The ultrasound has revealed the sex of your baby: a girl! Now it will be easier to find an appropriate name for your daughter, since you will have to focus on female names. Do you already have an idea? Do you want an original name and do not know wich one? Don’t you know the meaning of the names you like?


It is a modern name, of American origin. Probably a variant of the Italian name Chiara, which in turn derives from Latin and means: clear, bright, famous. She is imaginative, sensitive and … (girl names and their meaning) Prematurity Day: one in 13 babies are born premature.


Zoé means “life”. It is the vital, cheerful, excited and active person. Its previous etymological origin points to the concept of “being born, giving life”. The Alexandrian Jews translated Zoé as Eve, … (names for girl and their meaning)


It means “Lion of God or Altar of God” in Hebrew. In the bible it is the symbolic name of Jerusalem and it is also cited as the only son of Gad. In the middle ages it is associated with the spirits of the air … (girl names with meaning)


Danna, and its variant Dana, mean “the one who judges, the one who has the power and ability to arbitrate” and are names of biblical origin. Another possibility is that it is an Irish name that means: … (meaning of girl names) Seven essential tips for caring for your premature baby.


Itzayana, is a girl’s name of Mayan origin that means “gift from God”. The word Itz means “gift” and is present in other Mayan names such as Itzae. The Mayan civilization was one of … (girl names and meaning)


Yaretzi is a girl’s name of Aztec origin that means “the one who will always be loved”. Variant: Yaretzy, Jaretzi. Do you want to see more girl names? (names for girls and their meaning)


Evolet is the name of the protagonist of the film 10000 BC and according to the film this name means “the star that shines the brightest”. Its origin is not clear. It’s an American movie … (girls names and their meaning)


Literally its etymology means “my judge is God”. The one who bears the name is distinguished by his appropriate notion of what is fair, he is usually a person who honors goodness and … (names for girls with meaning)


Michelle comes from the Hebrew mi-ka-El, which means “who is like God?”, That is, “God is incomparable.” Undoubtedly this name has achieved fame because that’s what it was called … (girls names with meaning)


Saori is a Japanese girl name that means “to flourish”. Graphic variants: Sahori, Saory. Do you want to see more girl names? (names for girls with meaning)


Suri means “princess” in Hebrew. Although it is also possible that its origin is Persian, and means “red rose”. Sury variant.


It is a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is “Origin of everything, birth, in the beginning”. Genesis is one of the sacred books that make up the Bible, specifically, it is the first book of …


There are several possibilities of meaning for this name. On the one hand, it may be the diminutive of Madison, an English name that means: “daughter of a mighty warrior.” Another option is that …


Russian name that means: “The love of the people”. In Spanish, Mila is the diminutive of Milagros, a name of Latin origin that means that same thing: miracle, prodigy.


Dasha is a name for a girl of Russian origin, derived from the Greek Dorothy which means “gift from God”. Variant: Dascha.


It means from the land of the Bretons. It is the full variant of the name Britt. We can also find him as Britney. Variant: Britany, Britanie, Brittani, Britani.


“Flower of the dew or maiden of the moon”. Variant: Yatziry.


Ximena is one of the variants of Jimena, which is the form of Simeona in Old Spanish. Simeon / a has its origin in remote Hebrew, it comes from the verb shamah, which means “to hear”. Its meaning…


Keyla is a name of Greek origin that means “beautiful”. It is also a variant of the Arabic Kayla, and means “as high as God can go.” We can find it written …


“Sea and sky”. Variant: Kaylani, Kalani.


Zuri means “white” in Basque. In Swahili it means “pretty”. There is also the name with French origin, “charming” and even with the meaning of “princess” in tradition …


The name Madia has two meanings, on the one hand, soldier and on the other, scientist. Both meanings depend on how you pronounce them and the context you use them. It is an Aramaic name …


Hadassa is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means “tree that blooms”. Variants: Hadassah, Hadasah, Hadasa.


Derived from the Old French and the Arabic “amber”. Amber is the name of a semi-precious gem made from fossilized tree resin, and is also used …

Maria Jose

Compound name formed by María and José. Maria comes from Hebrew and is the name in the form of Miriam of the sister of Moses and Aaron. The confusion of both spellings is due to the fact that in ancient Hebrew …




Khaleesi is not properly a name, but a word from the Dothraki language, a language invented by George RR Martin for his Game of Thrones series of books. It means “princess” and it’s …


“Always, eternal.”


