Reading is an excellent habit for the intellectual development of children. It is a perfect exercise to encourage imagination and creativity while stimulating language development and training memory. Books are also a great source of knowledge and a good resource to develop critical thinking, encourage attention and train empathy. Without a doubt, these are more than enough reasons to familiarize children with reading from an early age, and there is nothing better to achieve this than by resorting to attractive titles, easy to read and adapted to the age of the children.

Books that will make the little ones at home dream

To motivate the little ones at home to read, it is not enough to present them with an entertaining story, it is also important that it is adapted to their level of maturation since, otherwise, it can be counterproductive. Ideally, start with simple books, written in clear and easy-to-understand language before moving on to more complex and creative stories. In Stage Children we have made a list with some of the best books for children according to their age that should not be missed. Why children should learn about financial education from a young age Share on Facebook.

Table of Contents

Books for children from 0 to 3 years

1. Who am I?, by Tristan Mory

What animal loves to eat carrots? Who only wakes up at nightfall? Children will have to guess which animal it is by moving the tabs of this illustrated book with surprises inside. From the Combel publishing house seal, it is an excellent interactive book to spend a fun and different time with the little ones at home while they discover the different animals and their main characteristics.

2. A kiss for little bear, by Else Holmelund

One day, Little Bear decides to draw a nice drawing to send to Abuela Osa and asks Hen to take it to her. After receiving it, Abuela Osa sends a kiss to her grandson, but this time Gallina will need the collaboration of the rest of the animals to send the kiss to Osito. An itinerant and crescendo kiss that, after spreading love and happiness throughout the forest, finally reaches Little Bear. First published in 1968 and republished by Kalandraka publishing house, it is a simple but very tender story that children will love.

3. Crocodile, by Antonio Rubio Herrero

Coming from the pen of Antonio Rubio Herrero, the book belongs to the collection “From the cradle to the moon” of the Kalandraka publishing house. It is a simple and fun story that narrates the adventures of a crocodile, green but very green, who dares to get on a trunk, blue but very blue, and the trunk to a castle, yellow but very yellow, until it ends. on a louse, red but very red. A story that uses poetic pictograms to familiarize children with poetry and teach them colors.

4. The instruments. My First Book of Sounds by Marion Billet

With this book from the Timunmas publishing house, the little ones at home will learn how musical instruments such as the piano, flute, violin and guitar sound. And this, at the touch of a button! It is a sound book that includes buttons so that children only have to press them and discover completely new sounds. Without a doubt, an excellent resource to help them develop their musical ear and stimulate their motor skills.

5. The Hungry Little Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

With this original book from the pen of Eric Carle, the little ones at home will have a very entertaining time while they discover what caterpillars are like and what they feed on. It is a fold-out book that tells the story of a caterpillar that was very hungry, so that each day of the week it eats a different fruit. However, from eating so much, her tummy gets sick until she learns her lesson and finally only eats plant leaves. An originally leaky book, which ends with the wonderful transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly.

Books for children from 3 to 6 years old

6. The five senses of Nacho, by Liesbet Slegers

Nacho wants to discover the world around him and to do so he uses his eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands. It is a beautiful illustrated book that addresses the subject of the senses in a very simple way and through cheerful and colorful illustrations. The text also includes questions and discovery games so that children learn everything they are capable of experiencing with their own senses. Without a doubt, an excellent tool to stimulate their self-knowledge from an early age.

7. My Papus and I, by Francesc Rovira i Jarque

The protagonist of this story is María, a girl who lives with her father, whom she affectionately calls Papus. Her mother died a few years ago, but she and her father form an inseparable family willing to live many adventures. It is a beautiful story about love and family ties, which conveys important life lessons and with which more than one child will feel identified.

8. Classic stories, by Susaeta Editions

The book, which belongs to the collection of “Classic Tales” from the publisher Susaeta Ediciones, is a perfect resource for children to discover some of the classic children’s stories through pictograms. It includes five classic stories, narrated in a very simple language that are accompanied by illustrated images to facilitate reading and understanding of the stories. Undoubtedly, an ideal tool to stimulate the vocabulary of the little ones at home and instill in them the habit of reading from an early age.

9. What color is a kiss?, by Rocio Bonilla

Minimoni loves to paint. He draws yellow bananas, red ladybugs, blue skies, whatever comes into his head, but he has never painted a kiss. What color will it be? Red like tomato sauce? No, because red is the color of anger. Green like a crocodile? No, because red is the color of the vegetables he doesn’t like. So what color will it be? How will you find out? A beautiful book about emotions and love that will surely captivate the little ones from its first pages.

10. Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Telma is a unicorn who dreams of being special, but how far is she willing to go to achieve it? It is an illustrated book that addresses topics as diverse as success, fame and friendship in a very simple and understandable way for the little ones. However, perhaps its greatest value lies in the main teaching it transmits to children: the importance of loving oneself as they are.

Books for children from 6 to 12 years old

11. Little Nicholas, by Goscinny-Sempé and Roald Dahl

Little Nicolás is a very mischievous boy who likes to have a good time. He enjoys living new adventures and experiences with his school friends and is always ready to start a new mischief. He enjoys it, after all, what’s wrong with having a little fun? However, his parents and teachers do not see it that way, but no matter how much they warn him, Nicolás does not listen to reason. However, the day of delivery of grades is approaching, will Nicolás be able to finish the course if he continues down this path? A book that reflects on the responsibility with which more than one child will feel identified.

12. The secret code, by Ana Alonso

Perfect for little science fans, in this book from the Loqueleo publishing house they will find answers to some of the questions that have been raised for a long time. Questions like where do we come from? Or what relates us to all living beings on the planet? are revealed in this book with extraordinary simplicity. To do this, the author takes a tour of DNA and the genome using simple vocabulary and highly explanatory illustrations so that children can understand these concepts.

13. The Forest Robot, by Jaume Copons Ramon

Mus and Wagner, a rat and a bear, find a robot in the middle of the road. It was damaged, so they decide to take it home and fix it. Once back to life, it turns out that the strange robot is called Bitmax and has a strange profession: he is a helper. Very grateful for having saved him, Bitmax decides to stay and live with the inhabitants of the Blue Forest, with whom he will live new adventures and help everyone who needs it. Without a doubt, a very cool story full of teachings that the little ones at home will adore.

14. Max and the superheroes, by Oriol Malet and Rocio Bonilla

Max is a little superhero fan, but he has a favorite one. She is a very brave, intelligent superheroine, with ultravision, capable of deactivating bombs and managing several robots and above all, she has a special affection for Max: she is her mother! A beautiful illustrated book that talks about the love between mothers and children that will captivate the little ones from its first pages.

15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Mr. Wonka, the owner of a chocolate factory, has hidden five gold bills among the bars. Those who find them will be chosen to visit the impressive chocolate factory. When Charlie finds those bills, he feels very lucky, but he doesn’t know that from that moment on, his life will change forever. It is a classic children’s story, full of teachings and values ​​that all the little ones at home should read at some point.

Books for children from 12 to 15 years old

16. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by JK Rowling

It is one of the most popular youth fantasy novels among children and young people, an ideal bet for young fans of this genre. The book, which is part of an extensive collection, chronicles the adventures of a young wizard and wizard apprentice who faces the evil Lord Voldemort to prevent him from conquering the world of magic. An exciting story that captivates from the first pages and that will surely leave children wanting more.

17. Momo by Michael Ende

Momo is a very special girl who has the quality of making everyone who listens to her feel good. However, the arrival of the gray men who want to take over people’s time, turns her life upside down. She is the only one who cannot be fooled, so with the help of Master Hora and the tortoise Cassiopeia, she will embark on a fantastic adventure against the thieves of time. It is a classic of youth literature from 1973 that on this occasion has been reissued by the Alfaguara publishing house.

18. The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint Exupery

This book is much more than a simple children’s novel, it is a story that reveals what is truly essential in human existence. All told through the eyes of a little prince who lives on another planet and decides to travel to Earth. Upon his arrival, he meets an aviator, with whom he will learn how men live and who will teach him where the true value of life lies. A simple and short story that manages to convey to children what is truly important, that “only with the heart can one see well, because what is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

19. Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne

It is a classic of youth literature that is a must-read for children, one of the most important titles of the French writer Jules Verne. The story tells of the adventures of Professor Otto Lidenbrock from Hamburg, a prestigious professor of mineralogy who undertakes an impressive journey to the very center of the Earth following the clues of Arne Saknussemm, an ancient 16th century writer, researcher and traveler, who left a manuscript secret with the keys to carry out the expedition.

20. Engineering Academy: Space by Eric Smith

Young fans of the universe will love this interactive book on space engineering. It is a box book that contains removable parts, screws and nuts to create a spaceship, as well as a constellation viewer and other tools to learn about space. However, its greatest attraction is the way in which it explains such complicated concepts for children as orbital speed or gravity. Undoubtedly, a perfect resource to familiarize children with space and science.