If you already know that you are expecting a girl, surely you have started to choose the name . We want to help you in the choice and that is why we are looking for the most beautiful and inspiring names . Star names for girls can be a great idea because they evoke all the beauty and radiance of the constellations in the sky. What better tribute for your girl than a star name.

Choose a Star Names for Girls

  1. Adhara
    This name is one of the most charming for girls. It is of Hebrew origin and its meaning speaks of ‘the most beautiful’ , probably because it is also the most beautiful star in the Can Major constellation.
  2. Altair
    The name is of Arabic origin and has a meaning related to ‘flight’ , perhaps because this star belongs to the constellation of the eagle. We like it because in addition to being a unisex name , it is very seductive.
  3. Maia
    It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning related to ‘the mother’ . We like it because in addition to being a mythological name , it is one of the stars of the Taurus constellation.
  4. Meissa
    This name has an Arabic origin and a meaning of ‘white spot’ . We find it in the sky in the constellation Orion and we love it because it is an original name with a lot of personality.
  5. Vega
    It is one of the most beautiful names for girls. It has an Iberian origin and its meaning is related to ‘fertility’ . To add to the charm of the name, it is also a star in the Lyra constellation.
  6. Mérope
    This name is of Greek origin and means ‘honey mask’ . We find it in the sky in the constellation Taurus, but also as a character from mythology, which makes it an original and very particular name.
  7. Zaniah
    The name is of Arabic origin and its meaning is related to the ‘angle’ due to the position it occupies in the Virgo constellation. As a name for a girl, it gives off freshness, charisma and personality.
  8. Nashira
    In the constellation of Capricorn we find this name of Arabic origin that means ‘the one who brings good news’ . It is a strange name , but without becoming extravagant and we like it because it exudes sweetness.
  9. Estela
    It is a name of Latin origin with an obvious meaning of ‘star’ . We like it because it is a traditional and familiar name that maintains all the attractiveness and an irresistible touch.
  10. Alcyone
    It is one of the prettiest star names for girls. With an unknown meaning , it has a Greek origin and we know it not only from finding it in the sky in the constellation Taurus, but also from Greek mythology.