Most children love the movies, especially when it comes to good movie productions. It is not only a very fun entertainment but also enriching as it stimulates critical thinking, develops creativity and gives free rein to the imagination. It’s also an excellent resource for reducing everyday stresses and fostering empathy from an early age.

Movies are also a tool to instill good values ​​in children while learning interesting details about other cultures. And, of course, they are also a perfect educational resource to familiarize children with foreign languages and improve their listening skills to understand new phonemes. In addition, they are a perfect excuse to spend quality time with the family. Of course, on condition of choosing good titles.

Movies that are much more than just entertainment for children

1. ET the Extraterrestrial (1982)

Directed by Steven Spielberg and with the screenplay by Melissa Mathison, this film is one of the science fiction stories that every child should see before the age of 12, not in vain it won four Oscars and two Golden Globes in the category of best band sound and film The film narrates the adventure of a small alien whom his ship has abandoned on Earth. Completely alone and frightened, he meets a boy and his two brothers with whom he soon establishes a deep friendship. It will be precisely these little humans who help him find his way back home before he falls into the hands of scientists and the police.

2. The Neverending Story (1984)

Being bullied at school is not easy, Bastian knows it and that is why he takes refuge in books to escape from this difficult reality. One day he gets his hands on “The Neverending Story”, a book that tells of the gradual destruction of the Kingdom of Fantasy at the hands of the mysterious “nothing” and that from the first lines captivates his attention. He had read many interesting books, but none like this one. Throughout the reading Bastian realizes that he represents a key piece in the plot of the book and that the salvation of that kingdom will depend on his help. It is a great classic of children’s cinema that every child should see at least once in their life as it conveys deep messages about the value of friendship or the importance of persevering in goals.

3. The Goonies (1985)

This 1985 classic directed by Richard Donner is one of those movies that never goes out of style and that still continues to conquer the hearts of the little ones at home. The film tells the story of Mikey, a thirteen-year-old boy who, along with his older brother and his friends, form a gang called “The Goonies.” One day they go up to the attic of his house, where his father keeps antiques, and discover the map of a lost treasure. Without thinking, they decide to go on an adventure and go out to look for the treasure, but what they don’t know is that the evil Mama Fratelli and her children are also on their trail. A film full of action and adventures, in which laughter is also guaranteed.

4. Babe the Brave Little Pig (1995)

Its seven Oscar nominations are the best letter of introduction to this already classic film production that children will love. A film directed by Chris Noonan that tells the story of Bebe, an orphan pig who arrives at the Hoggett farm where many other animals live. It won’t take long for Bebe to make friends on the farm, but the adaptation won’t be easy, especially after his decision to become a sheep herding pig. Will he get it? It is a beautiful children’s drama with touches of comedy that conveys fundamental values ​​such as the importance of surrounding yourself with good friends and fighting for a dream.

5. Toy Story (1995)

The first production of Toy Story was followed by three other films, but without a doubt, none of them have penetrated as deeply as the first feature film directed by John Lasseter. It’s an amazing animated fantasy story that follows the blossoming of a beautiful friendship between Woody, Andy’s favorite old toy cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear, the new technologically advanced space hero who’s here to steal the world. Andy’s heart A story full of adventures and laughter, but above all very deep messages about the value of friendship and acceptance, in which other topics such as jealousy and envy are also addressed.

6. Free Willy (1993)

Willy is an orca confined to a small water park in the North Pacific, far from his natural habitat and separated from his family. In the park, nobody understands his feelings, except for Jesse, a 12-year-old homeless boy who is arrested for painting graffiti in the aquarium and soon after gets a job there. Little by little, her friendship with the animal grows stronger until one day, she decides to help him return home. Without a doubt, it is a simple but very moving film that highlights the importance of caring for animals, while highlighting the value of friendship and family.

7. The Lion King (1994)

In the African savannah, the adventures of Simba take place, a small lion heir to the throne who, after being unjustly accused by the evil Scar of his father’s death, is forced to exile himself from his lands. During his exile, he will experience very difficult times, but he will also meet very good friends who will support him to return and try to recover what is rightfully his. A beautiful adventure story with an impressive soundtrack, worthy of two Oscars, and impressive photography that reflects the harshness of life without losing sight of sensitivity and good humor.

8. Back to the Future (1985)

Without a doubt, this is one of the children’s classics that the little ones at home should see at some point. The story tells of the adventures of young Marty McFly and his friend Doc, a mad scientist who creates a time travel machine. A fortuitous mistake causes Marty to travel to 1955, when his future parents had not yet met. After preventing his first meeting, McFly must get his parents to meet and marry to ensure the existence of him and his brothers. Will he get it? A story full of surprises, adventures and fantasy, in which touches of comedy and good humor are not lacking.

9. Frozen. The Ice Kingdom (2013)

When a prophecy condemns the kingdom to eternal winter, young Anna, mountaineer Kristoff, and reindeer Sven embark on an epic journey to seek out Elsa, Anna’s sister and Snow Queen, to end the icy spell. . Inspired by the story of “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, this animated film produced by Disney and winner of two Oscars is one of those children’s films that children should see at least once in their lives. A story that speaks of our vulnerability and the mistakes we can make, but also of the sacrifice we are willing to make for those around us.

10. Finding Nemo (2003)

Produced by Pixar and winner of an Oscar for best animated film, it tells the story of a little fish named Nemo, who one day gets lost outside the Australian Great Barrier Reef and ends up in a fish tank in Sydney. Then his father, a clown fish, embarks on a dangerous and exciting adventure to rescue him along with Dory, a little fish with a very short memory. At the same time, Nemo and his new friends already have a plan in mind to return to the sea. A story full of intrigue and laughter that addresses the value of friendship and family, as well as the importance of facing our own fears to overcome life’s challenges.

11. Hook: Captain Hook (1991)

If there is a film that children cannot miss, it is this staging directed by Steven Spielberg and nominated for an Oscar in five categories. The film tells the story of Peter Pan, a prestigious lawyer who lives so absorbed in his work that he barely spends time with his lovely family. However, one day his old enemy, Captain Hook, kidnaps his children and takes them to Neverland. Peter Pan will be forced to travel there with Tinker Bell to recover his children and the child he once was. A beautiful fantasy and adventure story that highlights the importance of friendship and the value of family, while teaching not to let that child in all of us die.

12. The Jungle Book (1967)

This film version of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” is a classic of children’s literature and cinema. The film directed by Wolfgang Reitherman tells the story of Mowgli, a boy raised in the jungles of India by a pack of wolves, under the tutelage of the bear Baloo and the panther Bagheera. In the jungle many dangers await this little human, but Mowgli’s real challenge will come when he must face his origins. An adventure story with impressive photography in which very important values ​​such as love of nature, companionship and a sense of belonging are transmitted.