There are some phrases that have the power to brighten children’s day and make them smile when they least expect it. Others can empower you and give you the boost you need to pursue a dream while others are real life lessons. Mr. Wonderful knows it, that is why a decade ago he took on the task of capturing all kinds of positive and motivating messages in common accessories with which to remind the little ones and those who are not so much anymore some of the great truths of life, pass on good values ​​and give them an extra dose of inspiration.

From beautiful mugs to motivate you as soon as you get out of bed, to cool notebooks to impress your friends and inspiring diaries to make your life easier, Mr. Wonderful items are much more than just pretty design, they are genuine motivational jewelry that helps us transmit to our children powerful ideas on which to reflect at any time of the day. In Stage Children we have made a compilation of some of the best and funniest phrases of this popular Spanish brand with which you can inspire your children from an early age.

50 phrases of Mr. Wonderful to make your children reflect

  1. All good things start today.
  2. Dreams, plans and a thousand stories to fulfill.
  3. And since he didn’t know it was impossible, he did it.
  4. This year you have 365 days ahead of you to achieve your goals. Take advantage of them.
  5. You always have to start somewhere to get somewhere.
  6. Don’t chase your dreams, chase them!
  7. Today I’m going to be the cane.
  8. Wake up and make your dreams come true.
  9. Get out there and shine!
  10. Happiness is carried within.
  11. Life is a beautiful journey.
  12. In this family we give each other lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles.
  13. Smile! Today can be your day.
  14. If you can dream it you can do it.
  15. The best things happen to those who go for them.
  16. It’s not about where you are, it’s about where you want to go.
  17. The only impossible thing is what you don’t try.
  18. Do what you really want, but that makes you happy.
  19. May your dreams be bigger than your fears.
  20. Change your way of seeing things and things will change.
  21. No matter what happens, I’m always in a good mood.
  22. Get together with people who bring out the best in you, for example, who take you out dancing.
  23. Only the day you feel like you can’t anymore will be the day you’ve been able to do everything.
  24. Smile, nothing is so serious.
  25. If it hasn’t gone well, it’s because there is still a long way to go to reach the end.
  26. Do not believe yourself more than anyone, nor believe yourself less than someone.
  27. Trace the goal, today is your day to achieve it.
  28. Don’t expect anyone to do for you what you can get.
  29. Fall in love with your ideas.
  30. Laugh, be positive, everything will be fine.
  31. To achieve something you have not had, you will have to do something you did not do.
  32. If you don’t mess up, you won’t get anything. Make a mistake without fear!
  33. There are no fears that can exceed the size of your dreams.
  34. Motivation is the fuel of the brain.
  35. It may not be easy but it sure is worth it.
  36. You can with everything.
  37. Maybe every day is not good, but there is always something good in every day.
  38. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, only what you do today, for what will happen tomorrow.
  39. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day.
  40. Don’t expect to have a good day, strive to create it.
  41. Failure is only finding thousands of solutions that have not worked.
  42. Don’t give up on the goal. If you can’t get to her, just change your plan.
  43. If you can do it yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.
  44. There will be a day when we can’t do it anymore and then we can do everything.
  45. The best dreams happen when you wake up.
  46. Look at the horizon and think of all the good things that are yet to come.
  47. The top may be far away, but there is always a way to reach it.
  48. Only if you dare to have great failures will you end up achieving great successes.
  49. Today I am so happy that they smile even to my toes.
  50. Nothing great has ever been done without enthusiasm.

Why is it a good idea to give children inspirational phrases?

Positive and inspiring phrases are not only an excellent resource to put children in a good mood and make them reflect on life , but they also allow them to glimpse new opportunities and encourage them to develop an optimistic attitude towards life. In addition, they help children learn to be more proactive, form their own ideas and be able to make decisions in a more independent and reflective way.

Likewise, some of these phrases can be a tool to stimulate critical thinking and assertiveness in children from an early age. They can also become a starting point to encourage new changes in the children’s routine or even become the driving force that encourages them to consider and pursue a new goal, objective or dream. In fact, motivating phrases can be a great ally in bad times as they help to see problems from a more positive perspective and with a dose of hope for the future.

And if these phrases are also accompanied by a beautiful design and the favorite colors of the little ones at home, like those of Mr. Wonderful, success is guaranteed since they will be able to touch the most sensitive fibers of the little ones and will become a a kind of mantra that will help them face the challenges that life throws at them. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to start turning our children into independent, optimistic, enterprising adults and, above all, happy and fulfilled people.