Children learn by playing, it is the most fun and natural way to get to know their environment. Therefore, toys play an important role throughout their development, they add magic and excitement to learning. However, any toy is not valid, it is essential that they are appropriate to the child’s age and abilities, as well as her preferences. If the toy does not meet these basic requirements, the child will not know how to use them and will get bored of them, so they will leave them forgotten in a corner.

The right toys for a baby

In general, the baby from 0 to 12 months is interested in everything that happens around him, although he pays special attention to colors, sounds and movements. That’s why it ‘s a good idea to choose simple but bright toys, such as mobiles for the crib, rubber or cloth dolls, large rings that can be grasped and chewed on, brightly colored rattles, musical toys and soft colored blocks.

Always keep in mind that babies have a tendency to put all objects in their mouths , so toys must be safe, must not contain toxic materials and must be made up of a single block, so that there is no risk of choking because one of its pieces has broken.

Here are some cute and fun toys that have been designed to stimulate psychomotor development and encourage hand-eye coordination in babies under 1 year of age.

1. Musical maracas

Safe and fun, these musical maracas are an excellent alternative to keep the little ones at home entertained while they put their psychomotor skills to the test. The delicate sound the rattle makes when moved encourages babies’ auditory development while its eye-catching multicolor design and soft pom-poms stimulate their senses and engage their attention. Being very light and having an elongated shape, they are very easy to grasp, so that little ones can hold them in their hands while having fun making them sound.

2. Wooden balls with elastic

If you are looking for a sensory toy, these wooden balls are a great choice. Attached with elastic, they are very flexible and easy to manipulate so kids can twist, turn, or stretch them as they please while training their gross motor skills. In addition, they have a design with very bright colors that captivates the attention of babies almost immediately and keeps them entertained for a long time thanks to the sound that the balls make when they collide with each other. Designed in natural wood and with a smooth non-toxic water-based painted finish, they are a safe toy for babies.

3. Cloth ball

With this soft cloth ball, babies will have loads of fun while training their gross motor skills. As it is designed with different fabrics, it has different textures that children can discover while manipulating it. Its multiple and colorful labels motivate the little ones to grab the ball and play with it while being very soft they can hug it and even use it as a companion toy at bedtime. In addition, it has a kind of bell that attracts the attention of the little ones and keeps them entertained for longer.

4. Sticky rattles

The little ones at home will have a very entertaining time with these adhesive rattles while they develop their hearing capacity and gain manual dexterity. Its animal-shaped design is not only very fun but also attractive to children, who will not hesitate to touch them from the moment they discover them. Ideal for the crib or high chair, they have an integrated suction cup, so you can fix them on a surface so that the little ones have fun while handling them safely.

5. Toy book

This is not just any book, its pages are full of surprises, textures and sounds that will encourage the little ones at home to discover it. Each page includes tons of entertainment that will immediately grab your attention, from cute animals and a lion with a mirror to a rattling frog and a panda hiding behind a fluffy cloud. Without a doubt, it is a perfect sensory toy to stimulate the psychomotor development of the little ones while they become familiar with the world of books.

The appropriate toys for the first year of life

From the first year, most children are able to walk and love to explore their surroundings. For this reason, the pulling toys will be one of the things that they will enjoy the most at this stage. These toys are perfect because they stimulate gait, spatial orientation and coordination when walking. Vehicles without motors are also recommended since the child can sit in them and push himself forward with his feet, which strengthens the leg muscles.

At this age you can also introduce manipulation and construction toys , such as nesting toys and cubes, although you must make sure that their pieces are large enough. Interactive stuffed animals, such as those that talk, sing or dance, are also recommended. In addition, you can buy them the first toys with buttons, such as pianos or telephones.

