Most parents choose children’s stories to spark their children’s interest in reading, but rhymes are also a good resource. Basically, it is a type of poem in which a sequence of phonemes is repeated at the end of two or more lines. Unlike other literary compositions, rhymes are distinguished by having a rhythmic cadence, which not only makes them more entertaining but also easier to remember. In fact, they are an excellent tool to promote cognitive development, while stimulating the learning of the little ones at home.

Rhyme as an educational resource

Did you know that rhyme is an excellent educational resource to enhance vocabulary in children? Its reading not only enriches the assimilation and use of new terms but also enhances verbal expression and improves communication skills in children, as revealed by a study carried out at the Salesian Polytechnic University. In addition, it is an excellent way to train the articulation of different sounds and the pronunciation of phonemes, while helping to develop phonological awareness.

It is also an ideal way to stimulate a love of reading and encourage the habit of reading from an early age. And it is a good exercise to enhance children’s memory! Rhyme stimulates children’s auditory, rhythmic and visual memory, while enhancing abstract thinking and developing logical ability. In addition, it helps children to express themselves more openly and freely, developing their interest in artistic learning. Another advantage? It is an excellent resource to instill positive and aesthetic values ​​in the little ones at home.

20 short rhymes to read with your children

1. The Toad

Toad, toad, toad,
the downpour has already appeared,
sing, sing your song,
toad, toad, toad.

2. Puss in Boots

The cat without boots Purely
woke up sick
Of a painful disease.

The afflicted cat
Does not doubt the reason
For some food
Or a furtive jump.

The frightened cat
Confesses his guilt
Confidently devoured
Five rats together.

3. The months

Thirty days brings September
With April, June and November
Of twenty-eight there is only one
And the rest, thirty-one.

4. Paloma Bumbuna

Pigeon bumbuna
take me to your crib
feed me
prickly pear seeds.

5. The Little Hen

With a silver and embroidered crown
, my neighbor
the good hen arrived.

She laid an egg
and very soon
her son, the chick , was born
and quickly grew!

6. Flower Wedding

That little rose,
born in April,
wanted to marry
a wallflower.

His uncle the jasmine will go as best man, and a hundred thousand carnations
will go to the wedding .

Dressed in white,
green and crimson,
the rose marries
the wallflower.

7. The five vowels

The five vowels
dressed in light
went on a journey
along the blue path.

The A learned
to love the auroras
and in the breezes of the air she
played the round.

The E returned
star hopes and dreams
for our souls.

The I, skinny,
couldn’t go very far
and over bougainvillea
proclaimed her empire.

The O rolling
to the sky came
and the full moon
to roll taught him.

The U, with the wind,
went up the blue
and like a strong thunder
rumbled: Kabum!

8. My face

In my round face
I have eyes and a nose,
and also a mouth
to speak and to laugh.

With my eyes I see everything,
with my nose I make achís,
with my mouth I eat,
like popcorn.

9. winter

Mr. Winter dresses in white,
puts on his coat, because he is shivering.

He meets the rain, crying, crying,
and also the wind, which is blowing.

10. The ship

Ahead: forward, behind: aft,
right: starboard, left: port,
up: the mast, down: the anchor,
in the middle: the rudder and whoever doesn’t know:
the shark.

11. The birds

The birds ask for a sunbeam,
without that caress they cannot sing.

The birds fly, looking for heat,
the leaves fall or change color.

The day is shorter, the sun doesn’t heat up much,
the mushrooms and grapes: how delicious they are!

12. Five little wolves

Five wolves had the she-wolf,
Whites and blacks asleep behind the broom.

Five she had, five she raised,
And all five she cared for.

13. The sun, the moon and the stars

The sun is gold,
the moon is silver,
and the bright little stars
are tin.

14. The color yellow

Yellow is the duckling,
So is the lemon,
Yellow is the chick
That hatches.

15. The Explorers

The explorers go through the jungle
looking for crocodiles, tigers and snakes,
they go carefully looking very well,
they do not know where they can appear.

Suddenly a very loud sound is heard,
they don’t care anyway because they are brave.
Although thinking about it a little better,
better to hide that a lion is coming.

Suddenly a very soft sound is heard,
they don’t care anyway because it looks like a bird.
Although thinking about it more hotly,
it is better that they hide that it is a snake.

16. Two little eyes

Two little eyes to look
Two little ears to listen
A little nose to smell
And a little mouth that likes to eat.

17. The doodle cat

I have a cat named Garabato
and he likes to sleep in the shoe.
A cat named Catalina
and she likes to sleep in the kitchen.

Another cat named Teresa
who sleeps inside the room,
and a kitten named Melchor
who sleeps under the mattress.

With so many cats inside the house
I had to go to sleep on the terrace,
I don’t even have the balcony left,
because that’s where Filemón sleeps,
another sleepy cat.

18. The Wheel

To the wheel wheel
wheel as you can
with or without the wheels
that if not, you stay.

Al rondón, rondón
a lion escaped
with silken teeth
and cardboard nails.

Al rondín, rondín in
a great feast
he lost his hair and
wears a toupee.

To the round round
that no one
hides shout grrr! the lion
to answer.

19. Cinnamon Hare

This is Cinnamon the hare,
who runs like hell,
doesn’t win for shoes
and stumbles all the time.

20. Quico Elephant

The elephant Quico has
a meter-and-a-half trunk,
huge tusks
and ears like blows.