Discover 60 girl names with S, along with their origin and meaning. Most female names start with that consonant.

The names of girls with S are among the most abundant. It is estimated that 7% of women’s proper names begin with this letter.

Sara, Susana, Silvia, Soraya, Sol… The list is quite long.

To prepare this article we have selected 60 names of girls with S. But there are many more, especially of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon and Native American origin, among others. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.


1. Sabina . Of Latin origin. It means “of the junipers”
2. Sabrina . Of Celtic origin. It means “border”. It comes from severnius , “the one who lives on the other side of the river Severnio”.
3. Sagara . Of Hindu origin. It means “Ocean”.
4. Exit . Of Arab origin. It means “lucky”.
5. Samala . The first of the many names of girls with S of Hebrew origin that you will see in this list. It means “ask God”.
6. Salali. Of Cherokee origin. It means “squirrel”.
7.Salena . Of French origin, it is a variant of Salina. It means “the one with salt”.
8.Salome . Of Hebrew origin. It means “peace”.
9. Saloni . Of Indian origin. It means “beautiful”.
10. Savior . Spanish girl’s name meaning “savior”. It comes from the Latin salvator , “one who saves or protects.” Variant: Salvatora (Italian).
11. Sage . Spanish name of Latin origin. It comes from the adjective salvus , which means “healthy”, “in good health”.
12. Samantha . Of Hebrew origin. It means “listener”.
13. Sami . Of Quechua origin. It means “lucky”.
14. Sance . Of Spanish origin. It means “sacred”.
15. Sandy. Of Greek origin. It is a derivative of Alejandra.
16.Saori . Of Japanese origin. It means “bloom”. Variants: Sahori and Saory.
17. Sarah . Of Hebrew origin. It means “princess”.
18. Sarah . Of Hebrew origin. It means “princess”, “lady”. Variants: Sari, Sarai, Sarahi, Sharai, Sharay and Zarai.
19. Sarisha . Of Hindu origin. It means “sophisticated”.
20. Saskia . Of Dutch origin. It means “knife”.
21. Saturnine . Other Spanish girl names with S. It means “gift from Saturn”.
22. Sayuri . Of Japanese origin. It means “small”. 23.
second . Name of a woman of Latin origin. It means “second”. Variant: Secondary.
24.Selena . Of Greek origin. Variant: Selina.
25.Selma . Of German origin. It is short for Anselma. It means “as” or “God”. Variants: Salma and Salmah.
26. Sepronia . Spanish name. It means “that is prudent”.
27. Sequoia . It comes from the Native Americans. It is the name of a giant American tree.
28. Seraphin . Of Hebrew origin. It means “that is burning”.
29. Serene . Of Latin origin. It means “quiet”.
30.Shakira _. Of Arab origin. It means “full of grace”.
31.Shahdi . Of Persian origin. It means “happy”.
32.Shaila . Of Hindu origin. It means “daughter of the hill”.
33. Shantal . Of French origin.
34.Sharon . Of Hebrew origin, it is the name of a fertile plain in Israel. It is the name of a plain in Israel famous for its fertility in biblical times. Variants: Sharona, Sheryn, Charin, Cheron, Shara, Sharan, Shareen, Shareena, Sharen, Sharena, Sharene, Shari, Sharie, Sharla, Sharolyn, Sharonda, Sharonna, Sharren, Sharrin, Sharron, Sharronne, Sharyn, Sheran, Sheron, Sherri, Sherry, Sherron, Sherryn, Sheryn and Sherynn.
35.Sheila _. Name of Irish origin. It would be the equivalent of Celia.
36. Scheherazade . Of Persian origin. It means “born in the city”. Variants: Sheherazade, Sharazad, Scheherazade, Shahrazad and Sharizad.
37.Shirley . Of Celtic origin. It means “bright”. Variants: Shirlene, Sherlee, Sherli, Sherlie, Sheryl, Shirl, Shirlea, Shirlee, Shirleen, and Shirly.
38. Shia . Of Welsh origin, it means “cold”.
39. Siara . Of Irish origin. It means “saw”.
40. Sidonia . Name of Hebrew origin that has the meaning of “tempter”.
41.Silveria . Spanish name. It means “that she was born in the jungle”.
42.Sylvia . Of Latin origin.
43. Simona . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God has heard”.
44. Syria . Of Persian origin. It means “bright as the sun”.
45. Relief . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who is willing to help”.
46. Sofia . Of Greek origin. It means “wise”.
47. Sun. _ Of Latin origin. It refers to the star.
48. Solange . Of Latin origin. It comes from solemnis , which means “solemn”.
49. Loneliness . Of Latin origin. It comes from solus or solitarius. It means “without company”, “lonely”, “isolated”.
50. Sonya . Of Greek origin. It is a variant of Sofia.
51. Sound . Spanish name meaning “soothing sound.”
52. Soles . Advocation of Our Lady of Sonsoles (patron saint of Ávila).
53. Soraya . Of Persian origin. It means “princess”.
54.Stacy . Unisex name of English origin, but derived from the Greek Eustace. It means “loaded with spikes”.
55. Stassy . Of Russian origin. It means “reborn”.
56.Stephanie _. Of Greek origin, it means “crown”. Variants: Stephania (Latin form), Stephany, Stefany, Stefani, Stefania and Steffany.
57. Suhaila . Of Arab origin. It means “dawn star”.
58. Suleyma . Of Arab origin. It is a variant of Zuleima. Therefore, it means “the one who is healthy and strong.”
59. Suri . Of Hebrew origin. It means “princess”. Variant: Sury.
60. Susanna . Of Hebrew origin. It means “lily flower”.