variety of girl names that begin with the letter Z.

Motherhood is synonymous with joy, hope, and also with changes. You have a thousand things ahead of you to do, such as performing monthly check-ups, eating healthy, exercising, resting, sleeping, letting yourself be pampered, and choosing what you will call your baby!

A good idea is to share these moments of joy with your friends and family. Let them discuss girl names that begin with the letter Z and rescue the best of each opinion. Imagine for a moment how your little girl will shine with the name they choose!

list of names with their origin and meaning

Girl names that begin with the letter Z

For the Phoenicians, the letter Z symbolized a dagger and they called it Zayin. Later and in the evolution to the Greek alphabet, the Greek letter Z was renamed Dzeta. It is also present in the Arabic alphabet as Zay and in Hebrew as zayyin . However, and for various reasons, when the old Latin alphabet appeared, the Z disappeared.

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the letter Z resurfaced from the hand of Roman writers who began to translate Greek texts

The history is very interesting! It is surely one of the reasons why you have chosen girl names that begin with the letter Z.

Listed in alphabetical order

  • Zabana : popular name frequently used in Asia and referring to the ‘plain’.
  • Zada : comes from Arabic and means ‘lucky’.
  • Zadie : feminine name of Persian origin that means ‘prosperous’.
  • Zafira : of Hebrew origin, its meaning is ‘woman of great value.
  • Zahari : means ‘God has remembered’ and comes from the Bulgarian language.
  • Zahira : name of Persian roots whose meaning is ‘bud’.
  • Zaida : of Arab origin, it is believed that it refers to the title of ‘lady’.
  • Zara: means ‘she who is beautiful like a flower, in Arabic.
  • Zareen : names of Persian origin that mean ‘golden’.
  • Zariza : comes from Hebrew and points to a ‘brilliant woman.
  • Zazil : of Mayan origin and means ‘transparent spirit’.
  • Zdenka : comes from the Greek and the name Dionysus ‘god of fertility.
  • Zelena : originally from Greece and refers to the ‘goddess of the moon’.
  • Zelenka : of Czechoslovakian origin and meaning is ‘fresh and new’.
  • Zelig : ‘blessed’, her origin is Germanic.
  • Zeline : variant of Celeste in Hungarian. It has a Latin origin and is related to the word ‘heavenly’.
  • Zelma: form of Selma and the Arabic name Salma that translates as ‘the one who has peace’.
  • Zella: diminutive of Marcella.
  • Zena: name of Persian origin that means ‘woman’.
  • Zendaya : means ‘to thank’ in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe.
  • Zerline : of Latin origin, the word refers to a ‘beautiful sunrise’.
  • Zetta: comes from Hebrew and means ‘olive’.
  • Zilke : Germanic variant of Cecilia.
  • Zira : means ‘messenger’ and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Zoe: comes from Greek and means ‘full of life.
  • Zoraida : of Arabic origin and translates as ‘the woman who gives support’.
  • Zulema: Arabic name whose meaning is ‘peaceful woman’.
  • Zunduri: means ‘beautiful girl’ in Japanese.
  • Zuria : Basque name derived from zuri, which means ‘white’.
  • Zuzana: it is a form of the Hebrew name Susana, which means ‘lily’.

Other ways to choose a name for your girl

The name is the first thing we know about a person, it is their cover letter, so take your time to make the right choice for your next baby. If you have already read the list of girl names that begin with the letter Z, you will surely have chosen one of them. Have you decided on one?

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Enjoy simply choosing the one you like the most, that is enough to realize that it will be the appropriate name for your girl. In short, you are preparing the first gift for your daughter and you can tell her when you talk to her.

Imagine how his face will be and how the beautiful name you choose will suit him and remember that: