5 signs that your child is ready to leave the diaper

Many parents feel insecure when it comes time to remove their children’s diapers. Some processes may take longer than others, but what many parents forget is the most important thing: going out of the diaper should be a natural process. By this I mean never (never!) force children to go out of diapers early just because parents think it’s a better option.

All children learn to leave diapers and in the vast majority of cases it is something that they achieve naturally. Parents do not have to force anything, the important thing is that parents realize that children show signs that tell them that they are ready to leave the diaper. It will be then (and only then) when the process to leave the diaper should begin. But, what are the signs that warn you that your child is ready to leave the diaper?

Remember that each child is different and that not all children have to present the same signs. You know your child and if you look closely, you will realize how it is he who shows you the way and who tells you that the time has come to leave the diapers.

Signs that tell you that your child is ready to leave the diaper

1. Is interested in the toilet

It is possible that your child begins to be interested in the toilet, that he wants to accompany you when you go to the WC to see what you are doing or he may even ask you to be him/ She, the one who pulls the cistern to see how the water makes human stools disappear, may imitate you…

2. Keeps the diaper dry for more than two hours

If your child has a dry diaper for more than two hours, he is probably ready to leave the diaper. Toilet training is natural and evolutionary. When he has matured enough for the urethra to hold urine, your son will be able to spend up to two hours with a dry diaper. But of course, if he doesn’t know that he should use the toilet or how to do it, he will do it in his diaper. It is important that you check every forty minutes or so that your baby’s diaper is completely dry.

Leave the diaper signs

3 . Has a regular time to poop

If you start to notice that your child starts pooping at a predictable time, it’s because her bowel clock is also maturing. In this sense, it is good news because that way you can put your child in the toilet at times when you know he can poop and make the transition easier.

Four. He realizes that he is pooping or peeing

There are children who can tell you just before doing it (unequivocal signal that they are ready) and others while they are doing it. But in one way or another, it is a way of realizing that your child is becoming more aware that he is pooping or peeing. It is even possible that he is bothered by having a dirty diaper and asks you to change him, because he is beginning to be annoyed.

5. He is able to pull his pants up and down.

Children have better movements and are learning to dress and undress with or without help. If your child is able to get up and down from a chair, and pull his pants up and down, then this is most likely another sign that he is ready for potty training.

What was the sign or signs that warned you that your child was ready to go out of diapers? Because remember that it is a process that marks it, not you.