Of course, make sure they are made with safe materials to avoid unnecessary risks. Here are some proposals that will not disappoint you:

1. Drag snail

This snail-shaped toy is perfect for children who are beginning to take their first steps as it will help them gain coordination. Its snail-shaped design is not only very cute but also very versatile since the little ones can use it both as a pull toy and as a spinning wheel by separating the shell from the body. Another advantage? The shell has circular, triangular and square holes in yellow, red and blue for children to become familiar with colors and geometric shapes from an early age. It is worth noting that it is safe for children as it is made of Baltic birch, maple and rubber wood and decorated with non-toxic paints.

2. Farm Activity Center

Stimulate the fine motor skills and reflexes of the little ones at home with this cube-shaped activity center. Thanks to the fact that it is made of robust wood and has very careful finishes, it is a completely safe toy for children and also very fun. On one side, the little ones will learn to drive a tractor and take care of the farm, while on the other side, they will be able to test their knowledge about the different animals. Without a doubt, a very fun game with which they will improve their hand-eye coordination and give free rein to their imagination.

3. First steps

Motivate the little ones at home to take their first steps with this fun walker. The four-wheeled toy gives children extra stability during their first steps, while helping them maintain balance and gain coordination as they walk. The walker, inspired by a hippy van, includes a center of manual activities that allow children to develop their hand-eye coordination and stimulate their psychomotor development. It is worth noting that although it is made of plastic it is very resistant and robust.

4. Charlie Ride-On Airplane

This fun ride-on walker from Chicco is an excellent tool for developing children’s motor skills, coordination and balance from an early age. Thanks to its four wheels and quality materials, it is a very stable, resistant and durable toy that will accompany the little ones for a long time. In addition, it is very entertaining since while the children are standing they can turn the propeller, raise or lower the lever or try to fix the broken compass by clicking. And so that they can carry their belongings with them at all times, it includes a compartment under the seat.

5. Rock a Stack Stackable Pyramid

Encourage children to discover their surroundings and teach them to identify different sizes while having fun with this classic stacking pyramid from Fisher-Price. Being made up of rings of different sizes and colors, children can interact with the pieces, examine them and shake them as they please because they are very light, but resistant. The idea is to stack the rings in order of size, an ideal exercise to stimulate hand-eye coordination. And to add a dose of entertainment to the game, the smallest ring is transparent and has colored balls inside that sound like a rattle with movement. The base of the pyramid sways so that once the rings are stacked, the little ones continue having fun.

The appropriate toys for the child of 2-3 years

From the age of 2, the child is already capable of making decisions for himself and expressing his wishes. Therefore, he will now be able to tell you which toys he prefers. Take his opinion into account, after all, he will be the one to enjoy the toys. In this phase there is also an important change at the cognitive level: the child is able to concentrate on the game for a longer time, which opens up a wider range of opportunities.

In addition to the nestables, which can now have up to 10 pieces, you can insert the chalks and finger paints. Drums, tambourines and maracas can also arrive. You will start to like role-playing games, so it’s time for farms with animals and simple board games .

In Stage Children we offer you some toys designed for children from 2 to 3 years old that they will surely love.

1. Nenuco doll

At this age, children begin to be interested in role-playing, so this Nenuco doll will surely make them very excited. It is a fairly realistic baby doll with which little ones can interact since it has five functions: it laughs if its belly is squeezed, it says pa-pa and ma-ma when you squeeze its hands, it makes sucking sounds if gives the pacifier, cries if it is taken away and can put his finger in his mouth like a real baby. As he is a light and very fluffy doll, they will be able to handle him easily and take him with them wherever they go, so he will become an inseparable friend.

2. Board game “The three little pigs”

Little fans of the children’s story “The Three Little Pigs” will be delighted with this board game. Simple but fun, it is an ideal board game to teach children to respect the rules of the game and to join forces to achieve a goal: to get the three little pigs to safety in the house before the wolf arrives. The first to get home wins. To add a dose of complexity, it has a puzzle format board that children must assemble before starting the game. The game is designed for up to 4 players to play, making it perfect for family fun.

