The first communion is one of the events that many girls and their families are most excited about. It is a very special celebration for which the little ones prepare for months to be perfect that day. No detail is left to chance, the dress , the shoes and the accessories are chosen with care and several weeks in advance so that last minute unforeseen events do not occur. However, there is another very important detail that is often overlooked: the hairstyle.

Choosing the right hairstyle for this occasion can make the difference between a classic look and an outfit that will turn heads. Obviously, in addition to being pretty, it is important that the hairstyle is easy to wear so that the little princesses feel comfortable at all times and can enjoy their day to the fullest. And, of course, it should not be too complex so that parents can quickly prepare the girls for the day. To make your job easier, we have compiled some adorable hairstyles that come in handy for this occasion.

10 hairstyles that will make your daughter the center of attention in her communion

1. Braid Crown

Braids are a classic that never goes out of style. Modaellas is aware of this and that is why it proposes this simple but elegant braided crown so that the little ones at home look divine on their first communion. It is a semi-updo hairstyle, very easy to wear that looks great with practically any outfit. On this occasion it has been complemented with a flower headband, but it can also be combined with a small side bow.

2. Loose hair with headband

Loose hair is always a great success, even for special occasions. This time a hairstyle with long waves has been chosen, in which the sides have been picked up a little carelessly to give the outfit a bohemian touch. To give it a more elegant appearance in tune with the celebration, a very delicate small white flower headband has been chosen. However, you can also go for a floral ribbon or bow detail to achieve the same effect.

3. Twisted Root Braid

If you prefer an updo hairstyle, this lopsided braid is perfect. It is a root braid that starts at the forehead and ends in a low collected ponytail. The proposal comes from the hand of the 10 minutes magazine and this time it has opted for a classic bow comb that gives it a very nice and elegant touch. However, it also works well with a flower detail or even without any accessories.

4. Updo under ballerina style

Another adorable hairstyle for the little one’s first communion is this slightly messy ballerina bun. The proposal is made by the Magazine 10 minutes and on this occasion, a crown of tiny flowers and in pale tones was chosen to give the ensemble a romantic touch. However, he could also look very cool with a headband or bow comb.

5. Side braid with waves

The braids are a sure hit for the communion of the little one at home. This Hello blog proposal comes to corroborate it. It is a simple side braid over long waves and a pink flower crown detail that gives the outfit a delicate and elegant look. Undoubtedly, a beautiful and very easy to wear hairstyle that will not leave anyone indifferent at the celebration.

6. High bun

If you are looking for a collected hairstyle, this bun is ideal for your daughter to wear at communion. The proposal that comes from the site I am fashion, is perfect for the most elegant and classic designs. It is an elevated bun with a side parting and a white bow adornment that leaves the face completely uncovered. Another idea is to complement it with a floral ornament or a tiny flower headband.

7. Crown turning

Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity, as this original hairstyle demonstrates, ideal for girls to look beautiful for their first communion. Ideal for little ones who have short hair, it is very simple to do. Once the ribbon or crown is placed, the hair is carelessly “wrapped” over it to give the outfit a certain bohemian air. And in addition to being quick to make, it is very easy to wear, so girls will feel very comfortable.

8. Messy bun

There are many ways to wear an original bow and this is one of them. The proposal that comes from the Etsy site is not only very pretty but also practical since the hairstyle will remain practically intact throughout the celebration. It is a semi-collected low bun in which the waves are the protagonists . On this occasion, it was complemented with a delicate ribbon of small flowers and light tones, although it could also be very pretty with a bow or larger flower detail.

9. Braided Detail

The braids not only help to wear the hair up, but they can become a very beautiful accessory in the hair as in this case. The idea from the Archzine website uses simple braids and floral details to give the look a delicate yet bohemian touch. In addition, it is a very simple hairstyle to do and even easier to wear, so the little one at home will not only look very pretty but will also be comfortable throughout the celebration.

10. New version of pigtail

Pigtails are one of those traditional hairstyles that never go out of style and, if they also have a touch of modernity like this Dicasdemulher proposal, they will be a success. It is a kind of collected ponytail with floral decorations throughout the hair, which gives a certain romantic air to the hairstyle. Another idea is to do without these decorations and use a single accessory, which can be a bow or a flower.