5 fun things kids inherit from their aunts and uncles

Genetics is very capricious and there are times when children do not look anything like us but instead, they look like our siblings… It can happen both physically and in terms of personality. The relationship between uncles and nephews is special and cannot be compared to anything.

Uncles and aunts can be the best confidants and also the best playmates. Nephews and nephews can have feelings of love towards them that grow over the years and with shared experiences.

Second Parents

For many children, their uncles are like second parents and are also their best friends. While it is true that motherhood and fatherhood cannot be replaced with anything, being an aunt or uncle, neither… they are only at different levels, although the type of relationship is also very strong.

The uncles teach without having the obligation to educate, they don’t have to scold their nephews because when there is inappropriate behavior, they guide… But the obligation to educate and raise belongs to the parents. They have a certain distance in their education but at the same time, if they are present in the lives of their nephews, their bond will become stronger.

Good communication

For the bond to be stronger, in addition to the experiences together, there must be good communication between the nephews and uncles. For those uncles who are not parents yet, they have their nephews to rehearse what fatherhood or motherhood is. Nephews bring a lot of light to the lives of uncles and aunts, and it is no wonder!

They are little people who become great wonders in the lives of his uncles who promote infinite love every day. The uncles get close to their childhood and prepare them to be better parents now or in the future. They tend to become fun people for and for their nephews and that, when they share experiences… it is transmitted.

What is inherits…

There are some things that nephews inherit from their uncles or aunts. On many occasions it can be a whim of genetics and many other times, it is because the little ones grow up next to of them and see how they behave daily, so, without realizing it, they adopt some behaviors as their own. But what kind of fun can nephews and aunts inherit from their aunts and uncles?

The fun of spending time together

Children see in their aunts and uncles how they have fun with them when they go on vacation, the weekends or the little moments they have free to be together. This becomes an ideal time to talk and share experiences. It brings a lot of happiness to everyone.

Fun in the kitchen

Uncles and aunts may not be the best cooks in the world but they can have a great time with their nephews while they prepare cookies , a cake or even a stew. Preparing a recipe together will always mean having a good time full of complicity.

The fun of the image

We do not mean that there is any obsession for being handsome or pretty, but guys can teach those makeup, dress or beauty strategies that parents don’t have time to teach because of so many responsibilities.

activities nephews uncles

The fun that never ends!

Uncles love to have a great time with their nephews already the reverse… That’s why playing games all the time, watching a movie Whether it’s together, dress up, dance or just goof around a bit, it’s more than enough to make us laugh and engrave wonderful memories.

The fantastic mind!

The guys allow the children to move into a wonderful imaginary world where everything is possible. Uncles encourage to do things, to enjoy life, to be brave and to never give up. They give the strength so that children realize that they are capable of anything… as long as they want to achieve something!

It is a generous and loving relationship whose bond, it can’t be broken by anything. One day we enjoy cycling and another they help us to prepare things for the university or to prepare the list of wedding guests. The experiences lived are always wonderful and indelible memories will be created in the minds of both. Because they are teachers, friends, confidants, companions… They are everything to the nephews and they bring infinite love to their hearts!