If you are a father or mother, it is more than likely that you know Mafalda, that rebellious, optimistic, sweet, thoughtful and above all sensible girl, who made children and adults think. Although there are no longer comic strips of Mafalda, we do have great phrases from her to transmit values ​​to children… Since her values ​​and her thoughts never go out of style, we could even say that she was a visionary of the world, society and of thought!

Mafalda is a girl who is not satisfied with just anything and that can be seen in her sentences. She is rebellious and despite not wanting some things (like soup), she listens and obeys her parents. At six decades old, she is still that pretty girl who will never stop being and who will always touch our hearts.

Who is Mafalda?

As we have just told you, Mafalda is a girl, and she comes from a middle -class Argentine family. She has a long messy hair and is therefore easily distinguished from her, although her strong personality is what stands out the most about her, as well as her way of seeing the world.

He loves the music of the Beatles, Woody Woodpecker and cakes, but hates soup. Her comic strips were born in 1960, but even today, she continues and will continue to be that girl who has made us so much and will make us think.

Mafalda teaches values

His vision of the world teaches values ​​to adults and children, because it reminds us of everything we put aside. Through his phrases, he allows us to be able to see things from another perspective and open our minds to the world and to everything that seems hidden but is actually in front of us.

Mafalda, is 9 years old and was created by the cartoonist Quino. The first values ​​that she transmits are not through words, but with her way of being: dreamy, expressive and with very clear ideas. She wants peace in the world, she doesn’t like violence of any kind. She is more of reasoning, dialogue and reaching agreements where everyone is happy.

Of course, he ca n’t stand injustice and as soon as he sees one, he rebels and rage makes him fight against it. She can’t stand other people suffering when they should be fine. That’s why she doesn’t hold her tongue, she asks cheekily and says what she thinks. Unanswered questions are usually emotional… Her words and her reflections do not understand age, you could say that she is a great little philosopher and that is why she loves to talk about such important topics as family, children, love, school, friendship…

She loves being surrounded by her friends and together they find answers to difficult questions. Children are capable of seeing things without judgment, without negative criticism… always from the heart and positivity.

For all this, Mafalda is capable of transmitting values ​​to children (and also to the elderly). She is a warrior girl who will show you things that you may not have dared to think before. Do not lose detail of the following phrases because they will reach your heart.

Phrases of Mafalda to see the world from a more reflective perspective

There are many Mafalda phrases that will make you think and reflect on the world, society and even on yourself. Appearances are just that; appearances. With her words you will learn to look beyond all this and enjoy a different humor, but not harmful with which you can open your mind to a magical world full of wisdom.

  1. From this humble chair, I call for world peace.
  2. Life is beautiful, the bad thing is that many confuse beautiful with easy.
  3. Half the world likes dogs; and to this day no one knows what ‘wow’ means.
  4. Haven’t you thought that if it weren’t for everyone, no one would be anything?
  5. This world is becoming more crowded with people, but fewer people.
  6. As usual; As soon as one sets foot on the ground, the fun ends.
  7. The problem is that there are more interested people than interesting people.
  8. What if instead of planning so much we flew a little higher?
  9. Does it bring storks to embarrassing situations?
  10. And could it be that in this world there are more and less people?
  11. Do we send a father every day so that that damn office returns this to us?
  12. More than a planet, this is a huge space tenement.
  13. We have men of principles, it’s a pity that they never let them get past the beginning.
  14. Stop the world I want to get off!
  15. The ideal would be to have the heart in the head and the brain in the chest. Thus we would think with love and love with wisdom.
  16. The problem is that there are more interested people than interesting people.
  17. What do the years matter? What really matters is to verify that, after all, the best age in life is to be alive.
  18. As always: the urgent does not leave time for the important.
  19. One thing is an independent country and another is a country in the pending.
  20. Life shouldn’t kick you out of childhood without first getting you a good job in youth.