3. Playmobil Noah’s Ark

The universal flood is coming and it’s time to take the animals to the deck through a detachable ramp so they can climb aboard the ark. Thanks to its removable cover and roof, there is plenty of room for zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes that want to get to safety while being a very light ark it can be used on the ground as well as in a bathtub or swimming pool because it can float . This is a perfect game to familiarize children with the different animals while putting their fine motor skills and organization skills to the test. Unlike other Playmobil toys, it does not contain small parts that can be ingested, so it is completely safe.

4. Reusable whiteboard and colored pencils

Most kids love to draw, so this reusable book-shaped whiteboard will get a lot of use out of it as they grow. Includes 12 different colored watercolor pencils and 6 pattern templates so they can unleash their imagination and creativity, as well as 2 baby wipes so they can reuse the board whenever they want. It is worth noting that the drawing board is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, tasteless and toxic-free, so it is safe for children. The board also has a velcro closure so that children can easily close it and take it wherever they want.

5. Farm animals

The little ones at home will love playing with these figures of domestic animals to create their own farm. The set includes 22 pieces, including cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, sheep and dogs, as well as some rocks, trees and a fence that will allow the farm to come to life. Ideal to stimulate the imagination of the little ones and encourage their hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, it is a very practical game since it comes in a round container with a handle and screw closure so that they can take it with them wherever they want. It is worth noting that it is made of quality plastic and decorated with non-toxic paints, so it is safe.

The appropriate toys for the child of 3-7 years

From the age of 3, the child is already able to run and jump, as well as to communicate and understand the rules. Therefore, the universe of his games expands considerably. You can buy assembly and reasoning games from him, such as puzzles, dominoes, Parcheesi, and models.

However, he will also love to imitate adults, so the sets of doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics and policemen will really like him. Do not forget that at this age they also enjoy outdoor games so you should buy toys that encourage these activities, so you will also stimulate their motor development and interaction with other children.

Here are some toys designed especially for this age that will surely make them very excited.

1. Bike without pedals

A bike without pedals helps children maintain the balance necessary to walk on two wheels and makes it easier to move to a bike with pedals later. For this reason, this Chicco model is an excellent bet to give to children from 3 years old, a way to stimulate their independence and encourage coordination from an early age. Being made of ultralight metal, it is very easy to carry and thanks to the height-adjustable handlebar and saddle, it can be adapted to the complexion of each child without difficulty. In addition, it has anti-puncture wheels so you can take it on practically any terrain without any risk.

2. Monopoly Cheat

Bet on this version of the iconic Monopoly where you can break the rules, borrow money and do shady deals without any problems. For each trap, there is a reward, but be careful because if the trap fails, the player will pay the consequences and will end up “chained” to the board with the toy handcuffs included in the set. Whoever gets the most money wins. Recommended for children from 3 years old, it is a simple and very fun board game to play as a family that stimulates creativity and thinking, while teaching basic organization and planning rules to the little ones at home.

3. Box of Lego bricks

Stimulate children’s creativity and put their fine motor skills to the test with this box of Lego bricks with which they can build practically anything they can think of. The set includes windows, doors and many other elements to give your creations a personalized touch. In addition, it contains some ideas for young beginners in this type of game to gain skills. It is worth noting that the bricks and other accessories come in a very practical storage box so that children can take them with them wherever they go.

4. Dinosaur puzzle

Keep kids entertained for hours with this fun dinosaur puzzle. Designed for children over 3 years old, it is an excellent gift to stimulate the development of attention, logical thinking and fine motor skills in the little ones at home. The puzzle has 100 pieces that, when assembled, recreate a prehistoric scene in which dinosaurs are the protagonists. Without a doubt, a way for children to spend some time away from technology while putting their mental skills to the test.

5. Nursing Set

Stimulate role play in the little ones at home with this fun nursing set. From a doctor’s gown and sanitary bag to a thermometer, pulse oximeter and stethoscope, the set includes everything kids need to feel like a doctor for a day. It also contains a dentist kit that helps children develop good habits in their dental care. Thanks to the fact that the set includes many accessories and elements, children can play both alone and accompanied by friends or family. Without a doubt, an excellent resource to help them overcome the fear of going to the doctor.