The analogy of synonymy is one that relates two words that are synonyms. For example: Large is to broad as disgusting to disgusting . Large is synonymous with broad and this clause is compared to another pair of synonyms: unpleasant and disgusting.

Synonyms are words that are spelled and pronounced differently, but have the same meaning.

The analogy shows the similarity or correspondence between two pairs of words. They are not always easy to understand, for example, to understand a synonymy analogy it is necessary to know the elements, their meanings and how the words are related to others.

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Characteristics of synonymy analogy

  • Generally, this type of analogy is composed of two clauses containing a pair of synonyms each. For example: Strange is to rare as small is to boy . “Strange is to rare” is a clause and contains two synonyms: strange and rare. “Small is a boy” is another clause with two synonyms: small and boy.
  • The two words have to be of the same grammatical category, that is, if a noun is used, then another noun has to be added. For example: hair-hair.
  • They are symmetrical analogies , that is, synonyms can change places within the sentence and this does not change the meaning. For example: “ language is language ” is exactly the same as “ language is language ”. In addition, the order of the clauses can be reversed and the sentence will keep its meaning. For example: “ Fast is to fast as healthy is to healthy ” is exactly the same as “ healthy is to healthy as fast is to fast ”.

Synonymy Analogy Examples

  1. Lady is to woman as gentleman is to man .
  2. Mud is to mud like a suitcase to a suitcase .
  3. To flee is to escape as to find to find .
  4. Student is to student as doctor is to doctor .
  5. Nice is to beautiful as cold to icy .
  6. House is to home as subject is to person .
  7. Ball is to ball like car to car .
  8. To warn is to prevent as to illuminate to illuminate .
  9. Patient is to tolerant as good to kind .
  10. To stop is to stop as to err to be wrong .
  11. Faithful is to loyal as honest to honest .
  12. Jewel is to jewel as summit to summit .
  13. Clever is to intelligent as wise is to learned .
  14. Surprised is to amazed how skinny is to thin .
  15. Parting is dividing as starting is starting .
  16. Face is to face as jacket is to jacket .
  17. To cover is to cover as wandering is to err .
  18. Giant is as huge as greedy as ambitious .
  19. Gift is a gift like bed to bed .
  20. Norma is a rule like dance to dance .
  21. Weak is to fragile as happy is to cheerful .
  22. To ask is to question as choosing is to choose .
  23. Safety is to confidence as speed is to quickness .
  24. Easy is to simple as famous is to known .
  25. To hide is to hide as emulate is to imitate .
  26. Jumping is jumping as climbing is ascending .
  27. To return is to return as saving is to saving .
  28. Conversation is to chat as fighting is to fighting .
  29. Path is to path as monarch is to king .
  30. Happiness is to happiness as humility is to modesty.

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