Cultivating a love of reading means setting an example and providing children with access to books that attract them, that captivate them and above all, that amuse them . One of the best ways I’ve found to do it is through comic books , since this way they can more easily assimilate the stories and the pleasure of finishing a story will flow more easily. This is a list of the best that we can currently find on the market… there is something for everyone!

Batman: The Dark Knight Story

This is a fun retro book for the little ones to discover the origin of one of their favorite superheroes , and who are the villains he has to fight against. Parents will fight with their children over it. Recommended for ages 5 years.

Superpotato: The origin of Superpotato

The evil evil doctor has turned Superman, the best groomed defender of justice, into a potato. And not only that, but he threatens to turn anyone who disagrees with him into a potato. What the malevolent doctor does not have is that Supermax, even turned into a potato, is not just any tuber. He is super potato.

This is the first book in a very popular collection among young children, fun and easy to read . It is recommended for children from 6 years old.

the worst book in the world

The worst book of all time lives up to its name: a topical story, boring characters… But it turns out that there are some curious beings trapped in the book who will try to get the attention of the readers and change the course of the narrative.

Undoubtedly a fun, curious and original comic, quite the opposite of what its title tells us, that the little ones will love. Recommended for 6 years or older.

Diary of a stupid villager

Pánfilo is not a villager like the others. To begin with, he is not at all interested in growing carrots, and he is not interested in trading either. What he wants is to be a warrior! One day, he embarks on an adventure to become one and along the way he will come across a very special zombie… who wants to be a human! Together they will live extraordinary adventures.

Sponge Bob. Stories at Seally Sea

This is another collection of books that features SpongeBob SquarePants . The best thing is that they have been previously published and developed directly by Stephen Hillenburg , the creator of this fun character. The stories in Silly Sea include adventures of the classic characters from the series that fans already know, along with the rest of the troop, all together in a new comic book full of action and adventure. Recommended for 6 years or older.

Hamster Master

My daughter (6 years old) devoured the first book at one point and immediately asked me for the next one, so I totally recommend it. One of the things that I liked the most is that the letters are large, in capital letters and that the language is perfect for the little ones.

It is the story of a hamster who leads a very peaceful life in his cage in class C. There, he carries out tasks that occupy him all day such as eating, sleeping or playing on his wheel. However, when the school is empty, he pulls his cape and mask out of their hiding place and becomes Master Hamster!

On one of her secret forays she discovers that she is not the only superhero mascot in the school . Other animals like Wonder Cobaya, with his super strength; Boss Bunny, the director’s rabbit or Professor Turtle, whose strength is not speed, are also dedicated to ensuring the good of the school. Together, they will form the Club of Animal Superheroes to fight evil.

The forest robot

This is the first book in a collection of children’s comics from Bitmax & Co. This tells the story of Mus and Wagner, a rat and a bear who find a robot in the middle of the road. They decide to take it home and fix it. His name is Bitmax and he has a strange profession: He is a helper! Together with the inhabitants of the Blue Forest they will live adventures and help everyone who needs it. Recommended for 6 years or older.


Marcopola, before being called that, was an isolated island in the middle of the ocean that got very bored; until one morning when she woke up, she discovered a strange object on the shore of her beach… What is it?… What is it for? This is how this adventure begins in which we will also find a lot of water, sky, land, a plane, butterflies, a book, a monster, stars, a boat, giants, a cactus, a flower… and many friends!


It is a comic starring a very dog-like hero. Thanks to his human sense of smell and his canine intelligence, Policán is a very efficient crime fighter. The best thing about his stories is the touch of humor that he has, because the children end up laughing out loud . Recommended from 7 years.

Narval. Unicornio Marino

This is another series of comics, this time starring a narwhal and his gang of marine friends, who will be “immersed” in very funny adventures. His illustrations are very clean, the font is large and it is easy to read . Recommended from 7 years.

Olivia. the shameless genius

Olivia is a girl who lived quietly in the city, but one day her parents decided to move to a town in the mountains , in the middle of nowhere, all because her mother has to save the region from a devastating invasion of birds. giants.

“What a summer bummer, there’s nothing to entertain around here…” Except for a mysterious shepherdess and her woolly woolly dogs, a couple of monsters, and a mischievous genie. A super entertaining and funny story that will show us that all things have a good side , although sometimes we don’t see it first. Recommended from 7 years.

A crazy house Who’s in control?

If these drawings sound familiar to you, it is because it is a successful Nickelodeon animated series , which has now become a fun comic.

Lincoln is 11 years old and tries to survive the madness of his house, where he lives with his parents and his ten peculiar sisters. Welcome to the Loud family!

Lincoln has learned that to guarantee his survival in such a chaotic house, he must always be one step ahead. He is the boy of a thousand plans, of ingenious ideas to get away with it or escape setbacks. Of course, being the only boy comes with certain advantages, like having his own room, but it also gets him more attention than he should…his sisters give him the upper hand but he appreciates them and is always willing to help with whatever they need. From 7 years.

the super gang

This is a collection that tells the adventures of Lola, a very brave girl and head of the super gang, who accompany her on all her missions. What I like most about this series is that it shows a world where everyone can become a superhero.

The footballers

It is a collection of soccer and mystery, written in a humorous key and starring a group of 11-year-old boys and girls. They go to school together, they play football at the Soto Alto Fútbol Club and they have made a secret pact: they will always be friends and they will always play together, no matter what. For this reason, every time a new mystery occurs and the team or their friendship is in danger, they summon the Los Futbolísimos pact to find a solution. Recommended for children from 10 years old.

Stormbringer’s fury!

This is the first book of the “Miraculous” collection in comic format, they come loaded with new friends, new enemies, and a lot of surprises. It is an ideal comic book for fans of Ladybug and Marinette, as it is easy to read and very entertaining. Recommended for children from 10 years old.