In this article we have collected 50 names of baby with M from various parts of the world. Do you like any for your baby?

After going through a good part of the alphabet looking for names for your baby, today we come to M.

The variety of boy names with M is so great that we could almost write this article only with Spanish names.

However, we have also included names of children with M from other parts of the world.

Many are of Hebrew, Egyptian, Arabic, Irish, or Quechua origin.


1. Maccabee . The first of many boy names with M of Hebrew origin that you will see in this list. Apparently, it comes from the following translated phrase: “Who is like you among the gods, O Lord?”
2. Macarius . Of Greek origin. It means “the blessed one”.
3. Macedonian . Also of Greek origin. It means “the one who triumphs and grows”.
4. Maciel . Of Latin origin. It means “thin”.
5. Muhammad . Of Arab origin. It means “worthy of praise”.
6. Mael . Celtic boy name. It means “chief”, “prince”.
7. Great. Of Latin origin. It means “great”, “magnificent”, “of great fame”.
8. Malachi . Male name that begins with the letter M of Hebrew origin. It means “the messenger of God”.
9. Manfred . Of German origin. The meaning of him is “that he has power to safeguard the peace.”
10. Manke . Of Mapuche origin, it means “condor”.
11. Manuel . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God is with us”.
12. Marc . Of Latin origin, it is the abbreviation of Marco.
13. Marcellin . Marcellus variant.
14. Marcellus. Mark variant.
15. Martial. Variant of Marc
16. Marcius . Of Latin origin, it means “born in March” or “consecrated to the God Mars”.
17. Frame . Comes from latin. It means “God of war”. Variants in other languages: Marcus, Markus, Marc. It is the Italian equivalent of the Spanish Marcos.
18. Mark . Another of the many names of boys with M that come from Latin. It comes from the Latin form Marcus , which in turn comes from the adjective marticus , which means “consecrated to Mars” (Roman god of war).
19. Marian . Of Latin origin. It means “consecrated to the Virgin Mary”.
20. Marine. Of Latin origin. It means “the one who loves the sea”.
21. Mario . Boy’s name that comes from Latin. It means “manly”.
22. Maron . Of Arabic origin, it can be translated as “the holy man”.
23. Martin . Of Latin origin. It means “warrior”.
24. Martinian. Variant of Martin.
25. Martin . Of Latin origin. It means “born on Tuesday”.
26. Matthew . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one given to God”.
27. Matthias . Of Hebrew origin. Like the previous one, it means “the one delivered to God”. Another variant is Mateos.
28. Mauritius. Of Latin origin, it is a variant of Mauro.
29. Mauro . Boy’s name from Latin meaning “the one delivered to God”.
30. Maurycy . Name of Polish origin. It means “moor”.
31.Max . Of Latin origin, it is the abbreviation of Maximus.
32. Maximum . Of Latin origin, it means “the greatest of all”. Variants: Maximiano, Maximiliano (Máximo+Emiliano) and Maximino.
33. Melchior . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the king of light”.
34. Melchiades . Boy’s name with M of Hebrew origin. It means “the god king”.
35. Mentor . Of Greek origin, it means “teacher”.
36. Michael . Of Hebrew origin. Michael variant.
37. Michael . It is the French form for the name Miguel.
38. Mickey . Irish name equivalent to our Miguel. His diminutive is Mick or Mik.
39. Midas . Of Greek origin, it would come to mean something like “admirable businessman”.
40. Michael . Of Hebrew origin. It means “who is like God?”.
41. Miles . Of Latin origin, it means “soldier”.
42. Millan . Of Latin origin. It means “kind”.
43. Milton. Male name of English origin. Its meaning is “the one who comes from the grinding town”.
44. Modest . Of Latin origin. It means “honest”, “moderate”.
45. Muhammad . Of Arab origin. It means “worthy of praise”.
46. Moses . Of Arabic origin, the meaning of it is “saved from the waters”.
47. Monroe . Of Scottish origin. It means “from the mouth of the river”.
48. Msrah . Of Egyptian origin. It means “sixth born”.
49. Mudds . Of Egyptian origin. It means “provider”.
50. Myles . Of Irish origin. It means “servant”.