Name of Arabic origin that means, “beautiful”, “cute”. Variant: Jamileh, Jamila. Male variant: Yamilet. Do you want to see more girl names?


Meaning: French variant of Nicolas: leading the people to victory. Characteristics: It is orderly, sociable and entertaining. He has great energy that he uses to carry out his projects …

Ana Paula

Name composed of Ana and Paula. Ana means “the charitable”, the kind, the one who does good, who does the right thing with good intentions. There are variants to the name, coming from the … (girl’s name and its meaning)


Atziri is a name for a girl of Mayan origin and means “corn”. Graphic variant Atziry. (girl’s name with meaning)


Karen is the Danish form of the traditional Catalina. It means “pure, chaste”, it welcomes a meaning of immaculate, innocent, young. There is another attractive etymology; its similarity to the Greek aikía, … (names for girl and meaning)


Name for a girl of Old English origin that means “sea port”. Variant: Chelsy, Chelsey, Chelsee, Chelsi, Chel. (name for girl and its meaning)


Variant of the Greek Melanie means dark skinned. Variant: Melannie, Melanny. (meaning of women’s names)


Dawn star (girl name meanings)


Naomi means “beautiful” in Hebrew but it is also a girl’s name of Japanese origin with the same meaning. Variant: Nahomi, Naomie, Neomi, Neaomi, Neomie, Neaomie, Naeomi, … (girls name and its meaning)


He is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Mackenzie is “born fire; son of the wise ruler”. The name was also influenced by Cainnech, which means “handsome” …. (meaning girls name)


Harumi is a Japanese girl name meaning “spring beauty, spring flower”. Graphic variant: Jarumi. (girls names and meaning)


It seems to have several origins, although the one that is cited as the most common is the Greek, in which it would mean “eternal”. Variant: Amairany. Amayrani. (girl names and meanings)


Yarely, or as we can also find Yareli, means “the Lord is my light.”


Which has great strength. You have a great need to be valued. He knows how to function very well in all kinds of environments. Variants: Kim, Kimbo, Kimba, Kimmy, Kimberley, Kimberlin.


Nekane is the Basque form of Dolores, used for approximately three decades. It comes from the Basque neké, “pain, pain”. It is one of the most common mystical names. It is relative to one of the seven …


Lizbeth is the English variant of the Hebrew Elizabeth, which means “consecrated to God.” Variants: Lisbeth, Lisbet, Lizbet.


Female Name of French origin. Natural of Loire, French city. Emotive nature, kind and condescending. Soft, cordial, sagacious.


Wendy is Gwendolin’s English hypocoristic. Güendolina is one of the names with a more beautiful meaning, it means “the one with the white eyelashes”. This name …


Renesmee Carlie Cullen is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer’s novel Breaking Dawn. Renesmee is pronounced Ruhnezmay (in English). In Spanish it is pronounced Renesmee. She is the semi-vampire daughter (hybrid …


Emotional and clairvoyant nature. It is expressed through perseverance, concentration, self-sufficiency, and mercy. Love the occult, what actually is and can be. You like to feel admired. Variant:…


Meaning: The evening star. Of Mayan origin. Characteristics: Has a great ability to make decisions, especially in difficult times. She is industrious, intelligent, orderly and studious ….


Tamara is one of the most widespread Hebrew names in modern times. The Hebrew word from which it comes is thamar, “date palm.” Its use as a feminine given name is due …


The origin of this name is found in Ghana. It alludes to a native people of this region that ruled there until the beginning of the 20th century. The name is a reminder of power and victories …


“God has helped.” Variant: Arizbeth.


Kendra means “the greatest champion” and is a name for a boy of Celtic origin. Variant: Kendria, Kandra, Kendrah, Kendrea, Kendri, Kendria, Kendrie, Kendrya, Kindra, Kena, …


Amelie is a name of French origin that means “worker”, “who works hard”.


It is a hypocoristic of the names of Germanic origin that begin with the term frithu, which means “peace”. The woman who wears it would be defined as the one who gives …


Of Turkish origin, this name means: fine and tall. It is also the letter A of the Arabic alphabet.


