Baby showers ( “birth parties” in Spanish) have come to Spain to stay, which is why more and more couples are joining this American custom and preparing a welcome party for their baby in the company of the family and the closest friends.

According to tradition, the guests prepare some games or surprises to have a fun time with the future parents, while giving them nice gifts designed for the baby. So if you have been invited to a baby shower and want to continue the tradition, we propose some original gift ideas to make the parents smile at this celebration.

7 gift ideas for the smallest of the house

1. First Milestone Cards

The baby’s first year at home is full of new milestones and moments to remember, so giving parents a set of cards to treasure those unforgettable moments is an excellent idea for a baby shower. If you have craft skills, you can make your own personalized set of cards. You will need to have cardboard on hand, as well as some colored pencils and some accessories such as glitter or colored stars and bears to give the design a childish touch while letting your creativity run wild. If you don’t want to get too complicated, you can always bet on some ready-made first milestone cards, like this beautiful Lola Kids set that doesn’t lack details or these cool Mr. Wonderful cardsfor the moments of the first year.

2. Photo album

Another excellent idea for a baby shower gift is a beautiful photo album for the baby’s first year of life. In any children’s or photography store you can find beautiful albums, such as this book by Busquets in which parents can treasure some of the most important moments of the baby’s first year of life or this delicate box by Atmosphera in which in addition to treasure some photos, they will be able to keep some small memories like their first bracelet or their first lock of hair. Another alternative is to bet on a photo album of undecorated photos like this model from Goldbuchand that you print a more personalized touch at home by drawing some details or if you have good calligraphy, writing the baby’s name on the cover.

3. Pacifier holder

If you don’t want to spend too much on an original gift, an excellent option for not arriving empty-handed at the baby shower is to bet on a pacifier holder or pacifier chain. It is a simple but very useful gift that the baby will use a lot during his first months of life as it will help him to always have her pacifier at hand and prevent it from being lost. Another advantage of opting for this gift is that there are many types of pacifier holders, so you can find practically a model for each style, from more classic silicone pacifier holders and BPA-free teether pacifier holders to beautiful handmade pacifier holders and customizable pacifier holders.with the baby’s name. In any case, make sure that it is made with a safe material for the baby and that it does not include parts that could put their safety at risk.

4. Portrait

The idea of ​​giving a photo frame at a baby shower may seem too trite, but it can actually be a very special gift if you bet on the right photo frame. If you are passionate about crafts, an alternative is to opt for a white photo frame like this model from Eono and decorate it by hand at home with some teddy bear stickers, glitter or colored pencils. If you don’t want to get too complicated or you simply aren’t good at crafts, you can also find very cool photo frames to surprise parents, like this Relaxdays photo frame to record the baby’s first year of life, this photo frame and PewinGo prints or this preciousMuby’s photo frame where they can also display their first footprints and their birth bracelet.

5. Play Gym

If you’re looking for an idea to impress expecting parents, a baby play gym can make a great baby shower gift. In addition to being original, it is very useful as the baby grows as it helps stimulate their senses and develop their motor skills, while promoting their curiosity and helping them become aware of their body and surroundings. On Amazon you can find different very cool and practical baby play gyms, from simpler models like this activity blanket from Tiny Love or this non-slip play mat from Babify to more complete models like this musical gym or this piano gym from Fisher Price .

6. Diaper Cake

When we think of a gift for a baby shower, diapers are not usually an option. However, during the first months of life, a baby consumes an average of 8 to 10 diapers a day, so giving parents a set of diapers at the baby shower can be a great relief for their finances. To make a difference, you can give it an original touch by betting on a pretty design with diapers like this peculiar Dodot diaper cake from the Momentos gourmet label or this other cloud diaper cake from Viale Magico . If you prefer, you can also find other more complete designs, such as this Dodot diaper cake with Johnson’s baby care products and stuffed animal prepared by Supermolon .

7. Personalized basket

Another idea with which you will surely succeed in a baby shower is with a personalized basket for the baby. There are some craft shops specializing in giving a unique touch to the baby basket where you will find many options and designs to surprise future parents. At Amazon you can also find beautiful gift options such as this personalized basket from Mababy that includes the baby’s name embroidered with great care, this personalized basket with hygiene products for the baby or these charming baby accessories also from Mababy .