7 signs to know if your child is a school bully

Most parents are always looking for culprits in bullying, that is, they are looking for someone to point out as the harasser. They look for other children who might bully their child. But, what happens if the son is the aggressor? Are parents capable of admitting this and doing something about it? Most parents want to believe that they are good parents, and this is normal, but you have to look for real solutions.

If a parent has to admit that their child has acted inappropriately, then they will feel that they have somehow failed as parents, and this is not easy to admit at all. But if you want to be honest with yourself and really know if your child is being a bully at school, don’t miss the following signs that could warn you that he is (and remember that if he is a bully, it’s your responsibility to find solutions to it too). the situation).

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7 signs you should not ignore

1. Has trouble sleeping

Although this doesn’t have to happen if your child lacks empathy for others, a recent study of 341 children conducted by the University of Michigan found that children with sleep disorders children with sleep-disordered breathing were more likely to show bullying tendencies or have other behavioral problems than children without sleep concerns. If your child is having trouble sleeping, a visit with their doctor or a A sleep specialist might be a good place to start to prevent bullying or to correct abusive behavior.

2. Has behavior problems

If your child is a brash, impulsive or easily frustrated child, there are three common behaviors that could indicate that your child is a bully. Children who bully are easily frustrated if they don’t get their way, lack empathy for others, and have a history of troubled discipline. You just have to look for those underlying signs of bullying in everyday life with your child.

How to tell if my son is the school bully

3. Has problems at school

If the child starts to have problems at school it can also be a sign that things are not going well with your child’s behavior, and bullying could be part of the problem. trouble. If your child is getting into trouble at school or is behaving aggressively towards other children, your child may have become a bully and you should seek help as soon as possible.

4. Your son is obsessed with popularity

Everything they think about him worries him and he wants to be referred to, even if it is with fear. This usually happens when children have low self-esteem or insecurities in their personality, but this can make them want to seek attention from others, even if it is in a negative way.

5. Your children’s friends have aggressive tendencies

It can be difficult to notice this but if your child’s friends seem aggressive or have bad intentions, they may also show other signs of bullying… in these cases it is possible that your child is also involved in this type of behavior. Children who bully are more likely to have friends who bully and who engage in violent behavior.

6. There is domestic violence

According to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, bullies or victims of bullying are more likely to experience domestic violence. Offenders are typically four times more likely to have harmed someone in their family.

7. You don’t have a good relationship with your child

Regardless of what signs of bullying your child exhibits, you may not have a good relationship with him. Parents play a key role in whether their child becomes a bully.Children are more likely to bully others if they feel their parents are frequently angry with them or if they feel they are a bully. nuisance to their parents. Parents who have a good relationship and talk openly with their children are less likely to bully others.