If you are looking for children’s names with S for your baby, in this article you will find many options, with their origin and meaning.

Still looking for a name for your baby? We recommend that you take a look at the list of names of children with S that we have prepared for you. In addition to the traditional Sergio or Samuel, you will find somewhat different options. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.

Before we start, we want to point out that the letter S is what most names start with. Many of the names of boys with S come from Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon, Egyptian, Quechua, Arabic and even Native American.


1. Sacha . Of Russian origin, it is the diminutive of the Greek Alexander. It means “defender”. Variants: Sascha, Sasha.

2. Sahale . Of Native American origin. It means “falcon”.

3. Said . Of Arabic origin, like many of the names of boys with S that exist. It means “happy”. Variants: Sayid, Syed.

4. Savior . Of Latin origin, it is what Jesus was called, “the savior”. Variants: Salvadore, Salvator, Salvatore, Salvatori.

5. Samael/Sammael . Of Israeli origin. It comes from the Jewish words sam , which means poison and el, which means “god”. Therefore, its meaning is “poison of God”.

6. Samnang . Cambodian unisex name meaning “good fortune”

7. Samuel . Of Hebrew origin, it comes from the verb shamah , which means “hear”. It means “heard by God”. Variants: Samu, Sam, Samael, Samaul, Sambo, Samiel name meaning, Sammail, Sammel, Sammuel, Sammy, Samo, Samual, Samuele, Samuello, Samuul, Samuka, Samule, Samuru, Sanko, Saumel, Simuel, Zamuel, Samy, Shmuel, Kemuel.

8. Sandor . Of Greek origin, it is one of the diminutives of Alexander, which means “the defender of humanity” or “the protector of men”.

9. Sandro . Of Greek origin, it is the abbreviation of Alexander. It means “the protector of men”.

10. James . Of Latin origin, it comes from the expression Sacte Jacobe , that is, “Holy Jacob”. In turn, the name Jacob comes from the ancient Hebrew Ya’aqob, which in turn comes from the verb sarah , which means “dominate”. Therefore, its meaning would be something like “the one who dominates God”. Variants: Tago, Thiago, Tiago, Sheamus, Santi.

11. Santino . Of Italian origin, it comes from the Latin s anctius , which means “the one that belongs to Sanctus”. Variants: Holy, Holy.

12. Sathiri . Of Quechua origin, it means “sower”.

13. Saul . Of Hebrew origin, it comes from the word shaul , “the desired one”. Other meanings are “one who is requested” or “the chosen one”.

14.Sayri . Of Quechua origin. It means “prince”. Variant: Sayre.

15. Be . Of Irish origin, he is the equivalent of our John. He means “God is merciful”. Variant: Shōn.

16. Sebastian . It is of Latin origin, but comes from the Greek sebastós , which means “the worthy of respect”, “the venerable”, “the majestic”. Variants: Bastian, Bastian, Bastiaan, Sabastien, Sabastiane, Sebastiano, Sebastien, Sebastian, Sebo, Sebas.

17.Sekani . Of Egyptian origin, it means “laughs”.

18. Sen é. Of Hebrew origin. You have three possible origins: from the Arabic senán , “spearhead”, from the Hebrew sanén , which means “pure, clean”, or from Zen , the nickname of Jupiter in Greek.

19. Sergius . One of the many boy names with S of Latin origin that are still very popular in our country. It comes from Sergius , the name of a Roman family. Etymologically it means “Trojan warrior”. Variants: Sergei, Sergey, Sergiu, Sergius, Sergej, Serginio, Serigio, Serjio, Sergi, Sergei (Russian).

20.Seth . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the appointed one”. Variant: Set.

21.Shaw . Of Scottish origin. It means “smooth”. Variant: Shawe.

22.Shakir . Of Egyptian origin. It means thankful.”

23.Sheldon . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means “from the hill”.

24. Simba . Of Swahili origin, it means “lion”.

25. Simon . Of Hebrew origin, it is a variant of Simeon, which means “God listens”. Variants: Simao, Simone, Simo, Simen, Semyon, Saimon, Samien, Semon, Shimon, Si, Sim, Simion, Simm, Simmon, Simms, Simoas.

26. Sinhue . Of Egyptian origin, where it is something like a hymn of peace. Variants: Sinhue, Sinuhe.

27.Spencer . Of English origin. It means “the one who gives the provisions”. Occupational name. Variants: Spence, Spenser.

28. Stefano . Of Portuguese origin, it is a variant of Estefano, which means “crowned with laurel”. Variants: Steve (English), Steven, Stephen, Stevan.

29. Suleiman . Of Arabic origin, it is one of the variants of Solomon. It means “peace”. Variants: Sulayman, Suleyman, Sulaiman.

30. Sying . Of Chinese origin. It means “star”.