10 things your children should know before the age of 12

Parents try to tell their children things in a way that they understand according to their age. It is not always easy to find the right words or decide what is better to tell or what is better to keep silent (at least for now). When children are 12 years old, who are already considered adolescents until they turn 18, their understanding improves by leaps and bounds, making it easier to explain some things to them and even reason with them about others.

Many physical, psychological and social changes occur at this stage. Due to its Well, you need to talk about some important topics that will help them make good decisions in the future. Today, we want to explain to you some things that you will have to talk about with your children from the age of 12, if their capacity for understanding and their maturity allow it.

10 things that you have to tell your children before 12 years old

1. Sexuality

Conversing about sexuality is necessary to be able to talk about human reproduction. It is important to solve the doubts they have about it since they are small. To do this, you have to be natural in the conversation and expand the explanations according to your understanding. It is necessary that this type of information is obtained through you and not through the Internet or other less reliable means.

The subject of sex should not be taboo in the family In fact, you need to be natural and have an open mind in these types of conversations. You must make them understand that they own their body and their decisions. Sexual practices must be healthy in order to have a healthy sexual life. You can talk about masturbation in a natural way since it is a way to get to know each other better. Of course, you can’t forget to talk about consent, respectful sex, pregnancy, and birth control methods.

2. Diversity

The world is full of diversity, we are not the same and that difference is what makes us special, it is the wonder of humanity and of the species. Therefore, together with diversity you will have to teach tolerance to the unknown or to what is different and along with it, respect. Respect for each other is fundamental so that there can be a good coexistence wherever you are.

3. New technologies

New technologies are a fundamental part of the life we ​​lead today, but they have a dark side: addiction. Both mobile phones and video games, as well as any screen used for leisure or work, can lead to addiction. It is necessary to avoid it and for this you have to explain to him that first of all, there are always responsibilities. It is necessary to control the time that your children spend in front of the screens and even more importantly: offer them healthier and family leisure alternatives.

Talk to children from 12 years old

4. Social networks

Children, at younger ages, enter the obsessive world of “likes”, we must be careful with this and explain the dangers of social networks. Teens want to feel approved of by others, and this can lead to bad people trying to take advantage of them. In addition, social networks are also an easy target for bullying. Talk to your children about the importance of privacy on social networks, never talking to strangers and always keeping their content private.

5. Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can also be a problem for teens who want to “grow up” fast but don’t always understand the consequences of their impulsive actions. In this sense, talking to him early about drug use is better than just prohibition. Explain to your children the horrible consequences that the consumption of these substances can have on people’s lives.

6. Responsibility

For adolescents to become successful people, it will be necessary that they first know what responsibility is and act accordingly. They must know that we all have responsibilities and that it is essential to fulfill them… They can even be fulfilled while having a good time. Effort will always be the key to being able to excel at something, and when you put in the effort, dedicating time and energy to it, you can achieve it.

7. Exercise and a good diet

Exercise is essential for good health along with a good diet. In addition to being the best example for your children, it is also essential that you explain to them why it is necessary to move with physical activity and why a good diet is essential for the body. In this way, having a good diet and a physically active lifestyle from childhood can prevent certain diseases in the future.Instilling good habits from childhood is essential.

12-year-old son

8. Friends

What matters in friendship is not quantity, but quality. It is from the age of 12 when children begin to focus more on friends and form their reference group. They will want to spend more time with them and that is why it is important that they choose these people well. You don’t decide who their friends will be, but you can advise them to make good decisions. The people with whom they have to get together will have to make them feel good and empower them to be better. In addition, and of course, to be loyal to them.

9. Failure and mistakes

Failure is not something to be afraid of, and making mistakes does not mean failure. Failure is only a way to learn and to do things better next time. It is something that is in people’s way and that is why it is necessary to understand and tolerate it, only in this way can progress be made… knowing how to face failure and learning from mistakes.

10. Love

Love, so abstract and so necessary! Children, when they are in puberty, it is time to talk to them about love and all the emotions and feelings that it entails. Love (for oneself and/or for others) is necessary to live happily, but we must understand how it is and what it makes us feel so that it does not become a toxic love.