30 Funny Animals Jokes | Animal Jokes Kids

Laughter is one of the best allies to strengthen the bond with children and help them keep stress at bay and release tension. Laughter helps regulate circulating catecholamines and cortisol levels while reducing muscle tension, increasing oxygen in the blood, and stimulating the production of endorphins, according to the book Psychology of Health and Quality of Life.

Laughing is also a beneficial resource to strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the cardiac system, in the same way that it contributes to preventing disorders such as depression. Likewise, laughter is an excellent exercise to foster resilience in children and stimulate positive values ​​that help them face the problems of everyday life from an enriching perspective.

In this sense, jokes can be a precious resource to motivate laughter and have a different and entertaining time with the family, especially those that are easy to understand and transmit positive values ​​, such as funny animal jokes. This type of joke, besides being very funny, helps children learn new details about the animal world they did not know.

30 Most Hilarious & Funny Animals Jokes

  1. He was such a lazy horse, but so lazy, so lazy, that when they put the saddle on him, he would sit on it.
  2. What is a fish doing in the sea? ?
  3. What does a dog do with a drill?
  4. On a farm there is a cow, a chicken and a horse and they are all 14 months old. Who is the oldest?
    The hen because she is 14 months old!
  5. In what language does a turtle speak to her little turtle son?
    In Tortuguese.
  6. Which animal has the most teeth?
    The tooth fairy.
  7. A mouse says to a rat:
    What are you doing sitting there?
    I’m waiting for a little while.
  8. A snake asks his mother:
    “Mom, are we poisonous?”
    His mother replies:
    “Why want to know?”
    The snake replies:
    “Because I bit my tongue.”
  9. A cat was walking on a roof meowing:
    Meow, meow!
    Then another cat approaches him repeating:
    Woof, woof!
    Then the first cat says:
    Hey, why are you barking if you’re a cat?
    And the other replies:
    Can’t you learn languages?
  10. A Spanish dog and an English fox collide by accident on a central London street. The fox apologizes:
    Oh, I´m sorry.
    And the dog replies:
    Oh, I´m perry.
  11. Two fleas were talking on the street.
    At one point one asks the other:
    What do we do, walk or take a dog?
  12. What does a bedbug say to a bedbug?
    I love you chinchermente
  13. There are two lice on the head of a bald man, and one says to the other:
    Alfredo, let’s get out of here because this land is already paved.
  14. What is a cow doing thinking?
    It makes concentrated milk!

Funny animal jokes for children

  1. An iguana meets another and says:
    Hello, what’s your name?
    Iguana, and you?
    Little iguana than you.
  2. What does Tarzan say to a mouse?
    So small and with a mustache.
    What does the mouse say to Tarzan?
    So big and with a diaper.
  3. A mosquito mother tells her children:
    Children, be very careful with humans and don’t get close to them because they always want to crush us.
    Then, one of her children replies:
    No, Mommy, that’s not true. The other day a human spent the afternoon applauding me.
  4. A sheep asks his mother:
    Mom, Mom! Can I go to a party?
    Beeee, beeee
  5. Why don’t elephants chat?
    Because they are afraid of the mouse.
  6. A lady is at the door of her house with her cat, a man walks by and he asks:
    And the lady replies:
    NO, cat!
  7. The sheep are playing soccer. One of them throws the ball very far and says to another sheep:
    And the other responds:
    Veeeeeeeee túuuuuuu
  8. A cat and a rooster are walking along the bank of a river. The cat falls into the water and shouts:
    Miaoogo, miaoogo.
    To which the rooster replies:
    Kikirikihaga, kikirikihaga.
  9. Two animals meet and one says to the other:
    I am a wolfdog because my father was a dog and my mother a wolf. And you?
    Well, I’m an anteater. Come on!
  10. One fish says to another:
    What does your father do?
    And the other replies:
    NOTHING. And yours?
    NOTHING too.
  11. What does a duck say to another duck?
    We’re tied!
  12. A man walks into a bird shop and asks:
    What breed is the parrot?
    The owner replies: I don’t know.
    And the man says:
    What a pretty little ignorant thing!
  13. A madman goes for the street throwing salt and a man tells him:
    Why are you throwing salt on the street?
    So that the crocodiles don’t attack us.
    But there are no crocodiles!
    Because I throw salt!
  14. What did a goose say to a goose?
    Come ganza.
  15. Two worms talk animatedly. When one of them says goodbye, the other asks:
    Where are you going?
    Going around the block.
  16. Why do dogs wag their tails?
    Because it doesn’t move by itself.