A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

A child who reads will become a free adult and that is because reading is internal growth. Reading is part of life and helps us understand many aspects of it, likewise it is a great human communication tool that allows us to nourish ourselves with the knowledge or imagination of others. When children’s imagination is nurtured thanks to reading, we will be enhancing their intellectual capacity, their creativity and their internal development.

Reading and children

Children when they are only a few months old, as babies, can see pictures, hear a voice and point to objects on the pages of a board book. Parents have a duty to guide their children in this first contact with reading by associating words with photos and objects from the real world, this is how babies learn the importance of language.

Children learn language before they realize the existence of words in books. Reading children’s books stimulates their imagination and broadens their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills, prepares them to understand the written word, something fundamental for academic development. Also, when the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child’s life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk.

Even as children learn to read by themselves, it is necessary to continue reading aloud to them. Children need the example of their parents to be able to feel that reading is not an obligation but a moment of rest, tranquility and, of course, leisure.

Reading is part of life

A child who realizes that reading is part of life will be able to understand how reading is beneficial for your inner growth. You will see in reading a wide possibility to learn new things, to enhance your imagination, to discover beautiful stories… Reading helps us to think, to have critical thinking and therefore, it gives us freedom of thought and opinion.

The importance of reading

A boy who read you will be opening your mind to a world full of possibilities, to knowledge, to brain development. Reading for the brain is like sports for the body… you need reading to stay in shape and for this reason, a child who reads and who includes reading in his life as leisure and as something that motivates, he will be an adult who thinks and is capable of having his own concerns.

Acquiring knowledge through reading is a form of fun for both children and adults who love to read. If as parents you care about promoting reading in children, it will help them see books as fun and never as a chore. Children who are exposed to reading will be much more likely to know how to choose better video games adapted to their age, to choose television programs with criteria and to know how to say no when they really want to say it, being more empathetic and assertive people.

As you can see, reading is important in the life of people, not only in the lives of children, that is why it is essential that since they are babies, little ones are involved in the world of reading, that they see their parents read, love reading, that they have in their home the opportunity to be able to access books of their taste whenever they are interested in doing so… and thus will go from being a child who reads to an adult who continues to read and who is capable of thinking for himself.