Millions of years ago, the Earth was inhabited by beings with impressive physiognomy and great size that dominated the world: the dinosaurs. A long time has passed since then, but even today these animals are still surrounded by myths and arouse the curiosity of children and adults alike. So much so that throughout the history of cinema they have become the protagonists of many films that reflect everything that is currently known about the age of the dinosaurs.

In Stage Children we have made a selection of some of the best movies about dinosaurs, suitable for the whole family, that little fans will surely not want to miss.

Movies about dinosaurs to transport children to the Jurassic

1. In search of the enchanted valley

This 1988 American animated film tells the adventures and misadventures of some small dinosaurs who, after losing sight of their families, decide to travel together to the Great Valley, a kind of paradise for dinosaurs. Directed by Don Bluth and scored by James Horner, these baby dinosaurs will face many dangers and overcome many obstacles to fulfill their purpose and reunite with their respective families at their final destination. A film full of positive values ​​that highlights the importance of friendship and family love that children will surely enjoy very much.

2. Jurassic Park

This science fiction and adventure classic directed by the American filmmaker Steven Spielberg is one of the films about dinosaurs that children should not miss. The film tells the story of John Hammond, a billionaire who creates a theme park with cloned dinosaurs on a remote island. Before opening it to the public, he asks a couple of eminent scientists and a mathematician to visit him and check the feasibility of the project. However, the park’s security measures cannot contain nature’s survival instinct and give way to a real fight for life. A film with impressive photography and special effects, which has been followed by many other sequels that follow up this story on the big screen.

3. Ice Age 3: Rise of the Dinosaurs

In the third installment of Ice Age, Manny, Ellie, Diego, Scrat and company arrive at a new place full of dinosaurs where they will have to face the unknown once again. While Manny and Ellie await the birth of his mini-mammoth, Sid the sloth gets into trouble when he gets hold of three dinosaur eggs with which he intends to create his own family. In order to save the unfortunate Sid from the fury of the dinosaurs, the gang will have to deal with the wild flora and fauna, face these huge animals and accept the help of a relentless one-eyed weasel hunter of dinosaurs. Undoubtedly, it is a film full of adventures, good teachings and shades of humor that children should not miss.

4. Rex, a dinosaur in New York

When this cartoon movie was released in 1993, it became a big hit with little dinosaur fans. The film by Universal Studios tells an exciting story about the life of a group of dinosaurs in New York. The film begins with Captain Big Eyes traveling in his time machine to prehistoric times, a period when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Once there, he feeds them a special cereal that makes them smart and suggests that they take them to New York with him to surprise the children. Arriving in the Big Apple, the animals quickly win the admiration of everyone in the city, but what they don’t know is that the Captain’s brother has other plans in mind: turning them into a circus show. Will he get it?

5. Arlo’s Journey

Winner of a Golden Globe for best animated film, without a doubt, an excellent bet to enjoy as a family with the little ones at home. History shows what would have happened if millions of years ago the dinosaurs had not become extinct and had coincided with humans at some point in history. To do this, its director Peter Sohn bets on the animated adventure to tell the story of Arlo, a huge Apatosaurus, who after being dragged down a river by a strong storm, meets a Neanderthal boy on his way back home. Together, they embark on an incredible adventure in which Arlo will have to face some of his greatest fears at the hands of his new friend.

6. Dino King: Journey to the Mountain of Fire

This Korean animated film is a real gem for children who want to know a little more about dinosaurs and how they lived. Directed by Han Sang-ho, it follows the adventures of a dinosaur named Speckles and his son during the Cretaceous period in their quest to find food and shelter. Together they will overcome many obstacles until, after a terrible confrontation with the fearsome T-Rex, he kidnaps the little boy and takes him to the Mountain of Fire. However, his father does not lose hope and decides to head towards the mountain to recover his son. A film about family love, bravery and willpower, sure to captivate everyone at home.

7. Dinosaur

A colony of lemurs finds a huge egg from which a small dinosaur hatches. Without thinking twice, they welcome the baby into their tribe and name it Aladar. Aladar grows up in the company of his new family, unaware that there are other dinosaurs of his kind outside of him, at least until a meteorite impact destroys his home and he is forced to flee. During his journey he discovers that there are others like him, with whom he will start a great friendship and return to his origins. However, he will also learn that the world out there is not a completely safe place, so he will be forced to survive in any way facing other dinosaurs who do not have exactly good intentions.