9 tricks to fill the shopping bag spending less

One of the main expenses of every family is the shopping basket. Therefore, if you want to save, it is essential to learn how to fill the basket spending less. That does not mean that you should bet on lower quality products but only make smarter decisions when buying. Therefore, we give you some ideas so you can maintain a balanced family menu, spending much less.

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Tricks to save in the shopping cart

1. Make a shopping list

Go through your fridge and pantry, jot down what’s missing, and make a list of things you need to buy. When you get to the store, stick to her and avoid impulse buying. Consider that on many occasions, offers and discounts make us buy products that we do not need and that later end up in the trash.

2. Take advantage of private labels

Many of the products of private labels, or those offered by the stores themselves, are as good as those of recognized brands, but much cheaper. In fact, private label products are cheaper, in part, because they do not add to the price the millionaire advertising expenses that the most famous brands have. On many occasions, it is just a matter of trying until you find the product that satisfies you the most.

3. Buy cooking products

Ready-made products, such as canned peas or cooked chickpeas, are much more expensive than the same raw products. In addition, if you prepare the food at home you will not only save but also have greater control over the ingredients, so you can be sure that you are giving your children a really healthy meal.

Tips to help you spend less and save more

4. Compare the price per unit

When comparing products, look not only at the price but also at the quantity. This way you will really know which one is cheaper, regardless of the size of the package. Compare the price taking into account the quantity per gram, kilo or milliliter. Also, remember that family packages are usually cheaper, they usually represent a saving of 10%.

5. Use coupons or discount cards

Currently, most supermarket chains offer coupons or discount cards that, although they do not represent considerable savings, will allow you to save at least a hundred euros per year. There are also brands that offer discounts if you save the codes of their products, which can represent interesting savings if you always buy those foods.

6. Buy fresh seasonal food

Out of season products are not only of poorer quality but also more expensive. Therefore, plan the family menus with seasonal foods and, preferably, from the area where you live, because imported products are also usually more expensive.

7. Look for alternatives to meat

Meat is important, especially for children, as it provides them with proteins of high biological value. However, it is also one of the most expensive items on the menu and it is not healthy to eat large amounts. Therefore, although you don’t have to discard it from the family diet, you can include other cheaper alternatives, such as some vegetarian recipes, which are also very healthy.

8. Don’t be afraid of products close to their expiration date

Most stores offer significant discounts on products that are close to their expiration date. If you are going to consume them quickly, they do not represent any risk for your family since they are normally still suitable for consumption two or three days after the date indicated on the package.

9 . Buy here and there

According to the OCU, the difference in price between one store and another would allow us to save an average of 900 euros a year in the shopping basket. Therefore, the ideal would be to buy in different establishments.