Most kids love to play with water guns during the summer. It is a very fun game that tests their motor skills, their eye-hand coordination and with which they can cool down a bit from the high temperatures. However, if you want children to take advantage of their water guns and not get bored after the first few days, the ideal is to teach them different games that keep them motivated and active.

This is a selection of some of the most fun games with water guns, with which children can test their skills and which the whole family can join. These are very simple games, ideal for children of almost any age, with which they can let their imaginations fly while they entertain themselves outdoors.

Fun water gun games for the whole family

1. Target shooting

A very fun game with water pistols consists of practicing target shooting. A very popular entertainment that not only improves the aim of the little ones at home, but also exercises their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The idea is to shoot at a target and the little ones can try it alone or take turns, so that each member of the family has their chance to shoot at the target. If you don’t have a target for water guns, you can use some plastic or cardboard cups that you will place on a table. In this case, the idea is to knock over as many cups as possible.

2. Water Gun War

Water gun war is one of the classic games of summer. It can be played individually or in teams. The idea is to chase the enemy and attack him when he is within pistol range. Usually the one who finishes the competition less wet wins, but it will depend on the conditions that you have established beforehand. For example, you can determine that those who end up with a wet head must leave the game or those who receive a water pistol shot directly to the heart. If you don’t want to complicate yourself so much, you can also play freely trying to wet the rest as much as possible.

3. Let’s fill the glass!

An excellent game to train the aim and fine motor skills of the little ones at home consists of filling a glass with a water gun. The preparations are very simple, you only need to place some glasses lined up on the floor or a table and reload the water pistols well. The goal is to fill the glasses with water and whoever gets it first wins. If you don’t want to reload the gun until the glasses are full, another option is to stop the game when the water runs out, so whoever has managed to fill the glass the most wins. Without a doubt, the laughs will be guaranteed.

4. Target shooting with a prize

One of the attractions that children like the most at fairs is target shooting with a prize. The idea is to shoot the target and, if it hits, the participant takes home a prize. Well, now children can also enjoy this attraction without leaving home. To do this, you can stick some plastic cups on a board, place some prizes, candies or small toys inside, and cover it with tissue paper. The children will then play a game of shooting each glass and, if they manage to soak the tissue paper, they can keep the prize inside! Without a doubt, they will have a blast.

5. Cup Race

Do the little ones at home like races? Then they will be delighted with this cup race in which the objective is to reach the finish line first. For the game, you will need a thread or string, some plastic cups and scissors. Make a hole in the bottom of the glass and thread the string through it. Then tie the string at two points far enough apart that you can move the glass, such as between two walls, the ends of a swimming pool, or from one tree to another. Repeat the procedure for each participant so that each one has their own circuit. Now it only remains for the players to aim at their glass with the water gunto slide it over the thread and try to reach the finish line first. To add a dose of complexity to the game, you can put a stone or small object inside the glass to make it more difficult to move.

6. Move the ball

A simple and fun way to teach children to collaborate and work as a team is to ask them to move an inflatable ball with their water guns. For this you will need an inflatable ball and a circuit through which the ball will run to the goal. You can use towels, chairs, clothes, slippers or any other accessory you have on hand to mark the path and prevent the ball from going off course. Then, it is the turn of the participants who must move the ball with their pistols so that it reaches the goal as soon as possible.Another alternative is to ask them to pass the ball through a hoop or try to keep it in the air with just the force of the water. You can also play to keep a balloon in the air, preventing it from getting close to sharp surfaces with which it can explode.

7. Who goes further?

Another very fun game with water guns consists of competing to see who can shoot the furthest. To do this, you can mark several lines on the ground, grass or sand to more easily measure the distance of each shot. Players will then take turns shooting trying to get their water jet as far as possible. To achieve this, the kids must find the best angle to make their shot. Whoever can shoot the furthest wins. Obviously, it is allowed to exceed the personal best, so the children will be encouraged to try it several times to get a better result.