Looking for girl names with V? In this article you will discover 40. Some are old acquaintances, but others, surely you have never heard of them and you will love them.

They have already given you the results of the last ultrasound and you know that it is a girl. How are you going to call her? If you still don’t have it clear, here you can find inspiration. In this article you will discover 40 girl names with V. Some are old acquaintances, but others, surely you have never heard of them and you will love them.

In Spain there are not many girls’ names with V, but if you take into account those of Latin, Greek, Slavic, Russian, Armenian or German origin, the list is quite extensive. You also have to take into account the graphic variants of the letters B and W.


1. Wow . The first of several names of girls with V of German origin that you will see in this list. It means “to point out”.
2. Valburga . Of German origin. It means “the one who defends on the battlefield”.
3. Valid . Of German origin. It means “ruler”.
4. Valdrada . Of German origin. It means “the one who gives advice”.
5. Valene . Of Latin origin. It is the diminutive of Valentina.
6. Valentine . Name of a woman of Latin origin. It is the feminine form of Valentín, patronymic of Valens (what is related to bravery). “It means “powerful”, “brave”. Variants: Valenka, Valentine and Valya.
7.Valera . Of Russian origin. She is a variant of Valerie.
8. Valeria . Of Russian origin. It means “strong”.
9.Valerie . Of American origin, it is a variation of Valery, which comes from Latin. It means “the one who is powerful and strong”.
10. Valeska . Of Slavic origin. It means “glorious”.
11. Wallonia . Of Latin origin, it means “shadow of the valley”.
12. They go . Name of woman of Danish origin. It means “of”.
13. Vanda . Of German origin. It is a graphic variant of Wanda.
14.Vanessa _. English name of Greek origin. It means “butterfly”. Variants: Vanesa, Venesa, Venessa and Nessa.
15. Vanya . Hebrew female name. It is the abbreviation of Vanina, in turn diminutive of Giovannina (Juana). It means “the possessor of the grace of God”. Variants: Vanya, Vaniah, Vanja, Vannia, Vanniah, Vannja, Vannya and Vannyah.
16. Vanora . Of Slavic origin. It means “white wave”.
17. Varda . Of Hebrew origin. It means “rose”.
18. Vartanoush . Of Armenian origin, it means “sweet rose”.
19. Velda . Of German origin. It means “counselor”.
20. Veneranda. Of Latin origin, like many of the names of girls with V that exist today. It means “worthy of veneration”.
21. Venus . Of Latin origin. The goddess of love for the Romans.
22. Venance . Of Latin origin. She means “the huntress”.
23. Venture . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who has happiness and joy”.
24. Vera . Of Russian origin. It means “faith”. Variants: Verena, Varina, Veruska and Verushka.
25. Vervain . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who is healthy”.
26. True . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who has great merits for her dignity”.
27. Verena. Of Latin origin. It means “true”.
28. Veronica . Of Greek origin, in a variant of Berenice, which means “the one who carries the victory”. Variants: Bernetta, Berenice, Bernice, Berniece, Veronika, Veronique, Weronika, Roni, Ronni, and Wera.
29. Verna . Of Latin origin. It means “born in spring”.
30.Vesta . Of Greek origin. “The one who maintains the sacred fire.”
31. Vicenta . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who has achieved victory”.
32. Victory. It is the invocation of Our Lady of Victory. It means “the victorious”, “the woman who achieves triumph”. Variants: Tori, Toria, Vic, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Victoire, Victorine, Vikki, Viktoria, Vitoria, Vittoria, Wikolia, and Wiktoria.
33. Wilma . Of German origin, it is a graphic variant of Wilma, a contraction of Guillermina. It comes from the union of the German words vilja , which means “will, decision”, and helm , “helmet”, “protection”.
34. Violet . Of Latin origin. It means “the modest one”. Variants: Vi (American origin), Viola or Violet.
35.Virginia . Of Latin origin. It comes from uirgo-, “virgin”. It means “she who is pure”. Variants: Genya, Geena, Jinny, Virgie, Virginnia, Virgina, Virgine and Virgy.
36. Virtues . Spanish name that has its origin in Latin. It means “strength of the spirit”, “virtue”. Variant: Virtu.
37. Visitation . Of Latin origin. It refers to the visitation of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.
38. Life . Of Latin origin. It means “life”.
39.Vitalia . Of Latin origin. It means “the one that is full of life”.
40. Vivian . Of Latin origin, it is the patronymic of Vivius , which means “the one related to life”. Variants Bibiana, Bibí.