Leah is a name of English, Hebrew, Yiddish origin. The name is of controversial origin, it could be from le’ah “gazelles, antelope, cow” or la’ah “tired”. It was broadcast …


Marian invocation of Ainhoa. In the Basque Country there has been a great devotion to the Virgin of Arantzazu and proof of this is the chapel erected in Ainhoa, known as Arantza. It is,…


It means “originally from Galilee”, a region north of Carmel where Nazareth is located. Name used in substitution of Jesus, as Savior.


“Little lily or girl of lilies”. Variants: Yuryko


It comes from the Hebrew Kadmel, “messenger of God” or the Greek Kadmilos, “born of just weddings.” Variants: Camelia, Camilla, Camille, Cammie, Kamila, Kamilla, Milla. (women’s names and their meaning)


“Sweet aroma of flower of paradise”. Variant: Rihana, Reyhana, Reanna, Reannon, Rheanna, Rhianna, Rhiannon, Riannon, Rhiana, Rhianna. (names for girls with their meaning)

Nicte has

Name of a beautiful Mayan princess who lived in the glorious Mayan city of Mayapan, whose beauty was so recognized that it generated one of the bloodiest internal wars among the ancient Mayans. Variant: … (girl names with their meaning)


Marlene is the German contraction of two names; Maria and Helena. Maria comes from Hebrew and is the name in the form of Miriam of the sister of Moses and Aaron. Confusion … (names for girls with their meaning)

Ana Maria

Name composed of Ana and María. Ana. It means “the charitable”, the kind, the one who does good, who does the right thing with good intentions. There are variants to the name, coming … (names of girls with their meaning)


Julissa is a modern American name that was born from the combination of Julie and Alissa. Another possibility is that its origin is Latin and means: “Young man with soft hair.” Graphic variant … (names and meanings for girl)


Name of a girl of Mapuche origin that means: Gold / silver flower, fragrant / pleasant flower, subtle essence of fragrance. Name of similar meaning in Mapuche: Raimilla, Do you want to see … (names with meaning for girl)


Leia is the English variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Leilani (Hawaiian) and means “delicate”, “daughter of heaven”. (meaning of names for girl)


Goddess of the moonbeam. Variants: Yuritzy. (name for girls and its meaning)


To flourish. Variant: Khloe, Kloe, Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Khloey. This name appears in the Bible and in literature, for example in the sonnet of Daphne and Chloe de Ravel. (names and their meaning for girl)


It comes from the Greek kosmos, which means “orderly, decent.”


Naomi is one of the Hebrew names with the most beautiful meaning; formed by the Hebrew noam and the pronominal suffix i-, it means “my sweetness”, “my delight”. In the Bible it is the name of the wife of …


Derived from the name Alejandra. The conjunction of its roots “to separate, to reject”, “force” and “man”. He is the protector or victor of men. The one who rejects his enemies. Curiously it is the nickname …


It is a variant of Eder, it means “beautiful” in Basque. Maider is the name made up of “Maria” and “Eder”.


Katia is diminutive of the Russian form of the traditional Catalina. It means “pure, chaste”, it welcomes a meaning of immaculate, innocent, young. There is another attractive etymology; their similarity …


Diminutive of Charlotte (small and feminine). We can also find it written as Arlet or Arlette. If its origin is German, it means: free man.


Aleida, of German origin, means “belonging to the nobility.” Another possible origin of the name is Greek, this variant would mean “similar to Athena”. We can find it written as Aleyda.


Short form of Briseida, derived from the Greek Briseis, a woman with whom Achilles is in love in the “Iliad”. It means gentle wind. Variant: Briza, Brisia, Breezy, Briseida, Brisha, Brissa …


Sherlyn is the combination of Sheryl and Lynn. Variant: Sherlin, Sherline.


Derived from the word gospel, it means “good news.”


Of Otomi origin, she was a goddess of love, it also means: princess of the forest.


It gives a sense of appreciation for aspects of life, music, art, literature, drama, relaxation and at the same time creates an overly sensitive nature. It means “beautiful, bright”.


“She belongs to her father.” Variant: Aseneth, Azenet.


