A  synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another. Synonyms are used when a different word with similar or identical meaning must be used in the same sentence to avoid repetition. For example: park/square, ground/flat. 

It is important to clarify that one word can often be synonymous with another in a given context. For example, if we use the word sum , some synonyms can be: group or operation , depending on the context. That is why there are full and partial synonyms .

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Examples of sentences with synonyms

  1. The sage presented the writing. That scholar knew with whom he was dealing.
  2. The expression on his face seemed to shudder. Little by little her face filled with tears.
  3. The cake that Julieta prepared was delicious. Cake always works out for him .
  4. The children played on the swing. The infants did not know the danger they were running.
  5. The calm of the sea was amazing. That stillness seemed to be the prelude to a storm.
  6. During the visit to the museum, the students acquired a lot of knowledge . These knowledges were evaluated in a lesson.
  7. Did someone buy the food ? This year I changed my diet .
  8. I am trying to acquire healthy habits . I want to eat something healthy .
  9. I have had a lot of fluids because it is very hot today. You better drink plenty of water too .
  10. The man was rich and drove around in his elegant car like a wealthy man .
  11. I have eaten enough and I am satisfied. I’ve really had my fill for today.
  12. The silhouette of the ghost could be seen in the gloom. That outline was truly gloomy.
  13. I really feel exhausted today. I happen to have really studied a lot today.
  14. The victory went to the red team. Triumph embraced them again.
  15. That friendship was valuable . I have never had a more precious friend .
  16. Ana’s parents were always with her. They stayed by her side, despite the hard trials.
  17. Tomorrow I’ll go back to where I came from, but I can’t help but look back .
  18. The sidewalks of Havana smell of coffee. I will walk, once again, enjoying its penetrating aroma along the path .
  19. The car was running very fast. It looked like a racing car because of how fast it was.
  20. The figure of the virgin was present in every corner of that city. That statue was already part of the landscape of the place.
  21. My house is big. I think the other houses are too.
  22. My mother wants me to clean my room , since they are coming to visit and possibly see my room .
  23. You have a similar way of acting to your brother Pedro. Maybe it’s because parenting has been the same for you.
  24. The glass in the staff room has been broken. Supposedly a ball has broken the glass .
  25. I ‘ll wash the dishes while you scrub the floor.
  26. The ball was deflated. I think that ball had already been unused for many years.
  27. The girl fell down that hole in the park. It was difficult to get her out of there; the hole was very narrow and deep, but we rescued her.
  28. Please pass me your notebook . All the notes from the notebook are dumped there .
  29. The window didn’t let the light through. In that opening there was dark-colored glass that prevented the passage of the sun’s rays.
  30. That door led to another dimension. She was known as “the dimensional portal “.
  31. The children fell into the mud . They played on the grass, but under it, there was mud .
  32. It will be better to put the ice cream in the fridge , only inside the freezer can they be kept without melting.
  33. Never get tired of chasing your dreams . The fulfillment of wishes is what keeps a person alive.
  34. Sabrina was tired on Friday. She may not have slept well because her baby had a fever all night. Because of that, she looked exhausted .
  35. My godmother gave me a beautiful gift . It was the most wonderful gift I’ve ever been given.
  36. Let’s not argue anymore , I don’t like to fight .
  37. The photos we took at the wedding were beautiful. You can really see the happiness in the portraits of the bride and groom.
  38. The wedding party was beautiful and my uncles were happy to celebrate the silver anniversary .
  39. We are teaching Juanjo, my 7-year-old nephew, how to use cutlery . The most difficult tool for him to learn to use is the knife.
  40. Ana went for a walk in the park . She walked happily through the square until she remembered that commitment.
  41. Candela looked beautiful in that blue dress. She was dressed like a princess.
  42. Juan mowed the lawn just before it rained. It had been a long time since anyone had seen such green grass .
  43. That gentleman is a very handsome man . She would really find it very beautiful .
  44. Jonathan walked with his daughter this afternoon. The girl was happy and smiling.
  45. At ten o’clock I will go ; my plane will leave at twelve.
  46. Javier understood the whole lesson and understood that everything had been worth it.
  47. I want to tell you that I will miss you . I’ve missed you before, but this time, it’s different.
  48. Before sunset we will go to the cinema. We better hurry because the sun is about to go down .
  49. My mother cleaned the kitchen floor after I spilled juice. Subsequently, the floor was shiny.
  50. They told the priest to do the blessing but the priest was late.
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