7 truths about having 3 children

Having three children is having three blessings, there’s no denying it! But it is also true that life changes so much that sometimes you look back and you are impressed with how your life was before and how it is now. Having three children is having three suns that take away all your time and always need you. You have to raise three wonderful children and although you love them more than your own life, it is not always easy.

Truths that parents live when they have three children

If you have three children you will feel very identified with everything that we are going to tell you about, because they are things that happen. You can’t imagine your life without your three children and you wouldn’t change anything you’ve done just to have all three by your side. Having three children changes everything and creates a life full of challenges for parents.

1. Nobody wants to take care of your children

When you only had one baby, it was easy for your parents or in-laws to take care of him, when you had two it was more complicated but they did it, and when you already have three… it seems like an impossible mission to accept that others take care of your children. Planning a getaway is totally impossible unless you hire a babysitter, family and friends run when they find out that you are looking for someone to take care of your children!

2. Each one is a world

You have three children and each one has its own personality, none is the same as the other and you have to adapt to each one of them. Each one will have their own tastes in food and different sleeping habits. Don’t expect them all to be the same or that what worked for one person will also work for the other.

3. Everything excited you with your first child

When you had your first child, everything excited you. His first steps moved you, you remember when he sat down for the first time, you have photos of every moment. With the second you started to take fewer photos and with the third, you don’t remember all his achievements, you have to think a little more to be able to remember each of his milestones!

mother of three children

4. You have more children than hands

As silly as it sounds, when you have three young children… this can be a problem! You have to learn to use your knees, your nose, and even your feet as a third hand, especially when all three want to be in mom’s arms!

5. You forbid them to talk for at least 5 minutes

There is nothing more stressful than being in the car and listening to your three children fight over the most absurd thing. So you force them to be quiet for at least 5 minutes so that you can enjoy the silence without stress during those magnificent minutes. For them it will seem like an eternity, but for you… it will fly by!

6. You suffer more stress than other mothers

Although motherhood cannot be compared, this is overwhelming logic. If you only have one child, you will get less tired than if you have three… stress can be exhausting at the end of the day! Although you face it with integrity because you know the importance of enjoying the family.

7. The firstborn seems bigger

When your firstborn was two or three years old, he seemed much bigger to you than the rest of your children at the same age. It’s not that he was bigger, it’s that now he’s bigger than the rest and when you compare them, the smaller ones still seem more like babies.