Natalio / a is a variant of Natal. It means “the birthday day”, referring to the date on which Jesus Christ was born. Traditionally it was the Christian name given to children born on the twenty-fifth …


“Beautiful woman” in Nahuatl, quetzal means beauty and tzaly woman. Variant: Quetzally, Quetzali, Quetzalli.


Tiffany is a name of Greek origin that means “revelation of God”. Variants: Teophania, Tiffiny, Tiphanie, Tiffani, Tifara, Tifennie, Tiffaney, Tiffanie, Tiffeny, Tiffenie, Tiffie, …


The one protected by God. Biblical in origin. Variant: Somara, Samaria, Samaira. Characteristics: It is sincere, sweet and simple in its preferences. He loves to study, but also …


Name of a woman of Greek origin that means “pure” and “transparent”. Variants: Crystal.


Salome appears at first glance to be the feminine form of Solomon, but scholars choose to derive it from the Hebrew shalem, which means “complete, perfect.” Salomé is “the finished …


It is the Russian form of Juana. Juana comes from the Hebrew Yohanana or Yehohanan and literally means “Yahweh is good”, “Yahweh is merciful”, with the same inverted elements it is formed …


Juan comes from the Hebrew Yohanan or Yehohanan and literally means “Yahweh is good”, “Yahweh is merciful”, with the same inverted elements Ananías is formed. This is one … (meaning of amairani sherlyn)


“that looks like God”


Sofia means, thanks to its Greek origin, “wisdom”. It is interpreted as the wise, bold and intelligent woman. The one who gets the insight to achieve his purposes. Santa …


Monserrat is the Catalan invocation of the Virgin Mary; Our Lady of Montserrat. It takes its name from a monastery built on a hill. Its meaning is related to the …


Of divine light, brilliant, goddess of fertility. Variant: Daiana, Dayane.


This name is that of the hermitage of Nuestra Señora located in the Sarabe forest (in the town of Urdiain, Navarra). It is the church of the disappeared town of Sarabe. His festival is celebrated …


Paulette, diminutive and French variant of the Latin Paula, means “small, humble”.


Princess, ma’am. She is gifted with a great imagination. It is sensitive to artistic manifestations. He is reliable and very pleasant in his dealings with others. Variants: …


It means life. Aisha was the favorite wife of Muhammad who took her as his wife when she was only 7 years old. She wrote good night books for children and never had children. Variants: Aaisha, …


Variant of Helena (Ilenia). Derived from the Greek “Elene” means “She resplendent and attractive like the sun”.


Variant of Maite with the modern feminine suffix -ne. Name of Basque origin, widely used and spread throughout the world thanks to a zarzuela. The history of this name is very complicated: it is …


It comes from the Greek Ari-agné, “very holy” or also from Ari-adnos, “very untamed”. Arianna was a teenage slave from Asia Minor, Saint Ariadne converted to Christianity and courageously defended …


It means “born in the city.” In The Thousand and One Nights Sherezade told a story to her husband, the king, every night, who had been betrayed by his first wife and had decided …


It means “aurora”, the one that awakens and passes from the night, from the darkness, to the light. Alba symbolizes enlightenment, knowledge, awakening to life. It is the whiteness if we take into account …


Eileen is a variant of Helen and means “beautiful as the sun”. Graphic variants Eileene, Eilena, Eilene, Eily, Ayleen


Milenka is a girl’s name of Russian origin that means “my little one”.


If the origin of this name is Hawaiian it means: wine. If it is a name of American origin, it means: smiling. Variants: Mylie, Mylee, Myleigh. Now it is a very popular name thanks to the actress / singer …


“Divine Temple of Eternal Youth”. Variant: Corayma.


Stacy is a name of English origin derived from the Greek Eustace that means “loaded with ears”. It can also be used as a name for a boy.


“Our mother”.


“Flower of the sea”.


“My little princess”.


Name of Aztec origin that means “the one who listens” or of Mayan origin that means “small cove”.


Jimeno is the form of Simeon in Old Spanish. Simeon / a has its origin in ancient Hebrew, it comes from the verb shamah, which means “to hear”. Its literal meaning is “the …


It means “extension of fertile land” and is the name of a Marian invocation: Our Lady of the Vega. In Benavente (Zamora) it has a sanctuary that celebrates the party on the second Monday after Sunday …


This is a hypocoristic of those names whose first element was ermin, which means “strength.” It is one of the variants of Irma. It symbolizes the strong and powerful woman, the one who achieves …


“The one with natural charm.”


