5 things that parents sacrifice for their children without realizing it

Being a father or mother changes your life forever. This is undeniable. Whoever does not have children, no matter how many children they are related to or how many friends or relatives with children they have, cannot get an idea of ​​what it means to be a father or mother. He thinks he can imagine it, but not at all. Being a father or mother changes your life and that is only discovered when you really are… Not when you imagine it.

As a parent you have all kinds of wonderful experiences. Although there are also some less pleasant ones, they are all equally important. People’s priorities change profoundly as soon as they become parents, and it’s not something you can control. Of course, there is a tricky side to this, and people other than parents don’t realize it. But children are also not aware of the sacrifices that their parents make for them from the moment they were born.

Things that parents sacrifice

In life, during parenthood and motherhood there are things that parents leave aside and today we want to talk about this. We want to expose it because they are normally things that are forgotten… and they are really important in people’s lives.

1. Freedom

Freedom is the first thing parents sacrifice. Freedom to think of themselves first, freedom to do what they want without explanation, freedom to spend money on whims , freedom… That freedom is sacrificed forever. A selfish or narcissistic person may find it difficult to be a father or mother, because this is very important to them. Freedom is sacrificed, but it is a sacrifice that is made with pleasure.

2. Living without fear

When you don’t have children you live carefree… You don’t know it but it is so. Perhaps you have certain normal fears or worries about losing your job, not having money, that your loved ones are not well… But this fear has nothing to do with the fear you feel for your children.

When you are a father, you are constantly afraid, although it is a different fear. It is not a fear that paralyzes you, it is a fear that makes you stronger. You are afraid that something will happen to your children, you want them to always be well. Their health, safety and freedom are more important to you than your own.

parent priorities

3. Time

Time is precious and you don’t realize it until you’re a father or mother. Every minute counts, you have hours left in the day to get to everything. You lack hours at night to be able to rest, and you lack days a year so that it does not pass so quickly. You want more time to spend with your family and that will take away time to spend with the rest of the world, and even with yourself.

4. The money

Yes, you give up the money. You have more financial responsibilities and you will not be able to spend all the money you used to spend on superfluous things. Now every euro counts because your children need clothes, food, study, a bedroom… the expenses are huge and you don’t realize it until you become a parent. But you won’t mind spending that money on your kids, as long as it means you’re providing for all their needs.

5. Social life

Your social life is another aspect that you will sacrifice and that not everyone will notice. The meetings with friends will be counted and you will not mind seeing them less to spend more time with family. At home there are schedules and routines that must be followed for the well-being of your children and you will do whatever it takes to do it well. Others, let them think or say what they want… you know what is important for your family.

But all this sacrifice is done for something much greater… sincere love felt for children. Your children will make you grow internally, even if you make sacrifices now, you would make them again as many times as necessary if it meant that your children will grow up strong and healthy.