Yes, we know. There are days when all mothers feel that we are in a bad way and that we need to go to bed to get up the next morning with better energy to continue raising and dealing with the responsibilities we have. Nobody said that being a mother was easy, but even if you have somewhat complicated days, if you are a good mother, you will not give up so easily… you will find a way to try to be better, even if it is little by little.

There are times when you will make the mistake of comparing yourself to other mothers. You will think that you are not good enough or that your children could have more than they have. Maybe you could have a nicer room or go on a nice vacation instead of spending the holidays at home because you don’t have enough money to afford to go on vacation. Give your children a happy childhood without emotional wounds.

Being a good mother is much more than that

Being a good mother or being a successful mother does not always shine on social networks nor is it discussed with other mothers. Your success does not have to be the same as that of other mothers, what matters is the smile of your children and the sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. That shine is what will really tell you if you’re doing it right or not… because the eyes of children never deceive.

You may not realize your daily skills, but we can assure you that you are a valuable mother and that all those efforts are worth it. On the other hand, if you don’t allow yourself to see all that you do of value each day, then you could end up feeling that you are not enough. Being a mother is not easy and you know that well. You know that there are days of great light, but there are a few others of great darkness.

Nobody may notice your effort when you raise your children, but you don’t need anyone’s recognition: the smile of your children is the greatest of your treasures. Fill their hearts, without having them fill your ears with flattery.

You strive every day and that is already being successful

Don’t want to be a perfect mother, don’t try to compare yourself with other mothers. You are able to draw strength when you don’t have it for and for your children. You are a good mother because you never throw in the towel. You are the one in charge of watering your children every day as if they were small plants, so that they grow strong and know how to have deep roots.

Without realizing it, you nurture the minds and hearts of your children. You will make wrong decisions, you will get tired, you will cry, you will worry, some other day your nerves will be with you, maybe you have yelled at your children because you are exhausted and then you have repented and asked them for forgiveness. This doesn’t make you a bad mother, this makes you a real mother.

A good mother is like you. A mother who may not be seen but who really fights every day for her children with the greatest love in her heart. Mothers who love unconditionally and have a great dedication for their family… but at the same time take care of themselves and find time for themselves, because it is the only way to be able to be prepared for the most intense moments that parenting always has.

Your daily struggle allows your children to grow strong and healthy. Your effort is not in vain, despite being silent. Your smile, your hugs, your time and your “I love you” is what your children need above all things to grow up knowing that they are happy beings. And that, we can assure you, makes you a good mother, the most successful.