Synonymous words  are those words that have an equivalent meaning.

The opposite of synonyms are antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings. For example: alive/dead, night/day, poor/rich, big/small, cute/ugly.

types of synonyms

  • Partial Synonyms . They have a similar but not exact meaning, depending on the context. For example: man – gentleman.
  • Total Synonyms . Their meanings coincide, regardless of the context in which they are used. For example: mud – mud. 

For example, it can be equivalent to say I sat on that bench waiting for you  and I sat on that seat waiting for you . But it must be taken into account that the word bank  also refers to a financial entity, so if it is used in that sense it would not be a synonym of seat.

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Examples of synonym words

Here is a list of sentences that contain synonymous words:

  1. Next month is my sister ‘s wedding . / For my wedding I’m going to wear these silver shoes.
  2. warned him that the exam was going to be difficult, but he ignored me. / I’m going to tell you that the flight was delayed, so you don’t go to the airport so early.
  3. I got tickets for the next Rolling Stones concert. / I have the tickets for the movie starring Brad Pitt.
  4. This painting is very nice , I am going to hang it in my house. / The photo you took is beautiful , you should put it in this frame.
  5. If you want you can leave your wallet in my room . / I painted the walls of my room light blue.
  6. Juan is very upset about what happened the other night. / I think he got mad because we went to the party and didn’t invite him.
  7. In this photo you look just like your older brother. / The problem he gave us in the exam was very similar to the one he had given us in the last class.
  8. Next week they deliver the prizes for the best final works. / My dad received an award for the project he presented with his co-workers.
  9. They are building a neighborhood of housing for the teachers near my house; it’s looking very nice. / They are going to demolish my grandfather’s house to build apartments.
  10. In the 1990s they pardoned the military and the guerrillas. / I think you should have apologized for what you said to him.
  11. My history teacher is very boring. / I gave a book to my piano teacher .
  12. For the end of the year party I’m going to have to cut my hair . / I think I’m going to dye my hair blonde.
  13. I didn’t give you any reason to be mad at me. / The causes that started the war were several.
  14. I always wanted to teach mathematics, but due to schedule issues I never could. / Children should not only be educated at school, but also at home.
  15. If I had to choose between a trip and a party, I would prefer the trip. / I have to choose the main course for the party, but I haven’t decided yet.
  16. Jorge is a liar , he was not sick as he had told us. / I don’t like lying people .
  17. The students organized a party to raise funds for the alumni trip. / Students who misbehave will be required to stay after hours as punishment.
  18. The money they gave us to do the work was very scarce . / I think that the time they are going to give you to finish the project is very little .
  19. The homework the teacher gave us for the weekend is very easy . / You are going to love this book: it is very entertaining and simple .
  20. To get to the museum, you should take this path , which is shorter. / They were found on the trail near your cabin.

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