Children love to climb, whether it’s a chair or a tree, for them there are no obstacles in the way. This is normal behavior at these ages through which they test their physical skills. In fact, it is an excellent exercise to develop motor skills. So instead of scolding them or stopping them from doing so, parents should encourage their children to climb safely. To do this, they can take them to a climbing wall.

Why should you take the kids to a climbing wall?

Visiting a climbing wall is a fun experience, but it also has many other benefits for children. In fact, it is a good exercise to train your coordination and fine and gross motor skills. Climbing is also a way to gain balance, flexibility, and endurance while helping to strengthen and tone muscles. Requiring a lot of energy and physical effort, it is also a good way to keep overweight and obesity at bay.

However, what many parents do not know is that this exercise also develops cognitive functions. Climbing a climbing wall stimulates concentration, improves mental planning and enhances the ability to solve problems from an early age. Because it requires a lot of dexterity, it is an ideal training to gain mental agility, while helping children to make better and faster decisions, a skill that will be very useful to them as they grow up.

This simple exercise also brings many benefits from an emotional point of view. Learning to climb on a climbing wall is an ideal way to strengthen children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, while promoting self-control, improving frustration tolerance and teaching children to set higher and higher goals. In addition, it is a good way to release excess energy, relieve tension and control stress.

Five climbing walls to visit with children in Spain

1. Indoorwall Alicante, in Alicante

If you are looking for a custom designed climbing wall for the little ones at home, Indoorwall Alicante is the perfect place. It has an exclusive space for children, full of color and fun shapes, which has different levels of difficulty so that children gain skills as they grow. For children over 4 years old who want to start this activity or gain skills, there is a climbing schoolin which they can learn the different modalities and the different tricks to maintain balance or, if they prefer, they can also receive personalized classes. Indoorwall Alicante also thinks about the safety of children, so its facilities have all the necessary protection measures and the accessories they use are approved.

2. The climb Kids, en Madrid

In this Madrid climbing wall, the little ones at home can learn the arts of climbing while having a fun time. The center has various sectors that in turn have different levels of difficulty such as the Block Zone that includes a games area, a competition wall and a bouldering area to train balance and coordination. There is also the Travesías Zone with more than 50 linear meters of walls to work on ascent, descent and laterality, and the Routes Zone designed for sport climbing. And, for the little ones, there is the Baby Gym, an area to develop babies’ psychomotor skills. Of course, there is also space for family climbing where you can practice rope climbing, with self-belay devices and rappelling.

3. Climbat Slab, in Tarragona

In the Climbat Slab center, the little ones at home can have fun while learning the keys to climbing well. Converted into a reference center in Tarragona, it has various rope routes, overhangs and an exciting area of ​​blocks with different levels of difficulty. In addition, it has a fully equipped room where children can start this activity safely and under the guidance of professional and experienced monitors. From practices with ropes and carabiners and climbing with boulders to dynamic and balance games and climbing on an inflatable climbing wall, at Climbat Slab there is room for all kinds of activities. And in addition, it offers an introductory course and an advanced one so that the kids can choose the one that best suits their abilities.

4. Laif Climbing Gym, en Valencia

At Laif Climbing Gym children will be able to learn to climb or perfect their technique in a very fun environment and at the hands of professional instructors. The center has a climbing room of more than 700 m2, where the little ones can practice rope climbing, bouldering or simply have an entertaining time in the multi-space area. For those who want to go a step further, there are climbing, bouldering or aerial courses of different levels of difficulty so that children can choose the modality they like best. And so that they can enjoy this experience with their friends , they also organize multi-adventure activities for schools and children’s birthdays.It is worth noting that Laif Climbing Gym also thinks about the safety of children, so its facilities are safe and have all kinds of fastening accessories.

5. Sharma Climbing Madrid, in Madrid

Are you looking for a climbing wall where the little ones can start in the arts of climbing? Sharma Climbind Madrid is the perfect alternative. With nearly 4,000 meters of climbable walls, the center has 120 routes up to 18 meters high, 150 blocks graded by circuits and difficulties , and a Kilter Board that allows you to choose the level of difficulty so that children always feel comfortable. In addition, they offer private classes, initiation sessions and different children’s courses, “Peque Sharma”, “Mini Sharma” and “Super Sharma”, to teach children to climb while training their balance, coordination and resistance. All under the supervision of professional monitorswho have a long experience in climbing sports. And so that the little ones can enjoy this experience with their friends, they also organize children’s birthdays with multi-adventure activities.