In this article we will tell you what are the morning rituals to eliminate cellulite that you must follow to get rid of orange peel skin once and for all.

Are you determined to do everything possible to say goodbye to orange peel skin?

Following a daily routine is essential. This should start as soon as you get up, following some morning rituals to eliminate cellulite .

In this article we will give you a series of guidelines to follow that can guide you.


1. Drink water with lemon juice on an empty stomach

Surely you have heard countless times how good water with lemon is on an empty stomach. Well, this advice also serves to eliminate cellulite because it will help you eliminate accumulated toxins and keep the skin hydrated, something essential to reduce cellulite. The water, better if it is warm.

2. Prepare an anti-cellulite breakfast

If you are trying to get rid of orange peel skin, you should follow an anti-cellulite diet in which you have to include proteins and foods with fiber, detoxifiers, diuretics and thermogenics. For breakfast you can have a fruit or vegetable juice, accompanied by whole-grain bread, whole-grain cereals or a boiled egg. You can complete breakfast with a cup of green tea with lemon. Another option is to drink a glass of milk or eat a yogurt and a piece of fruit.

3. Do specific exercises

Exercise cannot be missing from your daily routine to eliminate cellulite. For this purpose, the best are light exercises and aerobics , such as fast walking, going up and down stairs, cycling, swimming, elliptical, skating or spinning.

You must combine aerobic-type exercises aimed at fat loss with other specific work in the area where you have cellulite to tone muscles. Depending on the area where you have cellulite, a series of specific exercises will come in handy . We give you some examples.

  • Cellulite in the legs: Squats (4 sets of 10 repetitions), lateral leg raises (4 sets of 15 repetitions), steps (4 sets of 10 repetitions), lateral launches (4 sets of 10 repetitions) and bicycle.
  • Arm Cellulite: Triceps Curls, Chest Curls, Light Dumbbell Biceps Exercises, Dumbbell Raise, and Dumbbell Shoulder Press.
  • Cellulite in the buttocks: Bicycle, squats and their derivatives (4 series of 10 repetitions), bridge (4 series of 10 repetitions), strides and rear leg raise (4 series of 10 repetitions).
  • Cellulite in the abdomen: Crunches or sit-ups with elevated legs (4 sets of 10 repetitions), climber (get into a starting position in a race and hold as long as you can), leg raises (4 sets of 10 repetitions) and scissors (4 series of 10 repetitions).

4. Drink water

After exercise it is essential that you rehydrate. The best thing for this is water. Remember that you must drink a minimum of one and a half liters of water a day, either alone or in the form of a diuretic infusion (green, white or horsetail tea).

5. Prepare your skin

Before you get into the shower, you should exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and improve blood circulation. For this you can use some exfoliating cream and a natural bristle brush. Always brush the skin from the bottom up. If you have time, the ideal thing would be to give yourself a massage and tone your skin afterwards.

6. Apply anti-cellulite creams

When you get out of the shower (if you can stand it, pour cold water on the area to be treated) and dry off, you should apply a good anti-cellulite cream. It is true that some are useless, but there are some that really offer good results if you have previously prepared your skin.

These creams should be rich in antioxidants and you should apply them in gentle circular motions to make the fat deposits move.

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