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One of the most useful tools to make bath time fun are toys. If your child uses them and likes them, then a good organizer is essential to keep everything in its place, and even better if we do it with their help!

As it is a very practical article (and in my opinion, totally necessary), we have made a selection with the best and most practical on the market.

Store Toys for the Munchkin Bathtub

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This oversized bath organizer is shaped like a shovel , making it easy to collect all your bathtub toys. All you have to do is take the shovel off the wall and run it through the water to collect everything quickly and comfortably … you can even turn it into a game for the kids to help tidy up! 11 names of heroines from Greek mythology for your baby.

The holes allow you to rinse and drain all the toys at once , reducing mold growth and helping to put them all away in one go. It has a backing that sticks to the walls of most bathrooms with adhesive strips.

Badabulle bath net

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This multicolored bath net works very well for storing toys, as it allows them to drain quickly, and it holds up well thanks to the two large suction cups it includes (I have personally checked it because it is the one I have in my bathroom). It can be put in the washing machine.

Skip Hop Moby bath Toy organizer

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It is an organizer that can be easily placed in any corner of the bathroom, saving space. It is made of neoprene with a mesh bottom that facilitates drying and drainage of water, has a large capacity and easy drying and adheres firmly to tile or glass thanks to its 4 suction cups. Its price is 25.97 euros and can be purchased at Bblandia .

Tommee Tippee Bath Toy Storage Container

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This practical container characterized with the character Ollie the Owl, can be hung in the bathtub, the screen or the wall tiles thanks to its strong suction cup. It has a large capacity and has holes in the base that allow the water to run out and the toys to dry quickly. How do I increase my child’s defenses? What works and what doesn’t

Ubbi bathtub organizer basket

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The Ubbi Bath Toy Drying Bin is a compact 2-part bin and base system that allows you to organize bath toys. The white part detaches from the base to collect the toys from the bathtub . It is then incorporated back into the base, which has large drainage holes for quick drying, and the base collects excess water that can be poured out later. The entire bucket can be put in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Tiny Love multifunction bathtub toy organizer

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It is a bath toy organizer with suction cups and roomy toy mesh bag for collecting different bath toys. It is characterized by the adorable dolphin on the top and its wide net that allows adequate ventilation of the bath toys that can be inserted even when wet and allowed to dry. Includes two suction cups with strong grip for optimal adhesion to tiles.

Shark Bathroom Hanger

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This bathroom hanger from the brand 3 Sprouds, shark model is perfect for storing all the small toys in the bathroom. Made of neoprene, this hanger keeps toys dry. Its large elastic opening makes placing or removing toys easier. It includes a non-slip suction cup to hold it on any surface and its price is 32.90 euros .

Wemk Toy Storage Net

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The set includes a toy storage bag with four compartments , 4 waterproof adhesive hooks and 1 shower sponge. It is machine washable and dries quickly.

Nooni Bath Toy Storage Organizer

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It is made of neoprene and polyester, a quick-drying and mildew-resistant material . The turtle belly provides plenty of storage space, and the suction cups keep the organizer fixed on glass or on tiles.

Lyydan Bath Toy Organizer

best baby bath toys

This mesh bag is made of high quality polyester, strong, fine, and has strong carrying capacity. It includes two suction cups to stick it on glass or tiles.

Mini Basket Bathroom Organizer

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This set includes a mesh fabric bathroom organizer plus four tub-friendly balls. It is a place to store toys after bathing, where they can be dried and with which children can also play basket . It has two suction cups to put them on the tiles.

Mesh Bath Toy Storage Net

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This net is a nice accessory to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. It’s made of polyester, there are four different motifs, and it includes a sturdy suction cup to hang anywhere.

Bath Toy Organizer + Faucet Extension

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It is a basket for storing toys in the bathroom and can even be attached directly to the bathtub. It includes a very practical tap extension for children .

Plastic bathtub tray

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Possessing a flexible design, it can satisfy almost all sizes and styles of bathtubs. On the front of the handle it has non-slip patterns that ensure that the frame is fixed to a bathtub and does not move. It is sturdy and has drainage holes on the sides and bottom to keep items dry and prevent bacteria or mold growth. Its depth is 9.5 cm.

Munchkin Blue Bathroom Corner Organizer

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This bath toy organizer is perfect if you have a lot of the toys in the bathtub. It is made of neoprene and has four suction cups with which you can fix it to the bathroom tiles. Its price is 12.95 euros and is available at ShopMami .