Synonymy is the semantic relationship established between two or more words by the similarity of meanings between them. Words that share meanings are called synonyms . For example: house / dwelling, hair / hair .

The opposite relationship to synonymy is antonym , which is established between words with opposite meanings ( antonyms ). For example: hot / cold. 

  • See also:  Synonyms and antonyms

Types of synonymy

  • Concept . They are words or sentences that mean exactly the same thing and allude to the same referent. For example: intoxicated / drunk, house / home.
  • Contextual . They are words that can be substituted in certain contexts. For example: bills / baked goods, bills / tickets.
  • Referential . They are linked words allude to the same referent, but whose meaning is not the same. For example: dog / pet, water / liquid.
  • of connotation . They are related words contain subjective evaluations, so the objective meaning is left aside. For example: machine / efficient.

Examples of synonyms

  1. I went to buy bills for tomorrow’s breakfast. /I went to buy bread for breakfast tomorrow.
  2. I have to pay all those bills this afternoon. / I have to pay all those bills this afternoon.
  3. I wait for you sitting on that bench . / I’ll wait for you sitting in that seat .
  4. Ramon is ready . / Ramon is ready .
  5. Juan will come home for tea . / Juan will come home for a snack .
  6. Esteban is very clever . / Esteban is very intelligent .
  7. Clara is a machine , she has finished all the pending tasks. / Clara is very efficient , she has already finished all pending tasks. /
  8. I’m going to freeze what’s left over. / I’m going to freeze what’s left.
  9. They have to meet my new house . / You have to meet my new home .
  10. This task is very heavy . / This task is very arduous .
  11. I’m going to take my dog to the vet. / I’m going to take my pet to the vet.
  12. Ana is very clever . / Ana is very intelligent .
  13. Your daughter is a saint . / Your daughter behaves very well .
  14. Do you turn on the light in there? / Will you turn on the light over there?
  15. Maybe I ‘ll stop by your house this afternoon. / Maybe I’ll stop by your house this afternoon.
  16. That face looks familiar to me. / That face looks familiar to me.
  17. You have to feed the cat. / We have to feed the cat.
  18. Juan is an amoeba . / Juan is very lazy .
  19. On my uncle’s farm there are many ruminants . / On my uncle’s farm there are many cows .
  20. My great-aunt is rich . / My great-aunt is wealthy .
  21. We will start a clothing business . / We will open a clothing store .
  22. My mother is a teetotaler . / My mother does not drink alcohol .
  23. Ramiro is a bear , he must still be in bed. / Ramiro is a sleepyhead , he must still be in bed.
  24. I drew a feline for Art class. / I drew a cat for Art class.
  25. This car is very fast . / This car is very fast .
  26. Helena stayed behind, she’s a tortoise . / Helena stayed behind, she walks very slowly .
  27. Laura went on vacation with her husband . / Laura went on vacation with her husband .
  28. Peter is still sleeping . / Pedro still has n’t woken up .
  29. That class is a nightmare . / That class is unbearable .
  30. We will go to a hotel that has a swimming pool . / We will go to a hotel that has a swimming pool .
  31. Shall we have a soda? / Shall we drink a soda?
  32. This tart is delicious . / This cake is very tasty .
  33. Marta is a bread of God . / Marta is very good .
  34. Raúl is an ogre . / Raúl is very grumpy .
  35. We brought dessert ! / We brought ice cream !
  36. I love artichokes / I love boiled artichokes .
  37. I am a vegetarian . / I don’t eat meat.
  38. The computer was turned on. / The computer was left on.
  39. My grandfather is wise . / My grandfather is a scholar .
  40. The resources that the municipality has are scarce . / The resources that the municipality has are few .
  41. I never went to Spain. / I never went to Spain.
  42. You have to respect the rules . / You have to respect the rules .
  43. Sit in that chair . / Sit in that seat .
  44. My father seemed drunk at the party. / My father seemed drunk at the party.
  45. I was painting a table . / I was painting a piece of furniture .
  46. I am an atheist . / I do not believe in god .
  47. The students went to the Museum of Natural Sciences. / The students went to the Museum of Natural Sciences.
  48. We will sleep in a tent . / We will sleep in a tent .
  49. We stayed talking until dawn. / We stayed chatting until dawn.
  50. What a delicious smell , what are you cooking? / What a delicious aroma , what are you cooking?
  51. I’m very dumb at math. / I am very clumsy in Mathematics.
  52. My son just learned the alphabet . / My son has just learned the alphabet .
  53. My parents’ room is very big . / My parents’ room is huge .
  54. I want to buy a new desk, the one I have is very old . / I want to buy a new desk, the one I have is very old .
  55. Roxana is a gazelle , she reached the finish line very quickly. / Roxana is very fast , she reached the finish line very quickly.