As every year, on February 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a special date in which we dedicate ourselves to celebrating love and friendship, to remind us how nice it is to have people who love us and also, a reason to give a gesture or detail to whom we love.

To look forward to this beautiful celebration with the children, we share 39 easy and beautiful craft ideas for Valentine’s Day to do with the children and thus celebrate love and friendship .

heart flowers

We start our list of crafts with a typical Valentine’s gift: flowers. But this time, we will make them out of paper and in the shape of a heart, as we have seen in Easy Peasy and Fun .

heart balloon card

Cards are also a nice detail that we can give to someone we love, and in I heart crafty things we find this beautiful idea to make a three-dimensional card, with a heart-shaped balloon.

custom card

A nice personalized craft idea for Valentine’s Day: a card with the children’s photograph. We have seen her on The Best Ideas for Kids .

hands card

Another nice card idea is the one we see in The Best Ideas for Kids , where by tracing the silhouette of the children’s hands we can make a very nice craft.

unicorn in love

At Crafty Morning we found a Valentine’s craft for which we only need colored paper and that will undoubtedly delight children who love these little animals: a unicorn in love.

hearts card

A Valentine’s card that is very easy to make is the one we find in A Millennial Mom , where just using paper, scissors and glue we can get a very nice result.

dancing hearts

How about these nice dancing hearts? We have found this idea of Simply Today Life , and it has seemed to us an idea that besides being beautiful, is very funny.

origami heart

Using the Japanese technique of origami, we can mimic this cute Valentine’s Day craft we saw at The Spruce Crafts : a three-dimensional heart.

hearts pendant

We found this idea very cute: a pendant of hearts with the names of the whole family. At Pink Stripey Socks they show us how to do it.


Another craft that we can also use as a hanging decoration, are the cute Valentine’s themed windsocks that we’ve seen on I Heart Crafty Things .

heart plants

At Happiness is Homemade they suggest a beautiful craft for flowers that will not perish: heart plants.

geometric heart

A nice detail that children can make as a gift (or for themselves and place in their room) is a painting for Valentine’s Day . At Alice and Lois we found this beautiful idea to make a geometric heart.

heart of buttons

Another nice idea for a painting is to do it with buttons. We can use the typical colors of the date, such as red, pink and white, or even do it in other colors. The important thing is that it has the shape of a heart, as we saw in Carrie Elle .

box with footprints

We can also opt for the “traditional” option when we talk about decorative paintings: do it with paintings. Only this time, we give it a twist, as the children will use their little fingers to paint on the outside of the heart. You find how to do it in Mum in the Mad House .

Picture with little fingers

Like the previous one, this craft is ideal for the little ones in the house, who will have fun painting with their little fingers. In Artsy Fartsy Mama they show us how to make it, but we can also create our own design with other words or even the name of the child or the person to whom we will give it.

frame with footprints

A photo frame is also a craft that we can make using the children’s footprints. Just buy a white frame, some paint and get to work, as we have seen in Amy Latta Creations .

tree of hearts

Also with a little paint and the footprints of our little fingers, you can make this pretty idea from Arty Crafty Kids : a tree full of hearts.

imprint frames

Another craft that kids can put their footprint on is the one we found at Crafty Morning , where they made a nice frame for Valentine’s Day.

frame with buttons

At Craft Create Cook we found another frame idea for February 14th, but this time, we’ll place a special message inside it (or if you prefer, a photograph).

loving butterfly

In Easy Peasy and Fun we find this curious idea for a fun craft: a butterfly in love.

heart binoculars

Let’s see the world with eyes of love! At Happily Ever Mom we found this original craft to make binoculars with a heart.

law of hearts

In Hawaiian culture, a lei is a flower necklace given as a symbol of affection. In Makezine they teach us how to make one with shapes of hearts.

hearts necklace

At Kids Craft Room we found this idea to make some heart necklaces, using a bit of ribbon and felt of different colors.

friendship necklaces

A nice detail to give away are friendship bracelets, and at Make and Takes they teach us how to do something similar: with necklaces to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

heart rings

Another easy craft idea that can double as an accessory, these pipe cleaner rings from Make and Takes are a fun way for kids to practice their fine motor skills.

heart rings

If the little ones want to give their friends a gift to celebrate their friendship, these heart rings that we have found in One Little Project are a beautiful and easy option to make.

heart wands

If you are a fan of fairies and magic at home, you can make this nice idea from Let’s do something Crafty : some heart wands.

heart bookmark

If we want to give a gift to someone who loves to read, this beautiful and simple heart-shaped bookmark that we have seen in Easy Peasy and Fun is sure to be a nice detail that shows the love we have for it.

heart dividers

Pom poms are one of the most beautiful decorative crafts, and at Design Mom they show us how to make some simple bookmarks using yarn or wool. We can give it a heart shape as in your tutorial, or use them as the basic pom poms that we already know with the typical colors of Valentine’s Day.

Decorated cloth napkins

A nice craft that can be useful if you love to bake desserts at home, are these decorated cloth napkins that we saw in Say Yes . We only need to buy fabric (it can be linen, for example) and textile markers .

heart stained glass

At Fireflies and Mudpies we find a craft that, in addition to being a fun activity for the little ones, can be decorative: a stained glass window with a heart.

garland of hearts

Another craft that can also work as a decoration for a Valentine’s themed party is this pretty heart garland that we’ve seen on Paging Supermom .

hearts mobile

Another Valentine’s craft idea that can serve as a decoration is this cute heart mobile made of paper. We saw her in Buggy and Buddy .

knitted heart

In I Heart Crafty Things we find a craft that will also help children work on their fine motor skills: a “knitted” heart, using a cardboard plate as a base.

puzzle heart

If we have loose puzzle pieces at home, we can recycle them into something pretty, like this Valentine hanging ornament idea shown on A Few Shortcuts .

Rain hearts mobile

On Envato Tuts we found this idea for a cute and loving mobile that your kids can customize in their favorite colors.

Rain of hearts

In Red Ted Art we find an idea similar to the previous one, but with other materials such as cardboard or colored cardboard and washi tape.

hearts cushion

With a bit of fleece or microfleece fabric, a pair of scissors and cotton for stuffing, we can come up with the Krokotak idea and make a cute heart-shaped cushion.

protector for cups

A beautiful craft that can also serve as a gift is this cute and practical protector for glasses or cups made with felt, which we found at Crafty Staci .