Every parent who has been through the complementary feeding stage (or is going through it) knows that it’s a pretty… disastrous time. The baby is trying new foods with her little hands , in which she does not yet have many skills or dexterity, so it is common for a lot of food to end up falling on the floor .

Perhaps that is why the trick of a mother has become viral, who proposes a practical and economical solution to prevent the floor from ending up covered with food and is also useful when doing other activities with small children, saving us the tedious step of sweeping and scrub afterwards.

Through a short video on TikTok , Kate Bast has shared what she called the best parenting hack for activities and foods that tend to be very messy , such as complementary feeding when babies do BLW or when using paint or other materials when doing crafts. .

The solution is simple: place a piece of shower curtain under the baby’s high chair . In this way, the food will fall on it and in the end we can collect everything that has fallen easily and quickly , as shown in his video: The 25 best foods rich in calcium and how to make them effective.

The video has exceeded 104,000 views and has more than 2,900 likes, so it is clear that it has been a good trick that many fathers and mothers have appreciated , because any advice that makes life easier with babies and young children is always good. received.

In case you do not want to buy a shower curtain exclusively for this, an alternative is to use an old sheet , to later shake the food remains in the garbage and throw it in the washing machine to clean it and use it again later.

As a final comment, remember that during the first months of complementary feeding it is normal for babies to get very dirty (and dirty), so you have to be patient and go at their own pace , without trying to overtake them or force them to eat something other than don’t be your little hands .