Far, far away, in a city in China, a young man named Aladdin spent all day playing with his friends. His father, a humble tailor, tried to teach him the value of work, but Aladdin refused to help him. Even after the loss of his father, Aladdin would rather be out on the streets than help his mother earn a living.

One day, a very wealthy stranger approached the young man and seeing him without a purpose in life wanted to deceive him.

— Your father, Mustafa, was my brother. I am your uncle, said the stranger to Aladdin.

Aladdin, being very naive, took the man to his house.

“Mustafa never spoke of a brother,” said Aladdin’s mother.

“I traveled the world for forty years,” the man replied. It was so much time and distance that my brother forgot about me. Allow me to travel with my nephew and I will make him a very prosperous man.

The mother, with the illusion of seeing her son become a good man, accepted the proposal. The next day, the man took Aladdin to a forest far from the city and prepared a fire by throwing a strange powder into it. Suddenly, just below the fire, a large trench opened in the ground.

“Nephew, in that ditch you will find a ladder,” said the man, “go down it until you find a cavern, in the cavern you will see a wall with a hole. In the hole is a lamp. Bring her to me!

But the man was actually a sorcerer. He knew of the existence of a lamp with magical powers and had traveled a great distance to find it.

Aladdin, like anyone in his place, was afraid to go down the stairs, the sorcerer put a gold ring with a large emerald on him and said:

“Don’t be afraid, take this ring as a gift. This is one of the many gifts you will receive from me. Hurry or the night will overtake us!

The ring was the only thing the sorcerer wore of value. His true intention was to take it from the young man as soon as he had the chance. Aladdin went down the stairs and found the lamp. As he began to climb, he heard the sorcerer mumble:

“When that boy gives me the lamp, I’ll lock him up forever.”

-Help me to get up! Aladdin exclaimed, realizing his mistake. Only then will I give you the lamp.

“Give it to me right now!” said the enraged sorcerer.

But Aladdin refused to give him the lamp, it was then that the sorcerer closed the trench in the earth. There was no reason to insist, the lamp would lose its magic if it was taken by force. Aladdin was trapped!

Not remembering that he was wearing the ring, Aladdin rubbed his hands together in prayer when a genie appeared out of nowhere.

“I’m the genie of the ring,” he said, “what can I do for you?”

“I want to go home,” answered Aladdin in amazement.

Instantly, Aladdin was home with his mother.

“I don’t understand why that sorcerer was so interested in this dirty old lamp,” Aladdin said as he rubbed the lamp with a handkerchief to clean it.

In a second, another genie appeared, much larger than the genie in the ring.

“I’m the genie in the lamp,” he said, “what can I do for you?”

“Bring us something to eat!” Aladdin exclaimed, disbelieving what he was seeing.

The genie disappeared, then returned with exquisite plates of food.

Aladdin lived comfortably with his mother, until one day, he saw the sultan’s daughter and fell in love with her. With the help of the genie of the lamp, he filled a trunk with the finest jewels and sent them with his mother to the palace.

“This present is from my son, Aladdin,” said the mother. He wishes to marry his daughter.

“What extraordinary jewels!” replied the sultan. But your son must give me many more. When I feel that I have received what is due, I will give you consent to marry my daughter.

Again, with the help of the genie, Aladdin sent more chests full of jewels to the palace. The sultan was happy.

It wasn’t long before Aladdin married the princess. He kept the lamp in the palace, but did not tell the princess about its magic.

Soon, news of Aladdin’s wedding reached the sorcerer’s ears. The next morning, disguised as a merchant, he went out into the street proclaiming:

I change old lamps for new ones.

When the princess found out, she immediately went out to change Aladdin’s dirty old lamp.

As soon as the princess handed him the lamp, the sorcerer rubbed it and the genie appeared:

—Disappear the princess and the palace. Take them with me to a far away land, said the evil sorcerer.

Upon his return, Aladdin learned that his wife and the palace had disappeared.

“This is the wizard’s work,” he thought. Disconsolate, he sat on the river bank and wept. Rubbing his eyes with his hands, he also rubbed the magic ring. The ring genie appeared.

“Give me back my wife and my palace!” Aladdin exclaimed.

“Only the genie in the lamp can do it,” said the genie in the ring.

“Then take me where they are,” Aladdin replied.

In seconds, Aladdin reached Africa and found the princess looking through the window in the highest tower of the palace. As soon as they had a chance to talk behind the scenes, Aladdin asked him about his lamp.

“The sorcerer takes her everywhere,” the princess said. Aladdin walked over to her and whispered a few words in her ear.

That night, the princess put something in the sorcerer’s drink. Soon, he fell asleep. The princess took the lamp and escaped. Without waiting, Aladdin rubbed the lamp making the genie appear.

“Take us to China, but leave the sorcerer here,” Aladdin ordered.

Before the blink of an eye, Aladdin and his princess were in China, back at the palace. And there they lived happily for many, many years.