Are you expecting a girl and looking for names for your baby? In this article you will find 42 girl names with R, along with their origin and meaning.

It’s a girl! Congratulations! Do you already have a name in mind? In this article you will find 42 girl names with R , along with their origin and meaning.

You have classic names, like Rocío, Rosa or Rebeca. But you will also discover girl names with different R. Some you have probably never heard of. Its origin is the most varied. They are of Latin, Greek, German, Anglo-Saxon, Hebrew or Arabic origin, among others.


1. Rafaella . The first of the names of girls with R of Hebrew origin that we will see in this list means “God heals” or “God has healed you”.
2. Rachel . It is the Polish form of Rachel, which means “lamb”.
3.Raina . It is the Polish, Czech and Russian form of Regina. It means “queen”.
4. Rajani . Hindu and Sanskrit female name. It means “night”.
5. Rachel . It is the Icelandic form of the name of Hebrew origin Raquel. It means “sheep”, “lamb”.
6. Ramona. It is the feminine form of Ramón, the Catalan form of Raimundo. This name comes from German and means “the protection of the divine council”, “the protection of the precepts of the gods”.
7. Rania . Of Hindu origin. She means “queen”. Variants: Ranya and Rainy.
8. Rachel . Of Hebrew origin, she means “the sheep”, “the lamb”. Variants: Raakel, Rachael, Racheal, Rachelle, Rachyl, Rae, Rael, Raelene, Raelyn, Rahel, Raicheal, Rakel, Rachel, Raschelle, Ruchel, and Rashel.
9. Rayza . Girl’s name of Arabic origin. It means “queen”.
10. Rebecca . Of Hebrew origin. She comes from Rabak, “tie”. Variants: Rebecca, Reeba, Beca, Beki, Becci, Becky, Bekki, Reba, Rebeccah, Rebecanne, Rebecka, Rebeckah, Rebeka, Rebekah, Rebekka, Reva and Rivka.
11. Redemption . Of Latin origin, like many of the names of girls with R that exist. It means “the liberation”, the moral and spiritual “salvation” of God.
12. Reiko . Name of Japanese origin. It means “beloved girl”.
13. Remedies . Of Latin origin. It is the invocation of Our Lady of Remedies. Diminutive: Reme.
14. Kings . Of Latin origin. It comes from rex and refers to the adoration of the Magi.
15.Rihanna _. Name of Arabic origin. It means “sweet aroma of flower of paradise”. Variant: Rihana, Reyhana, Reanna, Reannon, Rheanna, Rhianna, Rhiannon, Riannon, Rhiana, Rhianna.
16.Rita . Of Latin origin, it is the diminutive of Margarita. It means “pearl”. Variant: Reita.
17. Robin . Diminutive unisex name of Roberta or Roberto. Of English origin, it means “of great fame”.
18. Dew . It comes from the Latin word ros (a remote form of the Sanskrit rasah , “moisture”). It means “dew”.
19. Rohana . Hindu female name. It means “sandalwood”.
20. Romaise. Of Arab origin. It means “bunch of flowers”.
21. Roman . Of Latin origin, it is the derivation of Romana. This name comes from the Latin Romanus , which means “that which comes from Rome”.
22.Romy . Of Latin origin, it is the diminutive of Rosemary. It means “rose or sea spray”. Variant: Roman.
23.Rhonda . Of Welsh origin. It means “good spear”.
24. Pink . Of Latin origin. Variants: Rosette, Rosie, Rose, Rosy, Rosio.
25. Rosalba . Of Latin origin. It means “white rose”.
26. Rosalia . Of Latin origin. It means “the one that is full of flowers”. Variants: Rosalie and Roselia.
27. Rosaline . German variant of Rosalinda or Rosalind. It comes from the union of hruot , “fame, honor, glory”, and lind , “shield”. It means “the protection of fame”, “the protection of honor”.
28. Rosalind . Of Germanic origin, in German it means “docile horse”. Other meaning from Latin is “pretty rose”.
29. Rosanna . It is the combination of the Latin name Rosa and the Hebrew Hannah (Ana).
30. Rosary . Of Latin origin. Advocation of Our Lady of the Rosary.
31. Rosaura . Of Latin origin. It means “golden rose”.
32. Roselle. It is the French variant of the name Rosalie. It comes from the Latin Rosa, “rose”. Variants: Rosella and Rossella.
33. Roselyn . Girl’s name that begins with the letter R of German origin. It is the variant of Rosalind, which means “beautiful rose”. Variants: Ros, Rosaleen, Rosalen, Rosalin, Rosalina, Rosalinda, Rosalinde, Rosaline, Rosalinn, Rosalyn, Rosalynd, Rosalynda, Rosalynn, Rosanie, Roselin, Roselina, Roselind, Roselinda, Roselinde, Roseline, Roselinn, Roselyn, Roselynda, Roselynde, Rosina, Roslyn, Roslynn, Roslynne, Roz, Rozali, Rozalia, Rozalin, Rozalind, Rozalinda, Rozalynn, Rozalynne, Rozelin, Rozelind, Rozelinda, Rozelyn, and Rozelynda.
35.Rosemary . Of English origin. It is the combination of Rose (pink) and Mary (bitter, star of the sea)
36.Roxana . It is the combination of the Latin name Rosa (“rose”) and the Hebrew Hannah (Ana), which means “kind”. Therefore, its meaning comes to be “the charitable rose”.
37.Roxy . Diminutive of Roxana. It means “dawn; sparkly”.
38. Rosalia . Of Polish origin. It means “rose”. Variant: Rozalija (Lithuanian name).
39. Ruby . Spanish girl’s name derived from the gemstone of the same name. Variants: Ruby, Rubye, Rubina.
40. Ruby . Of Latin origin. It means “golden in color”.
41. Rudy . It is the feminine form of Rudy, diminutive of the name of German origin Rudolf, a famous wolf. Variant: Rudy.
42. Ruth . Hispanicized form of the Hebrew Ruth. It means “beauty”, “contemplation of beauty”.