This name comes directly from an ancient Roman gens. There is another possible etymology; the one that makes it derive from the Greek aimílios, “kind, funny, lively, courteous” …


Feminine name meaning “love that seduces”


Very beautiful name of woman that means: delicate, beautiful precious.


Eliette means “God has answered” and is a variant of Eliana. (page of only boy names)


Mildred is one of the names of Anglo-Saxon origin formed by two different voices; mildi, “soft, kind, generous”, and thryth, “dear, beloved” (compare modern German traut, with the same … (names only for girls)

Mei ling

Mei means “Beautiful” and Ling means “Sparkles of Jade Pieces”, so all put together is “Beautiful Sparkles of Jade pieces”. Variant: Meiling. (baby names only)


“Little lily flower”. The lily flower symbolizes purity in Japanese culture. (name that means bondasa)


Name of a flower: the aleli or alheli. Perennial plant (sometimes biennial in cultivation), with a stem of up to half a meter in height or little more, woody in the lower portion. Flowers gathered … (girls name pages)


Same meaning that is given to it in astronomy: “natural satellite of the Earth that revolves around it”. Marian invocation name: Virgin of the Moon. This beautiful title is given to María for being ours … (names already formed for girls)


Japanese name, for women, meaning “beautiful pear tree”. (girl names that mean warrior)


Aline is a contraction of Adeline and is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means “noble”. Variant: Alyne. (only girl names)


Micaela is the feminine form of Miguel, it comes from the Hebrew mi-ka-El, which means “who is like God?”, That is, “God is incomparable”. No doubt this name has achieved fame … (name meaning kind)

Maria Jesus

Compound name formed by Mary and Jesus. Maria comes from Hebrew and is the name in the form of Miriam of the sister of Moses and Aaron. The confusion of both spellings is due to the fact that in ancient Hebrew … (only women’s names)


Isis is the Greek name for a goddess from Egyptian mythology. His Egyptian name was Ast, which means throne, represented by the hieroglyph that he carried on his head. It was called “Great Magician”, “Great …


“Heaven’s Door”.


It derives from the original form Ciara, which is the Irish feminine from the masculine Ciaran meaning person with dark hair and eyes. Graphic variants: Keyra, Keyrah.


Alizee is a name for a girl of French origin that designates a type of wind. Variant Alizze, Alize.


Itziar is one of the many graphic variants of Iziar, one of the forms from Proto-Basque; formed by iz, “sea”, i, “tip”, and ar, “high”. Its literal translation would be “steep height …


Kristel is a girl’s name of English origin, a variant of Christina and Kristen and Chrystal and it means “announced”. We can also find it written as Kristell or Kristelle …


Guanche Warrior of Canarian Origin and that meant wonderful. It comes from the Incas / Quechua and means the one with big eyes.


Famous invocation of the Virgin María de Nájera (La Rioja), a town that is documented as Naiara. The monastery was founded by King García VI who is buried in it, like many others …


Monastery of Our Lady, in Estellerria / Tierra Estella (N). Apparently it was founded in the 10th century. It is said that the Virgin of Iratxe helped Sancho II in the fight against the …


Samuel’s feminine form, “who listens”. Samantha appears for the first time in the 17th century Salem acts of witchcraft condemning the accused to the stake. Variants: Samanta.


Goddess of love and desire.


“Transparency of spirit, light, clarity”.


Carla is the feminine form of Carlos, where Carolina also comes from. Karl means “bold, strong, virile.” It is the person endowed with noble intelligence. In old High German …


“Slender and divine.” Invented name formed by slender and divine: esbeydi.


Geraldine means “the one who carries the spear”, “the strong one”. It is the feminine variant of Gerald. Variant: Geraldina.


Sayen means “woman with a big heart”, “affectionate” and is a girl’s name of Mapuche origin.


Celtic name derived from Kayley. Kayley is used primarily in the English and Irish languages. From the “narrow and thin” Caol element. It could be derived from the Irish surname, …


Stephanie means “crown”, “garland”. It is the feminine form of Stephen. Stephania is her Latin form. Variants: Stephany, Stefany, Stefani, Stefania, Steffany.


