Advent calendars are part of one of the Christmas traditions that children are most excited about. Its origin dates back to the 19th century in Protestant Germany when children lit a candle for each day of Advent , which, in the Catholic religion, is considered the period of spiritual preparation for the celebration of the birth of Christ that extends between 22 and 28. days.

However, it was not until around 1900 that the first images to cut out and create advent calendars came onto the market and, some 20 years later, the first printed calendars with surprises for children that we know today. Although, the story goes that it was around 1950 that they became popular in Germany and later spread to the rest of the world.

What are advent calendars?

Advent calendars are one of the most traditional symbols of this period, which currently usually extends from December 1 to 24. Basically, it is a kind of “countdown” calendar that is used to count the days until Christmas. In the beginning, families used to bet on traditional paper or cardboard calendars in which they represented each day with a kind of card behind which they hid a surprise for the little ones.

Over time, many other styles of advent calendars have emerged based on images, recipes, gifts, stories, plans and activities for children. In fact, today there are many families who are encouraged to design their own advent calendar to involve children in the process. However, if you don’t want to get too complicated, you can also find very cool advent calendars to surprise children this season.

Advent calendars that children will love

1. Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Little fans of Funko Pop figures will be delighted to discover a different character every day of Advent. From Goku and Vegeta to Master Roshi and Piccolo, there are plenty of characters waiting within this calendar. Undoubtedly, an excellent way to sow the illusion of Christmas in children and help them create a unique collection with the most representative Pop figures of this label.

2. Funko Marvel Advent Calendar

Surprise the little ones at home this Christmas with this advent calendar inspired by Marvel superheroes and supervillains. It is a calendar with different numbered flaps, behind which different Pop figures of the main Marvel fictional characters await children. From the villains Venom and Thanos to the superheroes Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America, there are plenty of characters kids will love to collect.

3. Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

Peppa Pig is one of those characters that continues to steal the hearts of the little ones at home. For this reason, this advent calendar has been inspired by this little pig and her family to await the arrival of Christmas with the little ones at home. The calendar includes 24 doors that hide a toy from the series, from Christmas trees, gift boxes and houses to some of the characters from the series such as Peppa, George, Rebecca and Danny. Without a doubt, a very nice way to motivate children with the arrival of Christmas.

4. Hapids Dinosaur Figures Advent Calendar

Little fans of prehistoric animals will be delighted with this advent calendar that includes 24 unique dinosaur figures. It is a kind of box with small cardboard doors to pierce, behind which a dinosaur figure is hidden per day. The calendar also includes a flap with a kind of word search in which children will have to find the name of each of the dinosaur species that comes in the set. Without a doubt, a very cool and fun advent calendar that the little ones will love.

5. Playmobil 123 advent calendar

Surprise the little ones at home with this beautiful Playmobil-style advent calendar. The calendar reproduces a beautiful Christmas design in the forest and includes 28 pieces with instructions so that children can recreate their own Christmas scene. Every day a surprise awaits them behind each door, from animals and Christmas figures to small accessories that complete the staging. It is worth noting that the calendar has a robust design with quality finishes so that it arrives practically intact on Christmas Eve. It can be washed with water and the toys have no loose parts, so they are safe.

6. Cry Babies Magical Tears Advent Calendar

With this advent calendar from the IMC Toys label, the little ones at home will wait for Christmas with much more enthusiasm. The box-shaped calendar hides inside a Crying Baby Magic Tears that when you squeeze its tummy really cries. And to complete the experience, it includes 23 other fun Christmas accessories, from a Christmas tree and the baby’s pet to a gift box and a sleigh so that kids can unleash their imaginations while recreating the Christmas scene of their dreams. .

7. Kinder Mix Advent Calendar

What child would not like to enjoy a Kinder treat every day of advent? With this advent calendar, you can fulfill the wish of your children. The calendar, decorated with Christmas motifs and cheerful and bright colors, includes small doors to pierce that store 24 Kinder chocolates: Kinder Bueno Mini, Kinder Chocolate Mini, Kinder Cereali Mini and Kinder Figura Cava. A different type of chocolate for each day, a fun and above all, delicious way to wait for the arrival of Christmas.

8. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Little stroller lovers will be very excited to discover the surprises that await them within this calendar every day of Advent. On December 1, the countdown begins to complete the collection of eight decorated Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 accessories with which the little ones can have fun this Christmas. The calendar also includes a fold-out flap in the shape of a road so that children can press the accelerator of their new strollers to full power.

9. Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar

If your children like the adventures of the young magical apprentice Harry Potter, this may be an excellent opportunity to give them a Funko Pop collection of the characters in the saga. It is a box-shaped advent calendar that includes a panel with doors to pierce, behind which children will find one of the most popular characters from this fantastic series every day. By Christmas, they will have the entire collection and can show it off to their friends.

10. Lindt Chocolates Advent Calendar

What child doesn’t like chocolate bonbons? Surprise the little ones at home this year with this beautiful and exquisite advent calendar with a varied assortment of chocolate bonbons. From milk chocolate bears, mini Lindor bonbons and milk chocolate bars to double milk chocolate or hazelnut chocolate bears, there are plenty of mouth-watering surprises waiting for little ones in this calendar. In addition, it includes a surprise gift card worth between 5 and 500 euros to spend at Ikea.

11. Frozen Advent Calendar

Frozen is one of those children’s movies that continues to conquer the hearts of the little ones at home. For this reason, this advent calendar inspired by this animated story will be a sure hit for fans of the Snow Queen. From 3D hero figures and funky character-embellished bracelets to buttons, hair accessories and stickers, there are tons of themed surprises hidden behind the windows of this calendar that will make kids smile every day.

12. Christmas advent calendar at the Playmobil Toy Store

This advent calendar that seems to be taken from a story is, without a doubt, a perfect alternative to surprise children at this time. The calendar represents a small toy store created with great care in which no detail is lacking and includes different surprises that the little ones will discover every day until Christmas Eve. From a Santa Claus and a Christmas tree to a snowman, the calendar features loads of Christmas figures for children to let their imagination run wild and create the Christmas of their dreams.