Love for children is one of the deepest feelings that parents can feel. It is a love that not only brings many moments of happiness, but also completely changes us and makes us better people. A love that allows us to expand our limits beyond the unexpected because it reveals to us that the true pleasure in loving a child is not in enjoying her shows of affection but in giving without receiving anything in return.

Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest loves that we can feel in life, although many times we are not able to express it with the intensity with which we feel it. However, it is not necessary to look for convoluted ways to show our affection, sometimes with a simple hug or an “I love you” we can transmit all our love to children. In this case, songs can also become a great ally to express how much we love our children.

10 songs to say “I love you” to children

1. I owe her my love, by Laura Pausini

If there is a musical theme about the love of children with which you will feel completely identified, it is this song by Laura Pausini. Included in her album “Similares” and written by her friend, the composer Biaggio Antonacci, the song was recorded only with a guitar at the singer’s house and the voice of her little daughter Paola sneaks into it. In fact, it is one of the most intimate songs of the singer who, on this occasion, opted for a very sweet and soft melody to accompany her deepest emotions.

2. Skin-deep, by Rosario Flores

Whether you are pregnant or want to remember this beautiful stage of your life, this Rosario Flores theme will bring out your emotions and happiest moments. It is a beautiful song that shows how deep a mother’s love can be from the moment she knows that she is expecting a child and how many emotions crowd her heart from that first moment. Included in her album “Contigo me voy”, the singer dedicated this song to her second son, Pedro Antonio, during her pregnancy.

3. Socks, by Maldita Nerea

“Nothing is like before I could have you. You have given me more than I ever imagined” , says this song to express how much love can fit in the heart of a father after the arrival of a son. Belonging to the album “Bailarina”, the song was dedicated by Jorge Ruiz, vocalist and composer of the group Maldita Nerea, to one of his children. It is a very beautiful song, with a tender melody, that talks about a father’s love for his children and how their arrival can turn life upside down.

4. Song for her, by Eros Ramazzotti

If there is a song capable of expressing the desire of parents to stay with their children at all times, it is this song by Eros Ramazzotti. Included in the Spanish version of his album “9”, the song is an ode to that giving without receiving anything in return, to that unconditional love that parents feel for their children. “Today I don’t want to take my eyes off you anymore. I would like to have you here forever, to have you like this” , says the singer to express his desire to never separate from his daughter.

5. Stopper Captain, by Alejandro Sanz

Included in his 2015 album “Sirope”, it is a song that Alejandro Sanz dedicated to his little son. A song with a beautiful melody that refers to the games and pranks of children, as well as the concerns and, above all, the unconditional love that a father feels for his children. A theme that also brings out the father-son complicity and talks about that beautiful bond that arises with the arrival of a new family member at home.

6. Charlotte, by Melendi

“I never thought I would feel what I feel. Your mother still carries you inside. And I carry you in my soul” , this is how this theme of Melendi’s inspiration begins about the love of a father for his son. A song dedicated to her daughter Carlota in which she talks about the affection of parents towards their children and in which she also refers to the fear of not knowing how to express all that contained love. Without a doubt, it is a very sincere topic, coming from the depths of the heart, with which more than one parent will feel identified.

7. You are so small, by Nina Pastori

Included in the album “Ámame como soy”, it is the song that Nina Pastori dedicated to her little daughter. With beautiful music, the song describes with great sensitivity how a mother faces motherhood and faces the daily challenges of parenting. Of course, it also refers to the love that a mother feels for her children and to everything that these little beings evoke in her soul. Without a doubt, a very nice theme to dedicate to children and convey to them in a simple way how much we love them.

8. I will be, by Miguel Bosé

Can’t find the right words to say to your children who will always be by their side? With this song by Miguel Bosé, you can try it. It is a subject with great sensitivity, capable of touching the deepest fibers of our hearts, which speaks about the love of parents towards their children and their unconditional support. An ideal song to convey to your children that no matter what happens, you will always be by their side and support them when they need you most.

9. More than my life, by Bebe

“I want you more, and I explode. I love you more than a coconut dress. I love you more than my life . ” This is how Ella Bebe expresses all the love she feels for her little girl in this happy song, but capable of touching the emotions of any mother. Included in her album “Cambio de piel”, the song refers to maternal love and the protective instinct that every mother has towards her child. An ideal song to tell children “I love you” in a different way.

10. Water Girl, by Ana Belén

Included in her album “There is always time for tenderness”, the song talks about the singer’s love for her daughter. Written by her husband, Víctor Manuel, and sung by Ana Belén, the singer tells her daughter “You will never know how to add what I love you” , a very simple way of expressing how much she loves her. Without a doubt, a song with a beautiful melody, ideal to convey to the little ones at home how much we love them.