Girl’s name that means: nostalgic, one who feels nostalgic.


Name of Hebrew origin although it is widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries. If meaning is: adornment of God. Variant: Adaiah.

And one

Yuna is a Japanese girl name that means “power”. It is also the name of a month in Russian. Variants: Yune. (names of angels for girl)


Maria comes from Hebrew and is the name in the form of Miriam of the sister of Moses and Aaron. The confusion of both spellings is due to the fact that in ancient Hebrew the consonants of … (names of angels)


Celtic name whose meaning is pleasant or pleasant person. It is a variant of Eva. Saint Evelina offered her life for Christ, along with Saint Ursula and the remaining martyrs. (names of angels for girls)


Variant of Hepzibah. It means: my joy is in her. (names of angels women)


Dakota is a Native American girl name that means “friend.” Variants: Dakoda or Dakotah. (names that mean angel)


Name proposed in the Santoral published by Sabino Arana and Koldo Elizalde as the equivalent of Iraida. This name comes from the Greek Herais derived in turn from Hera, name of the goddess of marriage, … (names of angels for girls and their meaning)


Feminine form of Alejo. Of Sanskrit origin. He is “the defender, the one who helps and rejects his enemies.” It has an important symbolic value focused on the concept of “protection” …. (name of angels for girl)


Name of Zapotec origin that means: the flower that arrived. Variants: Shiadany, Xiadany. (girl names with angel)


Italian variant of the Latin Gianna meaning “grace of God”. (names of female angels)


Adhara is a star in the constellation Canis Major. The traditional name of Adhara (sometimes written Adara or Adharaz) comes from the Arabic word “virgins”. Its main meaning is «flower of … (girl names that mean angel)


Its meaning is “hay meadow”. Name of the place. Possibly it comes from the Norwegian word haela which means “hero”. Variants: Haeley, Haelie, Haely, Hailea, Hailee, Haileigh, …




Name of any of the minor rooms in a house. The name has an uncertain etymology, probably derived from the Latin amarus ‘bitter’. Alternatively, the …


Chiara, comes from the Latin clarus, which means illustrious. She was the first woman to be deluded with the ideal of Saint Francis of Assisi, with whom she had an intimate relationship. It can be said that his religious life …


“Sacred garden”. Variants: Leslea, Leslee, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesli, Lesly, Lezlee, Lezley and Lezlie, Lessie.


Nahuatl orihen girl’s name (an Aztec language that was spoken in Mexico and Central America) whose meaning is “Little Heart”. It derives from the word yolo which means heart. Other names…


Diminutive of Leticia, “joy”.


Colette has her origins in the ancient Greek language. It is mainly used in English and French. The name Colette means “victory of the people”. Derived from nike which means …


“The happiness’ key”.


It means “wealth”. In the famous swan dance Odette is the good swan while Odile is the bad black swan. Variants: Odetta, Odilia, Ottila.


Goddess of the stars according to Mayan mythologies and legends. The word itza means star.


It means “queen of the snows” and is a girl’s name of Japanese origin. Oyuki variant.


The one that hides. It comes from the greigo kalyptein: cover, hide. Variants: Calypso, Kalypso In Greek mythology, Calypso was, according to Homer, the name of a beautiful daughter of the Titan …


Name of Persian origin whose meaning is: lotus flower. Variant: Padma. It comes from the Tibetan chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which means “the jewel is in the” lotus. Name of a character from a …


“Beautiful and clear water”. Graphics variant: Aquetzaly.


Aymara is a name of Mapuche origin that refers to the Andean population.


Diminutive of Tatiana, “feminine form of Taius, the name of a Roman family”. Variant: Tiani.


It is the feminine name of Brand and means “sword”, brilliance of the fight. It was introduced by the Wikings. Its great diffusion in the Anglo-Saxon countries is due to the heroin of the …


Allegra means “happy”. Perhaps it derives from the musical term allegro. It can be found written as Alegra.

He prays

Female Name of Greek origin. From the Greek peace. Natural Talent: It is mind of impatient thinking. He expresses himself as a receptive, sensitive and observant thinker in activities that require versatility, …