71 names of Mayan origin for girls and their meaning

When choosing the baby’s name, parents can be inspired by many things that have a special meaning. From historical figures , to celebrities , or even astronomynature or names in other languages . 

Also the indigenous culture is very popular when looking for an original and meaningful name, and the Mayan culture has the most beautiful names. Flowers , birds and nature are recurring themes in Mayan names for girls.

Mayan names for girls

  • Aketzali : means “crystal clear water”.
  • Akhushtal – Mayan goddess of childbirth and pregnancy.
  • Akna: Mayan goddess of fertility, means “mother”.
  • Alitzel : means “smiling girl”.
  • Amaité: means “face of the sky”.
  • Amankaya : means “lily flower”.
  • Anayans i: “the key to happiness”.
  • Anayatzin : “rain of stars”.
  • Aruma : means “night”.
  • Atziri: means “new ear of corn”.
  • Awilix: goddess of the moon and night
  • Axochitl : means “flower of the seas”.
  • Balanca : means “nine stars”.
  • Bamoa : means “spike”.
  • Boneci: name given to flowers capable of dyeing.
  • Chacnicte: means “red flower”.
  • Chacte: means “red wood”
  • Cozumel: means “land of swallows”.
  • Dayami : goddess of the river.
  • Dzan : swallow.
  • Etzeme: means “garnet”.
  • Itayetzi : means moon drop.
  • Itza : means “water sorceress”.
  • Itzanami: means ‘girlfriend of a water sorcerer’.
  • Itzamara : is the goddess of the stars according to Mayan mythology.
  • Itzamaray: of Mayan origin, it means “star”.
  • Itzayana : feminine version of Itzae, means “gift from god”.
  • Itzé: means “dawn”.
  • Itzel : means “morning star”.
  • Itzen: means “dew”.
  • Itzia : means “princess”.
  • Itzmitzin : means “obsidian arrow”
  • Ixbalanqué : goddess of the moon.
  • Ixchel : name of the Mayan goddess of the moon, love, medicine and pregnancy. She means “blonde woman”.
  • Ixmucané: means  Mother Earth”.
  • Ixquic – Mayan goddess who protects young mothers.
  • Ixtab – goddess of suicide and wife of the god of death, Chamer.
  • Ixtlipactzin : means “happy face”.
  • Izamal : means “dew from heaven”.
  • Izel : means “unique”.
  • Kaknab : means “sea”.
  • Kantunil: precious stone.
  • Ketzaly : means “beautiful woman”.
  • Kin : sun star. Name used for a girl and for a boy.
  • Litza : means “star”.
  • Lool beh: “Flor del camino”.
  • Mactzil : means “miracle”.
  • Muyal: of Mayan origin, it means “sky cloud”.
  • Nicancil: means “to flourish”.
  • Nicteel : means “flourishing”.
  • Nikté or Nicté : it is the name of a Mayan princess, it means “flower”.
  • Naab : goddess of rivers and lagoons.
  • Noíl : means “greatness”.
  • Nuscaa: means “new land”.
  • Sasil, Saasil : means “dawn, clarity, light.
  • Tonalli : unisex name, for both girl and boy, means “heat from the sun”.
  • Tlaltecuhtli : means “lady of the earth”.
  • Xaman : this is how the women who knew the design of the stars were called, those who helped in labor and had the power of divination.
  • Xareni : of Otomi origin, she was a goddess of love, meaning “princess of the forest”.
  • Xochiquetzal : means “the most beautiful flower”.
  • Yaayan: means “honey, appreciation.”
  • Yalit: “corn flower”.
  • Yamil : means “love”.
  • Yatzil : means “beloved thing”.
  • Yatziri : means “flower of the dew or maiden of the moon”.
  • Yexalen : means “star”.
  • Yoloxochitl : Yolo means “heart” and Xochitl, “flower”.
  • Yunuen – Unisex given name meaning “half moon.”
  • Yuritzi : Goddess of the moonbeam.
  • Zacnité : beautiful white flower.
  • Zazil : transparency of spirit, light, clarity.
  • Zulia : means “river that spills”.
  • Zyanya : means “always, eternal”.

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