65 baby names for boys and girls that mean love or are inspired by love

When we look for what will be the name of our baby , there are many things that we can take into account, from whether we want something different or traditional, as well as its origin or meaning.

On the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we share with you 65 baby names for boys and girls that mean love or are inspired by love .

names for girls

  • Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  • Aiko: Japanese name, means “beloved child.”
  • Aimée: French name, means “beloved.”
  • Allana: of Irish origin, means “dear daughter”.
  • Alona: Irish name, means “dear girl.”
  • Amada: means “beloved, dear”.
  • Amanda: means “beloved by God” or “the one who must be loved”.
  • Amandine: French name, means “lovable, worthy of love.”
  • Cara: name of Italian origin that means “beloved”.
  • Carina: of Italian origin, it means “dear little one”.
  • Dariela: feminine variant of Darrell, of French origin whose meaning is “dear, beloved”.
  • Darla: of English origin, means “dear”.
  • Darlene: from the English darling, meaning “dear.”
  • Davida: of Hebrew origin, means “beloved”.
  • Esme: of old French origin, means “beloved”.
  • Freya/Freyja: in Norse mythology she was the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and gold, and in Old Norse it means “the Lady”.
  • Habibah: of Arabic origin, means “dear, beloved”.
  • Haviva: of Hebrew origin, it means “well loved”.
  • Hulda: of Hebrew origin, means “sweet, loving”.
  • Ife: of African origin, means “love”.
  • Ishtar: She was the Babylonian goddess of love and beauty, of life, of fertility.
  • Kalila: of Arabic origin, means “beloved, good friend”.
  • Kara: has its origin in Norse mythology and its meaning is interpreted as “friend, dear”.
  • Karina: Scandinavian variant of Carina, of Italian origin and meaning “dear little one.”
  • Luba: name of Russian origin that means “love, beloved”.
  • Ludmila: of Slavic origin, it means “loved by the people”.
  • Maite: of Basque origin, it means “love”.
  • Maria: means “beloved by God”.
  • Masha: Russian variant of Maria, meaning “beloved by God.”
  • Milena: name derived from Mary, of Hebrew origin, “the chosen one”, “the one loved by God”, and Elena from the Greek “torch”.
  • Mirna: Anglicized form of Gaelic proper name Muirne, “dear, kind.”
  • Mirta: of Greek origin, whose meaning is “myrtle”, which is the name of a tree linked to love and beauty according to Greek mythology, for which it was consecrated to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • Moira: Irish variant of Mary, “beloved of God, lofty, eminent.”
  • Oshin: Japanese name, means “love”.
  • Parvati: name of the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children and devotion.
  • Pili: name of Egyptian origin and unisex use. It means “born second”.
  • Priya: Indian name meaning “beloved, favourite.”
  • Suki: Japanese name, means “beloved”.
  • Valentina: feminine form of Valentine.
  • Venus: In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of beauty and love.
  • Yanai: of Quechua origin, it means “my brunette, my beloved”.
  • Yaretzi: of Aztec origin that means “the one who will always be loved”.
  • Yatzil: of Mayan origin, it means “beloved”.
  • Yua: Japanese name, means “empathy, union, love, affection”.
  • Zaria: means “gift of love”.

names for boys

  • Amadeo: of Latin origin, it means “he who loves God”.
  • Amado: means “beloved, dear”.
  • Aziz: of Arabic origin, means “powerful and beloved”.
  • Darrell: of French origin, its meaning is “dear, beloved”.
  • Daryl: name of English origin that could have two meanings: “made with love” or “from Ariel” (city of Israel).
  • Davet: name with two possible etymological origins, French and Dutch. Its meaning is “the one who is loved”.
  • David: name of Hebrew origin that means “the one loved by God”. It is a very popular name in various parts of the world.
  • Davis: name of English variant origin of David.
  • Dawit: name of African origin meaning “beloved.”
  • Eros: Greek god of love, worshiped also as a god of fertility.
  • Felipe: means “friend of the horses”.
  • Habib: of Arabic origin, means “beloved”, “dear”.
  • Kelvin: of Celtic origin, it means “friend, trustworthy person”.
  • Lennon: of Gaelic origin, it means “dear”.
  • Milos: of Greek origin, it means “pleasant, dear”.
  • Paris: of Greek origin, its meaning is “lover”.
  • Riku: Japanese name, means “earth and seesaw of love”.
  • Valentine: name of Latin origin that means “one who has good health”.
  • Valentiniano: name of Latin origin, variant of Valentine.
  • Valentino: name of Latin origin, variant of the name Valentine.


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