Although the school programs of the schools have established times to initiate children in reading and writing , the truth is that each child has their own rhythm and the priority should be to respect it . When they are curious about the letters, we can use fun resources  so that they can learn them and relate them to words . Today we bring you the most interesting that we can currently find on the market.

puzzle rug

Although it is a mat for babies, it is also a fun resource to learn the alphabet when they are older, since it is a large-scale puzzle. An interesting purchase for the game that can be taken out as they grow.

Lego Duplo Alphabet Truck

This lego truck is a toy truck that includes 26 bricks suitable for toddlers, showing all the letters of the alphabet for them to learn by loading and unloading the truck, while stimulating their fine motor skills . Recommended from 1.5 years.

Hautton Magnetic Alphabet Board

It is a board that on one side includes the alphabet in capital letters, the other numbers, ideal for children to learn and write correctly and fun. As the stroke is made with the magnetic pencil (following the instructions of the arrow), the steel balls come to the surface.

puzzle board

It is a wooden board with slots to fit the letters of the alphabet. It is made of wood and recommended for ages 3 and up.

Alphabet book with stickers

It is a very complete book that includes all the letters of the alphabet, a drawing of each letter that children can paint, and a space with a guide so that they can practice their spelling , in addition to the stickers.

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

It is a game that combines cute picture cards and the letters of the alphabet to encourage children to associate objects and words with letters, a good way to promote color recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. problems.

Magneti’Book de Janod

It is an educational magnetic cardboard game to learn the alphabet. It is made up of 28 illustrated magnets and 116 letters, also magnetized, so that children can get to know them and learn to form their first words.

Apli kids A, B, C Puzzle Casita

It is a puzzle for the little ones to begin to become familiar with the letters and words. Each box contains 40 pieces of different sizes that simulate houses with different shapes and colors and each house contains a letter. Therefore you can create endless combinations of letters that turn into pretty towns.

Educa – Touch Junior I learn the Alphabet

It is a board ( not a tablet ), with voices, sounds and songs and cards with attractive illustrations so that children learn to recognize letters, distinguish their spelling, relate images and words and recognize the first written words. Recommended from 3 years.

VTech Peppa Pig Alphabet Car

It is an electronic toy to discover the alphabet, words associated with each letter and the alphabetical order with some of the friendly characters from the Peppa Pig series . Pressing the character buttons hears fun phrases with the characters’ original voices, and you have three volume settings to select from. The car’s headlights light up.

Diset’s Alphabet

Each of the cards is a letter of the alphabet that must be joined with the card of the corresponding drawing to assemble the puzzle . In the pieces with the letters, the letter appears in upper and lower case, and in the pieces with drawings, the word represented by the drawing is written, highlighting the letter with which it begins.

With it, the child will learn the different letters, uppercase, lowercase and will discover objects that begin with that same letter in the drawings it contains. Recommended from 4 years.

I learn the alphabet with Peppa Pig

This is another puzzle to introduce children to letter knowledge . Fitting together the different pieces, they will discover each of the letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase, as well as associated words. Recommended for children 4-5 years old

electronic alphabet

It is an electronic card reader that allows children to learn while having fun. The child must place one of the cards in the reader and follow the instructions. It has three game modes: “Discover”, “Search and find” and “Listen to songs”; includes 10 popular songs performed by Dubbi Kids.

Alphabet and practical exercises Fisher Price

With these 50 double-sided cards, children can learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun, colorful and practical way. Recommended from 4 years old.

hidden alphabet

book will always be a wonderful resource for learning. This one in particular contains a first alphabet to discover and learn to recognize in a very playful way the letters that are hidden in the illustrations and around us. Recommended for ages 5 years.