Do you like girl names with U? In this article we will show you a wide selection, despite the fact that this is one of the least used vowels for proper names.

Searching, searching, we have almost finished the alphabet. In this article we will show you the names of girls with U. There are not many, as it is one of the least used vowels for proper names.

However, the list is long enough to help you choose the name for your baby. Here you will find classic, biblical, original, Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, foreign girl names with U…


1. Wadjit . Of Egyptian origin, it means the “Cobra Goddess”.
2. Wald . Of Norwegian origin. It means “chief”.
3. Uachit . Of Egyptian origin, it is another name used to designate the goddess Hator.
4. Ubon . Of Thai origin. It means “lotus”.
5.Udane . Of Basque origin. It means “summer”.
6.Udela . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “wealth, fortune, wealthy”.
7. Udilia . Of German origin. It means “the lady of property”, “the owner of wealth”.
8. Ugne . Of Lithuanian origin. It means “fire”.
9. Uiara. Of Brazilian origin. Iara variant. It means “lady of the water, nymph”. Variants: Yara and Yarah.
10. Whoa . Of Celtic origin. It means “jewel of the sea”. Variants: Eula, Ulla, Ulli or Yulla.
11. Ulani. Of Polynesian origin. It means “cheerful” or “with a heart full of light”.
12. Ulicia . Of Irish origin, it is the feminine form for Ulik. It means “defense”.
13. Ulla . Norwegian name meaning “determination, power.” Variants: Ulrica, Oula or Ula.
14.Uluwehi . Of Hawaiian origin. It means “growing in beauty”.
15. Uma . Of Hindu origin. It means “bright”.
16. Umaine. Of Arab origin. It means “mother of nations”, “mother of all peoples”.
17. Umayma . Of Egyptian origin. It means “little mother”.
18. Ume . Japanese girl name. It means “the flower of the plum tree.
19.Umeko . Of Japanese origin, like many of the girl names with U that you will see in this list. It means “girl of the plum blossoms”.
20.Umiko . Of Japanese origin. It means “girl of the sea”.
21. Umina . Of Quechua origin. It means “emerald”.
22. Ummi . Of Hindu origin. It means “my mother”.
23. Unna . Of German origin. It means “woman”.
24.Unity . Of Irish origin. It means “together”.
25. Wow . Of Vietnamese origin. It means “wishes”.
26. Ura . Feminine name of Sanskrit origin that means “the heart”.
27. Urania . Of Greek origin. It comes from ouranios, which means “heavenly.”
28. Urara . Of Japanese origin. It means “serene” or “beauty”.
29. Urban . Of Latin origin, it is the feminine variant of Urbano. It comes from urbanus , which means “related to the city”.
30. Urcisa . Name of Latin origin. It is the feminine of Urcisio, a name that comes from Urcisius .
31. Uriana . Of Greek origin. It means “the unknown”.
32. Urika . Of Native American origin. It means “helpful to all”.
33. Urma . Girl’s name of Quechua origin. It means “the one who drops good things in her path”.
34. Urora . Spanish name of Cantabrian origin. It is a variant of Aurora (dawn).
35. Urpikusi. Of Quechua origin. It means “joyful dove”.
36. Urpiyanay. Of Quechua origin. It means “my beloved dove” or “black dove”.
37. Urpiyuraq . Also of Quecgua origin, it means “white dove”. Variant: Urpiyurak.
38. Ursine. It is a variant of Ursula, which means “little bear”. Variants: Orsola, Orsolya, Ursel, Ursella, Urska, Urszula or Uschi
39. Ursola . Of Russian origin. It means “bear cub”.
40. Ursula . Of Latin origin. It comes from ursus , “what is related to the bear”.
41. Magpie . Spanish name of German origin. It means “inclined to steal”.
42. Urretxa . Of Basque origin, it is a Marian dedication. There is a monastery dedicated to that Virgin in Álava.
43. Urrika . Of Basque origin, it could be the equivalent of Urraca.
44.Usagi _. Another of the names of girls with U of Japanese origin that you will find in this list. It means “rabbit”.
45. Usha . Of Hindu origin. It means “princess”.
46. Use a . Of Basque origin. It means “dove”.
47.Usune . Spanish name of Basque origin. It means “girl of fortune and great beauty”.
48. Uta . Of Japanese origin. It means “poem”.
49. Utina . Of Native American origin, it means “woman of my country”.
50. Uxia . It is the Galician form for Eugenia. It means “well born”, “noble”.
51. Uxue. Spanish name that corresponds to a municipality in Navarra. Usue or Ujue variants. It means “dove”.
52.Uzoma . Unisex name of Igbo origin (African ethnicity). It means “good form”.