12 educational cartoons for your children to learn

Cartoons are one of children’s favorite entertainment. It is a very entertaining educational resource that also brings many benefits for their cognitive development. Cartoons stimulate children’s imagination, while helping them build new concepts, expand their vocabulary and improve their social skills. In addition, they are an excellent tool to transmit positive values ​​to children, as revealed by a study carried out at the University of Seville.

Obviously, for children to take advantage of these advantages, it is important to choose the titles of the cartoons well. Not only should they be appropriate for their age and maturity level, but they should also offer quality content that stimulates learning and critical analysis. In Stage Infantil we offer you some of the most educational cartoons ideal for the little ones at home.

Educational cartoons for children

1. Daniel the Tiger

YouTube video

This version from the American series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood tells the story of a little tiger who shares his everyday experiences and the challenges he has to face every day, in which he puts his creativity and ability to learn to the test. In fact, one of his best assets is precisely the close tone with which the protagonist tells the children about situations of daily life, with which, without a doubt, more than one will feel identified. Of course, the series is not lacking in positive values ​​and good role models for children to adapt to their own experience.

2. Paw Patrol

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This Canadian series created by Keith Chapman and produced by Guru Studio will captivate the little ones at home from start to finish. It is a fun adventure cartoon, starring a 10-year-old boy who is an expert in technology and a group of six puppies, who in each chapter undertake dangerous rescue missions to protect the community of Bahía Aventura. Although, without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions is the teachings transmitted by the series and each of its characters, who will soon become role models for the little ones.

3. Simon

YouTube video

Fun and learning come together equally in this children’s series based on the stories of Stephanie Blake and produced by the French network, GO-N Productions. The story tells the daily adventures of Simon, a little bunny who has just entered school life and begins to discover the world around him. Simón’s friends join the cast, with whom he lives exciting experiences, and his younger brother, Gaspar, to whom he teaches everything he learns on a daily basis. Not without good values, the series has a very funny touch of humor that children will love and will make them have a fun time while they learn.

4. Doc McStuffins

YouTube video

This animated series from the creator of “ Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures in Tutti Frutti” tells the story of Doc, a 6-year-old girl who is dedicated to taking care of and fixing the toys in her collection, with which she can communicate thanks to a magical stethoscope. It is a series that exudes fantasy and in which there is no lack of fun adventures for children to let their imaginations fly, but that also teaches them some lessons for their daily lives. With “Doctor Toys” children will learn to treat their toys with more care, while they will understand the importance of friendship and companionship. However, one of his greatest achievements lies in making children lose their fear of visiting the doctor and understand the importance of leading a healthy life.

5. Plim Plim the clown, a hero of the heart

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It It is an Argentine animation series created by Smilehood full of teachings and positive values ​​in which magic, music and good humor are not lacking. The story stars Plim Plim, a 6-year-old boy, who is a clown, a magician and a hero at the same time, and who is always willing to help his friends when they have a problem they don’t know how to solve. The series, winner of several awards, is perfect for children to learn positive habits and behaviors that teach them to be better people while having a fun time with Plim plim and his friends.

6. Wordfest

YouTube video

With this fun series, also known Like Fabulous Vocabulary, the little ones at home will be able to dance, sing and play while they learn new words from the hand of its protagonists: Bailey, Franny, Kip and Lulu. The series, structured in short episodes, is perfect for children who are learning to speak to enrich their vocabulary in a simple and fun way. Without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions is its use of animation interactive, with which the little ones will feel like one of the story.

7. Curious George

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This animation series is based in the homonymous book of the spouses Hans Reyersbach and Margret Waldstein. The series tells the adventures of a cute and curious monkey who loves to explore his environment and discover everything around him. His insatiable curiosity leads him to always get into trouble, from which, thanks to his ingenuity and imagination, he manages to come out with flying colors. These are some very entertaining and, at the same time, educational cartoons, with which children will learn a little more about their environment while having an entertaining time.

8. Pocoyo

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Without a doubt, this is one of the classics cartoons every preschooler should watch. The story stars Pocoyo, a very curious boy who, together with his friends, embarks in each chapter on a different adventure through which he begins to discover the world. A 3D animation series, with which the little ones will feel very identified and motivated to explore the environment around them.

9. Charlie and Lola

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Also known in Spain as Juan and Tolola, it is an adaptation for television of the children’s books by the English writer Lauren Child. The story narrates the daily relationship of two brothers, Charlie, twelve years old, and Lola, five, a bond with which many children with siblings will feel identified from the first moment. An excellent bet for the little ones at home since it is a series full of teachings that transmits many positive values ​​and good role models.

10. Peppa Pig

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Just a couple of chapters of this series cartoon for most children to become fond of the daily adventures of this little pink pig, her family and friends. A very complete series that combines good values ​​and knowledge with a dose of good humor so that children have fun while they learn. Without a doubt, a perfect tool to instill some positive habits in the little ones, transmitting new concepts and teach them different games adapted to their age.

11. Caillou

YouTube video

This Canadian children’s series, based on the books by the writer Christine L’Heureux, tells the story of a 4-year-old boy who shares his daily experiences turned into great adventures thanks to his great imagination and creativity. In fact, one of the greatest attractions of the series for children is that it narrates common situations of daily life with which they feel identified, while teaching them good habits and role models that will help them to apply in their own reality.

12. Zoobabu

YouTube video

This is the first series of animation in Europe created for television with stereoscopic 3D technology, although in reality its true value lies in its educational content. The series is structured in more than 100 episodes, in each of which the children must try to guess the animal that is hidden in the box, through different clues and questions that they will have to solve to find the solution. A perfect alternative for the little ones at home to entertain themselves while they become familiar with the different animals and their characteristics.