In difficult times, good humor and laughter can become great allies to keep stress at bay and release tension. In fact, researchers from the University of Alcalá state that they are a very useful resource for strengthening the immune system and improving the cardiovascular system, while also highlighting their role in preventing diseases such as depression. They are also a valuable tool for fostering positive behaviors and resilience.

In this sense, jokes can be a very valuable tool to encourage laughter and good humor. However, when it comes to children, it is important to choose jokes well to avoid second interpretations or transmit negative concepts and values. In the Children’s Stage we tell you some bad jokes, but very funny, that you can tell the little ones at home to have a fun time with your family.

“Bad” jokes for entertain the kids

  1. This was such a bad joke, but so bad, that he hit all the jokes smaller than him.
  2. Captain, captain! 40 caravels are about to attack us. A fleet? No, they all float.
  3. Jaimito, you can define the term telepathy. Well, it’s a TV for my mom’s sister.
  4. Do you know how a magician stays after eating? Magordito.
  5. Carlitos, can you tell me a word that has many “o’s”. Very easy teacher, Gooooooool!
  6. Why do the seals in the show always look up? Because that’s where the spotlights are.
  7. Good afternoon, would I like to rent a “Batman Forever”? It’s not possible, you have to return it tomorrow.
  8. What does one roof say to another? Roof less.
  9. Donald uses keyboard and Mickey mouse.
  10. Jaimito, what would you do if you were drowning in the sea? Well, I cry a lot to let off steam.
  11. A child calls the laundry and asks: Is that where you wash your clothes? No, they answer on the other end of the phone. Well, how dirty you are.
  12. Hello, is Agustín here? No, I’m uncomfortable.
  13. How does Thor climb a skyscraper? Well, in an ElevaThor.
  14. Why is the volcano considered the cleanest mountain? Because it throws ashes and then washes.

short bad jokes

  1. Mom, how do you say dog ​​in English? Dog. And vet. Well Dog-tor.
  2. What is the funniest fruit? Without a doubt, the orange hahahaha
  3. What did Batman give his mother for his birthday? A Bat-idora.
  4. Carlitos, can you tell me two words that have accent marks? Very simple, teacher: Matilde and Clotilde.
  5. Teacher! I just got robbed in the hallway. Don’t tell me, and what did they steal from you, Jaimito? Well, homework.
  6. What does an iguana say to her twin sister? We’re iguanitas.
  7. A snake just bit me! Cobra? No, luckily it was free.
  8. What is the height of a footballer? Let them do the ball.
  9. Juanito, run to the kitchen because the lentils are sticking. Mom, I’m sorry, but you’ve taught me not to get into other people’s fights.
  10. What does one worm say to another? I’m going to walk around the block.
  11. What’s a fish in a movie theater? A mere spectator.
  12. Why did the math book kill itself? Because he had a lot of problems to solve.
  13. Why don’t skeletons like rain and cold? Because they soak to the bone.
  14. Pepito, why is your essay on milk so short? Because I’m talking about master condensed milk.
  15. If zombies degrade over time, then are they zombie-degradable?
  16. Good morning, do you have any books on fatigue? Yes, but right now they are all sold out.