Although they are rare, on previous occasions we have shared news of babies being born mid-flight . In some cases, airlines give these little ones free flights for life as a birth gift .

But the story of childbirth on a plane that we will share has been a little different: on this flight they were lucky that there was a doctor on board and in gratitude, the mother chose her name for her baby .

Dr. Aisha Khatib, who is also a professor at the University of Toronto, was traveling on a Qatar Airways flight when she suddenly heard someone ask if there was a doctor on board .

When answering the call, he saw that there was a group of people around the patient, so he assumed that perhaps it was a serious or critical situation, such as a heart attack. But as he approached and observed the scene, he realized that it was a childbirth.

With the help of the flight crew, a pediatrician and another doctor who were on the same flight, Aisha was able to receive the baby and ensure that mother and daughter were stable and in good condition.

Although the delivery happened more than a month ago, the story was recently shared by Aisha on her Twitter account , where it went viral. According to an interview conducted by the BBC , when announcing that a girl had been born, the entire plane broke into applause and shouts of celebration.

But aside from being a memorable story for Aisha, her incredible experience didn’t end there. According to her account, her mother decided to name her baby Miracle Aisha in honor of her , to which the doctor gave her a necklace that she wore with her name written in Arabic:

” I thought of giving it to her, so that she would have a small memory of the doctor who received her at 11,000 meters while they were flying over the Nile River ,” she explains.

The baby was born at 35 weeks, which is a little more than the 32 weeks recommended by airlines as the time limit for pregnant women to travel , although in many cases it can be extended until week 36 as long as there is a medical certificate.