diaper as quickly as possible. Obviously, whoever does it faster and better wins. To add a dose of complexity to the game, you can try it blindfolded or with one hand. Laughs are guaranteed!

3. What flavor will the jar have?

Foodies will love this fun gourmet game. To organize the activity you must have several baby jars of different flavors. The idea is that the participants guess the flavor and ingredients of each jar just by trying them. To prevent them from cheating, you can remove the labels from each jar or blindfold the participants. If you prefer, you can also prepare the food at home.

4. Prepare the bottle in record time

Preparing the bottle is one of the routine activities that parents will have to carry out during the baby’s first months at home. With this game they will begin to warm up engines. The idea is that each participant prepares a bottle. Whoever does it faster and better wins. Of course, it is not worth that the milk is too hot or cold, it must be at its ideal temperature.

5. How big is mom’s belly?

Ideal for testing the spatial and mathematical skills of the guests, it is one of the classics that is not lacking in any baby shower. You will need some skeins of yarn and some scissors. The purpose is that each competitor cuts a piece of the skeins of wool taking into account the length that he believes corresponds to the circumference of the future mother’s belly. Whoever makes the most accurate prediction wins.

6. Gift Bingo!

Who has not played bingo at some time in their life? Fans of this game will put on their boots with this fun version designed for the moment of opening gifts. When organizing the game you will need a blank bingo board for each participant, either a traditional board, a magnetic one or even paper, as well as some markers or chalk. The idea is for guests to write down gift ideas they think the mother-to-be will receive. For each gift guessed, the corresponding box is marked and so on, until someone manages to cross off five boxes in a row and becomes the winner.

7. Tie your shoes!

Only those who have ever been pregnant know the adventures that a woman has to go through in her day to day to carry out activities as common as tying her shoes. This game is a great opportunity to raise everyone’s awareness with the future mother and why not? maybe teach her some secrets to get to her shoes more easily. To do this, she places an inflated balloon under the participants’ shirts. The goal is for them to tie their shoelaces without popping the balloon. Will they get it? Whoever manages to tie their shoes first and best wins.

8. Feed the baby

If you are looking for a fun idea to liven up a baby shower, this game is an excellent option. To organize it you will need some jars, baby spoons and some bibs. It is played as a couple and the idea is that one of the two feeds the other as if it were a baby. However, it will not be as easy as it seems because the one who has the responsibility of feeding the other will be blindfolded. The couple that finishes before wins, yes, it is not worth that all the potito ends up in the bib. Without a doubt, laughter and a good atmosphere will be guaranteed.

9. Baby’s first portrait

It is a very simple but fun game with which you will surely have a very entertaining time. All you need is some blank cards or sheets of paper and some pens or markers. Each participant should place the card on their forehead with one hand while using the other to draw the baby’s first portrait. The results will be very funny and whoever has drawn the most handsome baby will win. To make it more entertaining, you can create a contest panel that will choose the most beautiful drawing, and also the ugliest.

10. Who does he look like?

Choose a photo of the baby’s mother and father and make as many copies as there are guests. Then, cut each photo into at least three parts and distribute them among the competitors. The objective is to combine different parts of the photographs to recreate what the future baby will be like. Will he have his mother’s ears and his father’s nose? Will it bring out the beautiful smile of the mother or the mysterious look of the father? Whatever the result, without a doubt, it promises a very fun time.